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NEVER FORGET: The FDA Bought Baby Parts from Abortionists

Judicial Watch, a terrific organization, has recently investigated and used an FOIA request to uncover that the FDA bought baby parts after those babies had been aborted. Here are some of the disturbing requests and order forms that that investigation uncovered:

1. It Called Babies and their Organs “Specimens”

According to these charts that Judicial Watch uncovered, when the FDA bought baby parts and babies it referred to them as “specimens.” The language alone is horrifying.

2. The FDA Bought a Baby’s Skin

3. The FDA Wanted “Specimens” from Later-Term Babies

Not content to just use stem cells or “tissue” from barely developed babies, the FDA bought baby parts from late-term abortions. Or, at least, it tried to. Here’s what one email shows:

4. The FDA Tried to Create Humanized Mice

Read this email closely. The FDA was trying to use organs from aborted babies to create humanized mice…sickening.

The Fact that the FDA Bought Baby Parts in Such a Callous Manner is Shocking and Disturbing

This should be horrifying to every American. One of our government agencies was not only helping fund abortionists, but speaking about the baby organs they were buying in such a callous, disturbing manner that their conduct is utterly reprehensible. Not only that, but they were also trying to create human-mice hybrids with the organs. How much has our civilization collapsed where now such monstrous crimes, crimes reminiscent of Dr. Mengele’s experiments at Auschwitz, are openly supported and cheered by the FDA bureaucrats?

Oh, and these are the people that tell you the experimental vaccine is “safe.” Perhaps that’s because it includes stem cells that came from aborted babies.

America must recover its virtues, the virtues of the Founders. I don’t believe in the slightest that so honorable a man as George Washington would have skinned a baby for “science.” But the current Swamp bureaucrats will. They’re disgusting, horrifyingly evil creatures.

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Photo by Maria Oswalt on Unsplash

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