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Top 10 Absurdities of the COVID Pandemic

President Joe Biden and the Democratic Party may be in denial, but the truth is unavoidable. For all intents and purposes, the COVID-19 pandemic which has ravaged our country and our economy for fourteen months is over. As we prepare to close the book on the nightmare it has been, let’s pause for a moment with the Top Ten list for the Month of May to reflect on some of the most ridiculous aspects of the handling of the coronavirus outbreak.

#10 – One-way traffic rules in supermarket aisles – 

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At the beginning of the pandemic – when we were still making jokes about coronavirus and Corona beer – there was a lot of confusion. As the magnitude of COVID became clear, people were erring on the side of caution; fair enough. But over a year into this thing, we can still see signage in stores telling us which direction to push our carts. If anyone ever abided by these rules, it was only for a short while, and that was a long time ago. If you were one of those people who tried to scold me for going the wrong way down an aisle last June, to which I told you, “shut the hell up,” I’m still not sorry. Here’s a prediction: no one will bother to conduct a study on exactly how many lives were saved by one-way supermarket traffic. And if an accurate analysis does come along it will arrive at this conclusion: Zero.

It could’ve been sillier… they could’ve put in traffic lights

#9 – COVID is Trump’s fault –

Throughout the presidential campaign, the left and their media hammered away at this point. If Trump had acted properly, the pandemic never would have happened. Trump is responsible for every death. There are hundreds of thousands dead because of Trump. Somehow, a substantial portion of the electorate bought into the nonsense. It’s a virus, and a highly infectious one at that. Trump did what he could, and in fact initially received praise from just about every Democratic governor in the country. If anyone is to blame for COVID, it’s China and the World Health Organization. But perhaps nothing better illustrates the ridiculousness of this claim than when Joe Biden, less than a week after taking office, explained, “There’s nothing we can do” about the virus. Well, I’ll be darned.

“Remember all those times I said I was going to kick COVID’s ass? Well, I’m going back to my basement to hang out with Corn Pop now.”

#8 – Teachers can’t go back to work, but everyone else can –

From virtually the very beginning of the pandemic, it was clear that school-aged children were far less susceptible to infection and severe symptoms, and probably not vectors of transmission. Statistically, kids are the least in danger. But while the rest of us were back working in stores or driving trucks, and subjecting ourselves to genuine risks, teachers’ unions across the country continued to push the narrative that it’s too dangerous for teachers and kids to return to school. Like every other industry, at-risk kids and teachers could have been allowed to stay at home while the rest went back to normal. Instead, we inexplicably kept schools closed, gave students a significantly inferior education, and took away opportunities for social interactions that will never come again.

Finally parents became fed up with school closings, but far too many Americans nodded in agreement and played along

#7 – It was xenophobic for Trump to halt travel from China  –

The media would prefer that we all forget their accusations, but we mustn’t. They called President Trump “xenophobe in chief” for his actions, and Nancy Pelosi went to San Francisco’s Chinatown in February to tell everyone how safe things were. Trump had suspended travel from China at the end of January, and in retrospect the only legitimate criticism you could make of Trump is that he waited too long. But to categorize his actions as xenophobic was absurd from the beginning. The virus came from China, and that’s a fact; and it’s not racist or xenophobic to point it out or to act accordingly.

If your policies don’t work, just call the other guy (who happens to be married to an immigrant) a xenophobe

#6 – Fifteen days to slow the spread  –

The idea itself isn’t absurd at all, and in fact it originated with the Trump White House. We didn’t know the trajectory of the disease in mid-March 2020 when the initiative began; we didn’t want to overwhelm hospitals, and we needed to “flatten the curve.” It took closer to 30 days to reach the goal, but we succeeded, and we achieved those objectives. There wasn’t a location in the country where COVID patients couldn’t access care, and we indeed flattened the curve. What’s absurd is that the approach has continued for almost 400 days now in some places. Many states such as Texas, Florida and Mississippi have been essentially back to normal for months, but other states (mostly of the Blue variety) can’t bear to let go of that power, as lockdowns and mask-mandates continue.

