Spiraling Spending Spree, Great Scott, and Rooting for Rudy’s Ruin: The Week in Review

Headline #1:          Biden Addresses Congress, Announces More Spending

On Wednesday evening, President Joe Biden made his first address to a joint session of Congress, during which he made several predictable assertions and unveiled his plan for a few more trillion dollars in spending.

Thoughts and Observations:

  • Full disclosure: I did not watch Biden’s entire speech; I couldn’t. I probably watched about half of it then watched some baseball, but I read the entire transcript. It was unnerving to watch. Biden has never been that sharp, but during his prime he was at least articulate and polished. About 5 minutes into Wednesday’s speech, watching him slur his words and botch the speech repeatedly, the address became disturbing. Politics aside, seriously – It’s scary to consider that Joe Biden is the leader of the Free World when he comes across as unqualified to lead the local Sanitation Department.
  • Biden was sharpest at the beginning of his speech, and that was probably when he was most dishonest and predictable. Biden repeatedly took a bow for “improvements,” many of which he’s had nothing to do with; particularly regarding the COVID pandemic. Joe Biden taking credit for defeating COVID is like a second-rate tambourine player coming on stage for the second encore of a rock concert, then shooing the rest of the band offstage as he soaks up the applause. It’s absurd.
  • Quotes from Biden regarding COVID included this gem, “After I promised 100 million COVID-19 vaccine shots in 100 days – we will have provided over 220 million COVID shots in 100 days.” On January 20th when Biden took office, we were already vaccinating one million per day. Therefore, we were already on target for vaccinating 100 million in 100 days before he was even sworn in. It was like promising the country that the weather is going to be warmer this summer. It seems ridiculous that anyone would fall for this slop, but apparently millions do.
  • One of the main takeaways from the speech was the additional $1.8 trillion spending proposal for “Families and Education.” Key aspects of the proposal include free childcare, free preschool, and free community college; along with trillions of dollars in tax increases for wealthy Americans. None of those entitlements will be free, obviously, and those tax increases won’t generate half of the revenue he’s proposing. Joe Biden is taking the term “Tax-&-Spend Liberal” to a whole new level.
  • In Biden’s first 100 days, he’s now called for, or implemented, $1.9 trillion for so-called “COVID Relief,” $2.3 trillion for so-called “Infrastructure,” and now $1.8 trillion for so-called “Families and Education.” Keep in mind, this is all spending in addition to our normal budget. If Biden stays in office for the full 1,461 days of his presidency, and if his spending spree trend continues at this rate, we can expect for Biden to spend an additional $87.6 trillion of money that doesn’t exist as he utterly destroys our economy and our future.
  • One of the more disappointing aspects of the speech was the mask-wearing by Republican legislators in attendance. We have to assume the vast majority of them have been vaccinated, in which case wearing a mask is totally useless. Mask-wearing for the vaccinated is not about safety or COVID, it’s about capitulation. Republicans, can you please take a stand, on anything? Can you please stand up for yourselves and for us? Can you please show some balls? Please?

Headline #2:         SC Senator Tim Scott Attacked by Left After Biden Rebuttal

After Wednesday’s address by President Biden, Sen. Tim Scott (R-SC) delivered the customary rebuttal by the opposition party. It was an excellent speech by Scott, and one which earned him intense scorn from the left.

Thoughts and Observations:

