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Fog Of War Permeates The American Responses To COVID-19

By Guest Author Marian of Red State Abroad.

The COVID-19 response landscape has exposed serious missteps on the part of the public health illuminati. Even today, the American standard of care for COVID-19 patients is abysmal. America’s National Institute of Health (NIH) official Treatment Guidance continues to recommend no early treatment whatsoever. The Guidance goes so far as to discourage the use of steroids for mild cases.  This is truly reprehensible given the American medical community’s reliance on steroids for a whole host of different ailments. Goodness, even my dog is on steroids.  

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So it is remarkable that two establishment types, Scott Gottlieb and Mark McClellan, wrote an editorial for the Wall Street Journal on April 5, 2021, coming out now and asking for a “small-molecule drug that could block some of the core machinery that the virus uses to replicate.” A group called the Front Line Covid-19 Critical Care Alliance has been studying potential early treatments for COVID-19 and they have seen tremendous results from Ivermectin – a small-molecule drug. Their website provides detailed analysis of the data they have reviewed on the uses of Ivermectin to treat COVID-19. They have seen positive results when this cheap, well known, long used anti-parasitic, is used as a prophylactic, as an early treatment, and as treatment for the severely ill.  Indeed, you can buy this pharmaceutical basically over-the-counter for your dog in HeartGuard.  It is also used in horses.

I love it when they say “But a potential COVID drug will present some challenges for regulators, who will want to know that the therapy can reduce progression to severe disease.” All the regulators have to do is look at the data for Ivermectin. The FLCCC has done just that. And what about clinical trials you might ask. It’s not clear what the regulators are waiting for. We already know what happens when folks don’t receive treatment – millions of cases and deaths. A cohort of doctors could start prescribing Ivermectin for sick patients today and document the results. Done. The effects on the patients couldn’t be worse than the do nothing standard of care promulgated by the NIH. There is no need to shovel buckets of money to Big Pharma for some new biologic.

The other alternative of course is to put all Americans on a regular course of Hydroxychloroquine, the infamous HCQ. Again, folks are still scratching their heads about why Sub-Saharan Africa is a COVID-19 Cold Spot. Bangladesh is seeing similar results. While HCQ doesn’t prevent infection, all are seeing far lower death rates than western nations and I opine it is because they are all far more afraid of malaria and are taking some form of quinine to fight it. Quinine interrupts the viral “machinery” so to speak.

It is not clear exactly when the pandemic will play itself out. It will.  Pandemics all do. When that happens, hopefully we will conduct an honest After-Action Review to prevent future serious and lethal blunders pervading this episode.

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