Did we say 15 days? We meant to say 30… no, make that 90… no, no, we meant 400 days

#5 – President Joe Biden: “Help is on the way” –

The claim came in December before he took office, and much of the rhetoric was focused on the economic impact on COVID, but Biden repeatedly made assertions that he would “fix” the federal government’s handling of COVID. By the time Biden was inaugurated, there were already one million vaccinations occurring each day, and one of his first promises was to achieve 100 million vaccinations in the first 100 days, which would have meant actually decreasing the trend graph for vaccines. Way to set the bar low, Joe. Essentially the only issue in which the Biden Administration has approached COVID differently from Trump is with their authoritarian fixation on masks. That’s it.

Rest easy America, Joe Biden is coming to save us

#4 – The response by The World Health Organization –

Prior to COVID, most Americans were only vaguely aware of the WHO and their efforts. If we heard, “The WHO,” we would immediately think of Roger Daltrey swinging his microphone and Pete Townshend smashing his guitar. Once we learned how they screwed the pooch with the early days of the pandemic, and of their coziness with China, everyone started paying attention. The virus likely originated at the lab in Wuhan – though probably unintentionally – and China thoroughly mishandled the initial infections. Once the virus began spreading, the WHO provided cover for the Chinese by downplaying the extent of the spread and China’s role in it. The organization which gets much of its funding from our tax dollars was in bed with China and covering up their incompetence. President Trump was absolutely correct in pulling our funding, and if Biden had an ounce of integrity he’d do the same thing.

Chinese President Xi Jinping pays a visit to his puppets at the World Health Organization

#3 – Blue states did it better –

The media spent the first six months of the pandemic essentially engaging in journalistic copulation with Democratic governors like New York’s Andrew Cuomo, while simultaneously vilifying and openly rooting against Republican governors like Florida’s Ron DeSantis. DeSantis would “have blood on his hands” they told us, while concurrently paving the way for issuing an Emmy Award for Cuomo. In reality, the performances were the exact opposite of their narrative. Cuomo was dreadful in his handling of nursing homes in New York, and it was clear from the beginning he was covering up the results; a scandal which may eventually result in his removal from office. Meanwhile DeSantis was stellar in managing the virus in a state with the second oldest population in the country. The worst four states in the country for deaths-per-million are all blue states (#1 New Jersey, #2 New York, #3 Massachusetts, and #4 Rhode Island), and Florida is in the bottom half of that list and going lower. Democrats, unsurprisingly, were absolutely horrible in their handling of COVID, whereas Republicans did pretty well overall.

Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis (left) showed New York Gov. Andrew Cuomo the proper way of handling the COVID crisis

#2 – Get the vaccine, but keep doing all of the other stuff  –

This is some of the most bizarre messaging we’ve ever seen. We were blessed with three miracles: the vaccines by Pfizer, Moderna, and J&J. All three are not only highly effective at stopping infections, with efficacies of between 75% and 94%, they’re almost 100% effective at preventing hospitalization and death in the unlikely scenario you are infected. So what did Biden and the Democrats do? They told everyone that even if you’re vaccinated you need to keep social distancing and keep wearing masks. Those communications begged the question: if I have to keep doing all that stuff, then why should I get the shots? None of it made any sense. If you get vaccinated: 1) it’s highly unlikely you’ll get infected, 2) you’re almost definitely not going to be hospitalized or die from it if you do, and 3) you will not be able to transmit the disease. In other words, if you get the vaccine you can go back to normal.

