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CDC Data Shows Flu Deaths Stayed Constant in 2020, Except There Were No Flu Cases

In the past few weeks, there has been a surge of mainstream media reporting on the absence of a flu season. Outlets like USA Today, Newsweek, and The New York Times count as just a few names within the left-wing media cabal publishing identical stories. If they are reporting something, it can almost be certain that the reportage is untrue. Therefore, what is the real truth regarding flu statistics?

CDC mortality data shows that the flu was still categorized as the 10th leading cause of death in the United States in 2020. Amazingly, there was actually an 8% increase in flu deaths from the 2019-2020 flu season to the one last year. All told, some 53,000 Americans allegedly died from the flu. Who knew?

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The figures are pretty remarkable, considering that no flu testing was done last year nor was any mention made of the flu at all raising the alarm. CDC data from a section of their labyrinthine site reveals that there were a total of just 243 positive lab specimens for the 2020-2021 flu season. Normally, they identify tens of thousands of positive samples. Comparatively, for the prior flu season a total of almost 47,000 positives were identified and the year before resulted in 46,000 positive identifications of flu. This year, though, and out of a population of 330 million Americans, they found just 243 positive flu cases. Still, despite not testing for the flu this past year at all, they still believe it was a serious killer.

Some common explanations for the decrease in the spread of flu, such as increasing rates of seasonal flu vaccination, mitigation efforts for Covid, potential cross-protection with Covid infection or vaccination, and reduced travel (particularly international travel). News stories do their best to explain why cases are nearly eliminated, but they never account for the increase in total deaths. If multifactorial efforts reduced spread and transmission, it stands to reason that flu fatalities would likewise drop. All statistical signs indicate they did not.

Some graphics from another useful page on the CDC’s website allows for some manipulation of data to compare the most recent flu season to years past. As it usually coincides with the middle and height of flu season, data was pulled from the first week of February. (Results are consistent across every week.) The following three images, taken from a page about weekly flu surveillance reports, show overall trends for the end of January and beginning of February. The top image shows 2018-2019 data, the middle image shows 2019-2020 data, and the bottom image shows 2020-2021 data. Through these visual representations, it is easily discerned that the flu did not make an appearance this year.

Screenshot: Weekly Influenza Surveillance Report, 2018-2019

Screenshot: Weekly Influenza Surveillance Report, 2019-2020

Screenshot: Weekly Influenza Surveillance Report, 2020-2021

With all of this in mind, how does the CDC report more than 50,000 deaths attributable to a non-existent phenomenon? Moreover, where is the proportional hysteria over this lethal microbe? 50,000 Americans is no small feat, and yet there was absolute silence over the concern of its alleged virulence.

The disconnect between flu cases and flu deaths exposes just one more collapse of trust for the medical community. Whether through fraud (see: Anthony Fauci), hypocrisy (see: Lori Lightfoot, Nancy Pelosi, Gavin Newsom et al), malpractice (see: lockdowns, masks, etc.), treatments (see: hydroxychloroquine, zinc, vitamin D, ivermectin, etc.), or death certificates (see: probable Covid exposure), there is little reconciling the institution with the average American citizen. 

The real kicker is that it is nearly impossible to think that a flu season just didn’t happen or that it didn’t kill anyone. If that were true, it would be the first time in recorded history where there was no flu and no death from flu. What makes more sense: That there was no flu season or that the flu season was simply reimagined to fit political narratives? There is no joy in answering that question, as it erodes trust not only in the medical establishment, but in our ruling establishment writ large

14 thoughts on “CDC Data Shows Flu Deaths Stayed Constant in 2020, Except There Were No Flu Cases”

  1. An important thing you need to mention AND UNDERLINE: Total deaths in 2019 were higher than total deaths in 2020. (How? Cancer and heart attacks and other causes are lied about, categorized as covid. Cancer has not disappeared. Hospitals get $60,000 per every death they label “covid.” It’s a human rights scandal to steal your business, property, and constitutional rights. Stop wearing masks and getting the vaccine, which castrates/sterilizes people – on purpose.

  2. They mixed the RECORDING OF Pneumonia, Influenza and Covid ALL TOGETHER now, STARTING last fall after a century of breaking them out individually (why) and call them PIC deaths!

    THIS is why you have NOT read about flu and pneumonia deaths the last year folks. Ask ANY health care professional involved with Infection Control.

    They did this on purpose to trick you about covid deaths to MAKE YOU BELIEVE there are waaaaaaaaaay more cases than there really are.

    Bear in mind the average age of they dying is 77 and one average citizen has a 99.4% survival rate!

  3. Once people lie and are allowed to get away with it or even be rewarded for it, there are then no end to lies.
    600,000 alleged deaths from Wu Flu Over the Coocoo’s Nest but only 9% from Wu Flu alone. So 50,000-ish actual and then the good old fashioned Flu flu count gets stopped 4/1/2020. Stopped. Look it up. But wait. There were only a few hundred cases but the CDC now says there were 50,000 Flu Flu deaths. And wait. A statistical analysis shows the over all death rate in 2020 was perfectly consistent with the rates in 2019 and 2018 and etc…
    The only increase was proportionate to the increase in population.But never mind. What was important was to crush Trump’s high flying economy in time to install a fascist dictatorship to save America from the Trump fascism that was about to break out any minute.

  4. Really pretty easy. Blame everything on Covid-19. Pays better. Doctors sellout just like most everyone else if the money is right.

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