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The Cause of Israel In The Middle 21st Century: Regional Enlightenment

Israel was once a flourishing cultural epicenter in the Middle East, many centuries ago when the great Israeli people brought monotheism and the Judeo-Christian enlightenment to Rome and the broader Western World. Today, its cultural impact is fought in an ‘eye-for-an-eye’ manner by hostile regional enemies seeking to punish the Israeli people for simply existing. The possibility for a once returned flourishing Israel epicenter rests in a mid-21st Century that is not afraid to recognize the importance of Judeo-Christian values to the western world, namely with respect to its art and architectural principles.

In Jerusalem, and unlike other parts of the Middle East, pottery was infused with a sense of spirituality that transfixed pots or water bowls into a communion with the divine or a greater sense of communal belonging and responsibility. While Jerusalem did not have the financial resources to compete with Roman sculptors, many Jewish sculptors, at least in what has been passed down to us through history, offer a sense of artistic integrity that binds the centuries to Jerusalem, and the great Israeli people to the centuries as, after all, few small groups of people have had such a transformative impact across the globe as the Israelites, the inheritors of the Roman Republic.

In the 21st Century, the Judeo-Christian way of life continues to be threatened by Communism and other non-religious forms of governance. These groups seek to replace ‘In God We Trust’ with ‘In Man We Serve,’ a proven devastation of how civilization can and should operate, with dignity toward man, not slavery to the State.

Unfortunately, many parts of the world, despite the very best and exhausting efforts of Judeo-Christian missionaries, have now fallen backwards into darkness. The Chinese Communist Party seeks to expand its reign of fear to Hong Kong, and likely Taiwan and Singapore very shortly.

The Western world’s greatest defense against a hostile Communist Party is its Judeo-Christian spiritual religion, it always has been and it always will be, and that fact is evidenced by the broad adoption of Judeo-Christian cultural values across the Western World. Just think about it. Compare Judeo-Christian art and architecture, especially in our cities such as Manhattan or Los Angeles, with the dreary and sinister architecture of Communist Parties. What separates the two? Simple, the divine.

Without a higher calling or higher sense of purpose, man cannot begin to comprehend or achieve the will of the infinite, the ‘Ein Soph,’ in the Jewish Qabalistic Tradition. In the Qabalah, the ‘Ein Soph’ imbues man with his greater faculties, his ability to reason, his love and pursuit of wisdom, his desire for art and passion, a concept that has notably altered the course of Western Civilization with respect to some of the brutality that has occurred in other places.

To see many Middle Eastern Countries begin to employ beauty and aesthetics in their architectural standards is a major milestone, no doubt the cultural influence of Israel as Big Brother or Big Sister to these still culturally developing Nations, and in many cases, Nations that are just beginning to awake from their centuries long slumbers of tyranny and oppression by backwards regimes.

To see a large skyscraper that emphasizes beauty in its building standards, to witness an attempt by mankind to pursue a ‘glorious’ building, is to witness man’s pursuit of ‘Ein Soph,’ the desire to know and converse with God, if only in a small measure.

In the mid-21st Century, Israel must recall its cultural influence on the Middle East as a firewall against Communist aggression and hostility through religious defunct regimes. It is not or never Islam, or its many great people, that causes hostility toward the pursuit of knowledge and conversation with the ‘Ein Soph,’ it is darkness, and every religion has the heretic, every cause has the unscrupulous who seeks to profit from its higher ideals.

The influence of Israel upon the modern Middle East is great, from new technologies to commerce and trade, and to increased cooperation with the Arab region wholly. However, for Israel to stake its place in a region shaping up to be increasingly hostile as the Chinese Communist Party looms, Israel must be proud about its mighty cultural impact, its beautiful and insightful recognition of the ‘Ein Soph,’ the limitless potential for humans on the Earthly plane to pursue greatness and achieve a recognition of God through our Earthly endeavors.

Israel must establish itself as a cultural beacon and must begin to celebrate its cultural achievement more so than it currently does, if simply to position itself against a hostile Communist Party that seeks to implant socialism into the Middle East just like its ideological predecessors sought as the Stalinist Soviet Union. In Israel, since the dawn of history, mankind can find stories of great Prophets communing with God, a story that would surely be banned in China, prosecuted by Stalin, decried by Lenin, and murdered by the Nationalist Socialist Party of Germany.

One peoples have long braved the ideological destitution of Nations that offer slavery, and that is the great Israeli people who taught the world about the ‘Ein Soph,’ and its guiding spiritual principles that transcend power or tyranny over others. It is time for Israel to be recognized for their cultural contributions and to be more proud of them in Western media.

William E. Scholz is a conservative from Pennsylvania. His first book, published at the height of pandemic bail-outs, argues for a renovation to the world financial orderand is currently available via his publishing company Dignified Publishing. He is also a long-standing Qabalist and incorporates the ‘Tree of Life’ into his essay writing. You can follow him on Twitter @wstweetsnews.

Photo by Sander Crombach on Unsplash

2 thoughts on “The Cause of Israel In The Middle 21st Century: Regional Enlightenment

  1. Israel isn’t even the TRUE Israel. What people think of as “Israel” is actually the satanic ANTI-Israel, founded by blood sacrifice using the souls of American, German, and British soldiers and LEGALIZED by the disgusting Balfour Accord. Look to the Rothschilds for their role in the creation of Israel.
    Look to the Talmud for the truth about the genealogy of Adam and Eve, and Able, and LUCIFER and Eve, and Cain.

    The 2 bloodlines exist today.
    Caucasians have been fooled into thinking the “Jews” (lol) are Israelites and the “chosen people” of God.
    Nothing could be further from the truth.
    Caucasians are the TRUE Israelites of The Books.
    And the united states of America is the TRUE Israel of The Books.
    And the “Israel” that sits in the middle east is the ANTI-Israel, and is of LUCIFER and his descendants. They even fly his FLAG, which symbolizes “As above, so below”. it’s Baphomet. It’s Luciferian doctrine.
    Time for people to wake up and see this truth, and re-claim their God-given birthright as the true Chosen People and the TRUE Israelites.

  2. Couldn’t disagree more.

    Israel is an albatross around the neck of America …

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