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Bloodbaths: From Riots to Mass-Killings

By A. Reaper from The Intellectual Conservative

We’ve been pretty fortunate: A mass-shooting hasn’t occurred where both police and rioters were killed.

Is This The New Goal?

Does the Federal Government, along with select state and local regimes, want this to happen?

Think about it: Do people who loot, vandalize, start fires seem like a mentally sound group? They love destruction. Would it be that far off to say these individuals have led a violent life? Or did they simply wake-up one morning and decide to raid Foot Locker in the evening?

Not very likely. And if you are spending your nights involved in the local riots, would it not be hard to keep a job? Or do you just call in sick on plundering and pillaging days?

There isn’t hard polling data on the percentage of looters who “own” a gun. One would guess the more an individual gets involved in this line of work, the greater the likelihood of guns.

What about the business owners being impacted? At some point, they will feel a gun is necessary for their own safety. The safety of their dream: Their business. These individuals come in all shapes and sizes. Can you not see one or more of these people being a keg of dynamite on the verge of explosion?

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By A. Reaper 

Image by mmreyesa from Pixabay

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