Dear Scott Kirby

I’m writing to you in reference to a new United Airlines policy published today via the airline’s Twitter account.

It reads ….

United was justifiably heavily ratioed for this appalling statement with threats to never fly with United Airlines again.

Perhaps Twitter is not good metric to measure consumer discontent but I am reaching out to express the same sentiment because I am an actual frequent flyer on United Airlines. For reference, here is my United Mileage Plus number to verify my loyalty to United, ******** 

As my husband’s job keeps us abroad, I have consistently flown with United 1-2 times a year to America from Asia, the Middle East and Europe. 

We are a family of five with three children under the age of six. It isn’t often my husband can travel on the same flight with myself and our children. The staff at United has always been extremely helpful to me as a mother traveling alone with three little ones. United staff are always pleasant, friendly, offer assistance when needed and I have been upgraded frequently to provide more space for the children. 

I have always chosen United as the airline provides a wide range of flight dates and times, and is invariably the most competitively priced.

Sadly, I can no longer risk flying my family on your airline because of your insistence to hire based on skin color and gender rather than merit. Simply put, I do not feel safe on your airline. 

I do not care what color the pilot of my airplane is. I just want the most competent flyer that will get me to my destination safely. To see that you are now deviating from this common sense policy is quite frankly terrifying. 

This decision will come at a cost to my middle class family but I cannot put a price on their safety. 

I would implore you to rethink this absurd policy and only hire the best and brightest pilots, whatever ethnicity they may be. Moreover, I would also advise you to purge your airline of the “woke” staff members that insist this insidious policy is beneficial to your enterprise.

Pro tip, they are probably the staff members with gender studies degrees. I hope that helps.


Sarah Lilly

Sarah Lilly is a conservative blogger at

Image by Nel Botha from Pixabay

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