  • Scott’s speech was concise and straightforward, but managed to have a positive message. He was passionate but professional, direct but dignified. Tim Scott is quickly becoming a star within the Republican Party, and if we consider his leadership last year in crafting the since-scuttled Justice Act police reform bill, he has to be considered a potential future presidential candidate. I’m not sure what Scott’s aspirations are, but his future has a very high ceiling.
  • Any legitimate fact-check on Scott would likely find nothing untrue, whereas Biden’s speech was worthy of corrections virtually everywhere we look. A fact-check by CNN on Scott, however, did their usual “needs context” routine and tried to nitpick on Scott’s speech, and so did a similar attempt by The Washington Post. But there’s no denying it. Scott knocked it out of the park.
  • Among other sins, Sen. Scott, who is black, had the impudence to state during his speech that America is not racist. It is for this comment apparently, one that is clearly spot-on, that Scott was absolutely torched by the left on both social and traditional media. Twitter actually allowed the hashtag #UncleTim to trend for several hours before shutting it down.
  • Scott also correctly pointed out that Biden is trying to “pull the nation apart,” and one need not look any further than Biden’s “you ain’t black comment” last year and this week’s racist attacks on Scott for evidence. Think there may be a connection?
  • If you’re black, and you’re not fully on board with the “America is evil and we need socialism” agenda of America’s woke left, then you’re a heretic. And they will attack you in any way they can, up to and including using racial slurs in the process. They are reprehensible.
  • On Thursday, during an appearance on Fox and Friends, Scott observed, “Intolerance so often comes from the left with words like ‘Uncle Tim’ and the ‘n-word’ being used against me.” For those who opine that the treatment of Scott is merely a “double-standard,” you’re missing the point completely. This wasn’t an example of a double-standard, this was an example of undeniable, blatant racism. As Scott explained, “They’re literally attacking the color of my skin.” Indeed, racism is alive and well in America, and it resides on America’s left.
  • If you were put to sleep by Biden’s speech and didn’t get a chance to hear it, which is entirely understandable incidentally, you should read the transcript here. You won’t be disappointed.

Headline #3:          Giuliani Raided by Feds in Criminal Probe

Former New York City Mayor and Donald Trump attorney Rudolph Giuliani’s Manhattan residence was raided on Wednesday by federal agents in an apparent criminal investigation into various Giuliani business dealings.

Thoughts and Observations:

  • Rudy is best known for his stellar leadership during the terrorist attacks on September 11, 2001, but the truth is he would have gone down as one of the great American leaders of our generation even if 9/11 had never happened. After years of decay under Democrat leadership by Ed Koch and David Dinkins, New York City was like Sodom and Gomorrah by the late-1980s. Crime, filth, and a shattered government. NYC’s transformation under Giuliani was the most remarkable in our country’s history.
  • If it turns out that Rudy is guilty of crimes, he should be held to account just like anyone else; no special treatment, regardless of how great he was as a prosecutor and mayor. But considering Giuliani’s ties to Trump and the Democrats’ complete disdain for both men, it seems possible, if not probable, that Wednesday’s raid was more about politics and less about criminal justice. We’ll see.
  • The investigation is apparently centered around Giuliani’s interactions with international businesspeople, particularly from Ukraine. In addition to the seizing of various electronic devices, including his phone, agents also engaged with various Giuliani associates, setting up a potential “divide and conquer” approach from the feds as we saw with Robert Mueller’s Russia Hoax investigation, in which Trump associates such as Michael Flynn, Carter Page, and George Papadopoulos were railroaded. Let’s hope this situation doesn’t go down that path, but it seems likely.
  • It’s not often I watch leftist, mainstream media outlets, and when I do it’s normally just to see what those knuckleheads are up to. On Wednesday evening, I caught a few minutes of both CNN and NBC News’ coverage of Rudy, and it was truly disgusting. They couldn’t hide their glee and could be seen practically wringing their hands thinking about the idea of Rudy being criminally charged. These people are not journalists, they’re Democrat operatives.

Headline #4:         Is Gavin a Goner? Don’t Bet on It         

On Monday, the effort to recall California’s Democratic Governor Gavin Newsom met the required threshold to have the measure put on the ballot in November, at which time Californians will vote on whether or not to give Newsom the boot.