Democratic Party propaganda, brought to you by their sycophants in the media

#1 – Wear two masks  –

The beginning of the pandemic was chaotic, and it would have been understandable if Dr. Anthony Fauci had simply made a mistake when he told us we didn’t need masks. But it wasn’t a mistake. He lied to us and admitted doing so. Fauci justified his deceit by claiming concern that masks might not be available for health care professionals. Then Fauci decided to stop lying to us and told us to wear masks, but wouldn’t even follow his own directive. Fauci threw out the first pitch at the Washington Nationals opening game last year, and forget that he threw the ball like a little girl; which, if anything, is insulting to little girls. He was wearing a mask despite the nearest person being sixty feet away. He then proceeded to sit in the stands directly next to a friend, at which point he removed his mask. Then late last year Fauci decided that it would be best if we wore two masks, without any evidence to support his notion. Like lockdowns, there’s still no evidence that mask-wearing had a significant impact on the pandemic. Dr. Fauci has zero credibility at this point, and if you’re following this recommendation by wearing two masks, then you are a moron.

The estimable Dr. Anthony Fauci, in a scene worthy of The Sandlot

PF Whalen

PF Whalen is a conservative blogger at His work has appeared in multiple publications, including Human Events, the Western Journal, and American Thinker. Follow him on Parler @PFWhalen.

Featured photo by Hello I’m Nik on Unsplash

43 thoughts on “Top 10 Absurdities of the COVID Pandemic”

  1. Terry the Censor

    Remarkable how many lies are in this article and the comments. No wonder so many Americans died.

  2. I think the author forgot one worthy of top ten inclusion: That mass protests, riots, gang violence, and burning down cities were somehow preventing the worse pandemic of racism. If c-virus really presented a threat of massive, de-populating death rates, no one in their right mind would allow mass demonstrations. The National Guard would have immediately been rolled out to quell the disturbances.

  3. Hi PF,
    I agree with the thrust of your article, and your point at #2 is important and completely valid.

    Can I just challenge a detail that doesn’t change the conclusion?

    The manufacturers make only one claim: that your chance of eventually dying if infected is reduced by 75% or 94%.

    The manufacturers make no other claims, but journalists make many other claims on behalf of these treatments. They say things for which there is no supporting evidence, like:
    – they stop infections
    – they prevent hospitalisation
    – they prevent transmission

    Based on reading the media you would think those 3 things are completely true.
    Based on reading the original study you would say those 3 things are wishful thinking.
    Moreover the study authors explicitly say that they make no claim about those things.
    Only journalists say those things, and very confidently and loudly. That does not make them true.

  4. “Trump did what he could.” Might be true, if you believe that Trump is disgracefully incompetent and he was never capable of doing his job when it came to the pandemic. But if you take that to mean there wasn’t a lot more he could have done, ask any Democrat for a list of things that he could have done.

    “What’s absurd is that the approach has continued for almost 400 days now in some places.” Well, if you stop lockdowns, the virus figures go back up and hospitals get overwhelmed again. So you have to do a lockdown again. It’s not absurd, it’s the logic of how the virus replicates. It doesn’t disappear after you do a bit of lockdown.

    “Essentially the only issue in which the Biden Administration has approached COVID differently from Trump is with their authoritarian fixation on masks.” Nope, it’s with their fixation on vaccinating people. True that vaccines started under Trump, but there wasn’t a coordinated federal plan until Biden. Trump let each state do their own thing.

    “The organization which gets much of its funding from our tax dollars was in bed with China and covering up their incompetence.” Not quite, the WHO goes to bed with every powerful country, because they aren’t allowed all that much independence, because every powerful country, like the USA, threatens to cut back funding if they don’t suck up to everyone. So yeah, well done Trump for keeping the WHO a lapdog instead of encouraging them to be independent and talk truth to power.

    “Democrats, unsurprisingly, were absolutely horrible in their handling of COVID, whereas Republicans did pretty well overall.” Democrats win in urban areas while Republicans win in rural areas. In every single country, the virus has spread more in urban areas than rural areas. Republicans had to do absolutely nothing to have better coronavirus numbers, and there is a very good argument that they did badly, considering their natural advantage.

