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Things I Never Knew Existed: Wealthy Black Communities

At the risk of modeling a “soft bigotry of low expectations” and/or sounding racist, here goes nothing: I recently learned that there are several majority-black, upper-class communities in America. And I am not talking like an inversion of George Floyd Square that encompasses a few blocks; I am talking entire developments and dedicated city areas. It’s not necessarily surprising given the profundity of opportunity in and greatness of this country, and yet I genuinely didn’t know such prosperous communities existed. After all, we bathe in lies about systemic oppression.The stories told are generally of poverty, despair, and chains for the black population.


Moreover, people like Lebron James and Patrisse Cullors move to predominantly white neighborhoods, evidently eschewing their own kind and further cementing the idea that only white communities could be upper-middle class. For all their blather and hatred, why not move in with other brothers? And then there are people like Don Lemon, Lori Lightfoot, and Kamala Harris who willfully marry into white families, so for all of the talk of black solidarity and the evils of whiteness, apparently that’s only a thing for other white people. Their whites are okay.


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Successful black communities? I think this is a great thing. Not because it keeps blacks out of white communities, but because it shows that there are hundreds of thousands of successful black lawyers, doctors, educators, engineers, pilots, and thinkers that managed to rise above the idiotic BLM narratives. Every single one of these individuals is proof against it. When Black Lives Matters and Democrats paint with the largest brush possible by suggesting white supremacy is real, it only takes one example of a counternarrative to push back. If all blacks are oppressed, how did we get a black president? Twice, for that matter? A black female vice president? How come Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, Patrisse Cullors, and Ben Crump are millionaires while waging war in the supposed white supremacist legal system? Oprah and LeBron are worth billions. Throw in a few hundred-thousand other examples, and suddenly the BLM contrivance is absurdly debunked. 


The message by the fraudulent, deceptive, and ultimately murderous black hustlers like Obama and LeBron is that the rest of black America is poor and helpless, and need the “better” blacks to lift them out. How has that been going for the past half century? Instead of selling oppression, what these morally bereft people should be packaging the message that “If I can do it, you can do it too – and here’s how.” How hard would it be for black leaders to exhort other blacks to follow their lead of hard work, perseverance, and goal orientation? 


However, since we can’t count on the crabs at the top of the barrel to reach a claw back down to lift up others, I will share the article myself. Forgetting the fact that a website called White Excellence would be blocked by Facebook and Twitter, there is a site nonetheless called Black Excellence that ran an article while back called The 10 Richest Black Communities in America. Apparently, no one told the editors that positivity isn’t allowed when discussing issues of black homes. Remember – housing is racist.


To be sure, I wouldn’t call this great journalism. The article reads more like a plagiarized report by a fourth-grader that simply pulled basic facts from an encyclopedia, but it also didn’t mention the words Trump, Tucker Carlson, or QAnon, so the fact that it deals only in facts and statistics is refreshing. Here is how it describes some communities:


Located a few miles south of Washington D.C., Friendly [Maryland] has a small population of 9,250. The population is 77.67% black and has an average family income of $82,827. Only 0.4% of the population in this affluent community is below the poverty line.”


Here is another:


Mitchellville is the most affluent black community in Maryland, with an average family income of $118,022. The majority black community (78.50%) enjoys an upper middle class status.”

And finally:


Commonly known as ‘Black Beverly Hills,’ you surely have heard of Baldwin Hills, probably the most famous affluent black community in America. It is home to not only black celebrities but other black professionals like doctors, lawyers, athletes, and more. The majority black community enjoys an average annual income of $157,033.”


This sounds pleasant. That last town was only second on the list and boasts an average income of $157,000. Why don’t we hear about any of this in mainstream coverage? It is all certainly a far cry from a headline dated June 22, 2020 from the Chicago Tribune in which readers are blasted with news that “At least 106 people shot, 14 fatally, in Chicago Weekend Violence.” Eesh. My biggest takeaway from these headlines isn’t that these animals kill one another with more regularity than ISIS, it’s that their aim is so bad. Are they not shooting center mass? 


Life will never get better for the black community as long as it sees itself as a giant victim. This is true of any group or individual; if you resign yourself to being subjugated or oppressed by someone else, a sense of defeatism and helplessness will inevitably ensue. This article is but one additional  – and inescapable – fact that blacks are and can be just as successful in the United States as anyone else. That being said, black race frauds and white savior politicians aren’t going away. It will be up to the black community itself to grow tired of Chicago and start pining for Black Beverly Hills.

13 thoughts on “Things I Never Knew Existed: Wealthy Black Communities”

  1. Great article, but I must nitpick. The “vp” is not black. We have got to work to get this lie squashed. She slept her way to the top, is a total fraud, and cannot be allowed to also skate on this fabrication.

  2. I am not surprised but I suspect if you really looked you would find an affluent black community in every city in the south. We who are southerners know this, it is not surprise at all.

  3. Let’s see, 5 out of 10 are Washington DC suburbs in MD. There is meaning here. Two are NY, NY burbs basically and three are basically LA burbs.

  4. I live in one of the counties mentioned in the article and 99% of the people in the county in MD vote for more leftist nonsense. I am white and I am disgusted with the incompetence in every county and state agency located in this county. You go to court, MVA, to get a building permit, to the grocery store, restaurant you get the bad attitude, the incompetence and laziness that goes with blacks. Most blacks that are making the money in the county which includes Mitchellville work for the federal government where they cannot be fired or dismissed so I hardly think that they have contributed much of anything in the way of competence, hard work or smarts to anything. I have not met one that did not think every white person owed them something and will not lift a finger to help anyone- they are useless. When you write an article congratulating blacks for being successful try to leave the ones out that have never done anything other than work for the government that is stuck with them for life that is hardly any sign of success.

  5. Nothing irritates a middle class white person more than hearing from a massively wealthy black athlete about how “down trodden he and “his people” are” and how “unfair” everything is for them! Right! Multimillion dollar homes, private airplanes, several automobiles up in the hundred thousand, etc.. Yeah! downtrodden! It’s a rough life! You would think they would look at themselves and say “I am an example that you can do anything you want if you work at being good at what you do”, but no – it’s poor me, I’m discriminated against because I am an icon multi millionaire black man! Tough life!!

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