Thoughts and Observations:

  • Getting the recall on the ballot is just the first step, and just a minor one really. In a state of sixty million people, getting a couple of million to agree that a governor needs to go is easy. Actually removing Newsom will be much more difficult.
  • The next question, obviously, will be how folks vote in November. A majority will need to vote Newsom out, and then select his successor. And this will be no easy task. The best chance of actually removing Newson will be to have a strong candidate on the ballot to replace him, thereby enticing voters to recall Newsom and have him replaced.
  • As bad as Newsom has been – and he has been an absolutely awful governor – don’t be surprised if the recall effort falls flat. Newsom is a radical leftist in a state full of radical leftists. He may be a hypocrite, he may have totally mismanaged the COVID pandemic, and he may have thoroughly destroyed his state’s economy, but Newsom is woke and a socialist, and for many that’s all that matters. My bet: Newsom stays.
  • Regarding a potential replacement for Newsom, the candidate who has garnered the most attention thus far is Caitlyn Jenner. Jenner’s candidacy, as bizarre as it is, does indeed pose a potential conundrum for Republicans. Must Republicans buy into the woke ideology of transgender advocacy in order to support Jenner? It’s quite possible, and if so the GOP should pass. As appealing as it may be to have a Republican in Sacramento’s Governor Mansion, facts are facts, reality is reality, and men are men; not women.
  • Jenner’s flirtation with a political future underscores the fallacy of the left’s claim to their intersectional coalition. According to leftist conventional wisdom, anyone who is black, Hispanic, Muslim, Asian, or LGBTQ must be a leftist Democrat. But two of the primary characters in this week’s top stories – Jenner and Sen. Tim Scott – buck that trend and shine light on an opportunity for Republicans. The GOP must stay true themselves and conservatism. Don’t kowtow to the woke mob. Don’t apologize for your beliefs. Do the right thing, and convince member of those intersectional groups that you are correct, and you’ll turn the tide in this battle of ideas.

Headline #5:         Former Secretary of State John Kerry Divulged Secret Information to Iran

According to a report by the New York Times on Sunday, current Biden Climate Czar John Kerry passed along secret information to Iran’s regime regarding Israeli airstrikes on Iranian targets within Syria while he was still President Obama’s Secretary of State.

Thoughts and Observations:

  • Doesn’t this story seem like it happened, oh I don’t know, months ago? Did you notice how the press suddenly pretended like it didn’t happen? Hmmm.
  • By Monday, this was the narrative from the media: what Kerry had discussed was common knowledge by the time of his discussion. This is nonsense. We don’t yet know the validity of the reports until we know the timing of events. There certainly remains a good chance that the original story by the Times is correct, but we would need to know detail of Kerry’s schedule first. Therefore, as far as our esteemed mainstream media is concerned, Kerry has plausible deniability. End of story, nothing to see here. Move along.
  • What makes the story significant, obviously, is its confirmation of something we’ve known all along. Democrats in general, and leftist Democrats like Kerry and Obama in particular, despise Israel and would much rather cozy up to Islamic militants like the Iranians. And those same Democrats are willing to pervert our foreign policy and break international law to accomplish their goals.
  • For those of you who doubt the threat of Iran to the United States, please do some homework. Since their attack on our embassy in Tehran in 1979, Iran is our enemy; plain and simple. We may not be at war with them, and we may be able to avoid war. But given half a chance, Iran would wipe us off the map in heartbeat, and Israel along with us. You may not think the Iranians are our enemy, but the Iranians sure do.
  • Various prominent Republicans continue to call for an investigation into the allegations, and some have called for Kerry’s resignation. But we should expect this story to fall by the wayside, like so many others. If this had been the other way around, for instance if someone from the Trump Administration had passed secret information along to Israel, this would be on front pages and the top story on every news channel for weeks. But being a Democrat means never having to be held accountable.

PF Whalen

P.F. Whalen is a conservative blogger at TheBlueStateConservative.com.  His work has appeared in multiple publications, including the Western Journal, Human Events, and American Thinker.  Follow him on Parler @PFWhalen

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