    “They told everyone that even if you’re vaccinated you need to keep social distancing and keep wearing masks.” The logic here is that they didn’t want people to start claiming that they were vaccinated when they weren’t, if they just wanted to stop wearing masks. Considering that Republicans are more likely to dislike masks and to refuse to show any proof of vaccination, it makes sense. If you had argued for masks or for proof of vaccination, maybe the rules could have been relaxed.

  5. Good list. Though the fallacy is the virus exists. No isolated virus. No evidence of Covid-19 in FOIA requests. WHO via Pandemic triggered the fear. The truth is all we know is Fauci leaked the concept. He singled Wuhan, China-and China provided genomic computer image. Set up like a bowling pin to trigger Great Reset and the Conservatives are watching Day 140 of Biden crash the nation into ruin. O Brave New World with Patriots in it. So glad they have flags to hide their nakedness.

  6. This author destroyed all credibility when he used the word vaccine.

    A vaccine has a specific definition. None of these shots fit the scientific, medical definition of the word.

    Not one of them. Because, it would be impossible to do without isolating the virus. The CDC and WHO have stated there are no isolated samples of the virus.

    Without even a scientific, genetic definition, a true vaccine is impossible.

    Whatever you want to call these shots, they cannot be proven to fit even the most liberal interpretation of the postulate which defines a vaccine, especially against a virus since the definition of that type of vaccine is strict and explicit.

    It’s like hearing nails on a blackboard to hear that word tossed around to mislead the public into a massive scientific experiment we have no precedent on which to predict the outcome.

    The words ‘a miracle,’ put the author firmly in the category of snake-oil salesman.

  7. The world is trapped in a circular argument. I was going on a motorcycle run up the country with a local group, but I was uninvited when it was found that I haven’t been “vaccinated”. Had they been “vaccinated”…yes. Did they get “vaccinated” to be protected from the dastardly virus…..yes. If safe from the virus, should they fear the virus….no. Would my “vaccination” further protect them from the virus….no. Was the trip built around going to the Coushatta Casino….yes. Will there be folks there that haven’t been “vaccinated”…yes. That’s a circular argument…none of the premises make the least amount of sense unless you start with the conclusion “no one is safe until EVERYONE is vaccinated”….because, apparently, the sky IS FALLING. If they recanted and reinvited me, would I go….no….because I don’t travel with $tu-pid folks.

  8. Asserting that is was plausible to lock healthy people in their houses for 2 weeks or 30 days to “flatten the curve” proves this author, along with almost everyone else, has chosen to ignore everything we all knew about these types of viruses, apparently so he does not have to admit he was gullible and that he was duped. The first, and most necessary step to ending the tyranny, and ensuring this never happens again, is admitting we were wrong from the very beginning. History will reveal that none of the “social distancing” made a statistically significant difference in anything except the end of liberty in America and the world.


    Crusty if the media is reporting it assume it is a lie or incorrect. It appears those area the only viable conclusions at this point.

  10. “We were blessed with three miracles”???? The mRNA experimental “vaccines” that have killed and maimed and injured tens of thousands of people are “blessed miracles”????

    You are so wrong on this that you have totally destroyed your credibility. You have obviously drunk the Kool Aid on the toxic drug cocktail that is not even a true vaccine—that has NO virus in it and that had devastating consequences during the human trials, which have continued worldwide.

    I can’t believe how gullible and wrong you are.

  11. Every now and then, humanity needs to remind itself, it is NOT all that knowledgeable or wise.

    That is what the Wuhan was …

  12. You missed the biggest issue.


    three years later, ALMOST TO THE DAY….

    AT THE BEGINNING OF AN election year…

    The PLANNEDEMIC was declared.

    With THREE YEARS OF PRESCIENT KNOWLEDGE fouchie had no plan to deal with it.

    HE KNEW what it was and WHERE IT CAME FROM and how it was CREATED FOR POLITICAL REASONS and yet….

    When Trump Declared that Hydroxychloriquine seemed to be effective, FOUCHIE SCREAMED AT THE TOP OF HIS VOICE.

    Immediately AFTER THE ELECTION … WHO announced it was effective against covid.

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