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This Is The Only Question We Need To Ask Supporters of Climate Change Policies

There is only one question we need to ask of the elites: Why should commoners behave as if the world is ending when the elites and power brokers do not?


The earth’s temperature is changing. This is an indisputable fact, both in measuring data and using common sense. Of course it’s changing. Despite what is reported by the mainstream media, most legitimate conservatives do not question the idea of the earth’s temperature going through warming and cooling periods. For those that do, they absolutely deserve the scorn and ridicule heaped on them. Indeed, actual climate deniers sound about as unintelligent as Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez on any given issue. 


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The real issue of climate change should not be focused on the scientific debate, but rather on the policy debate. This shouldn’t be a difficult distinction to make. Then again, nothing political in the twenty-first century is allowed to be easy. Given that the left applies the epithet of “racist” to every white person or “Uncle Tom” to every black person that doesn’t unquestionably parrot the latest talking points, it should come as no surprise that anyone who even pauses to think about environmentalism’s cataclysmic consequences is considered a climate denier. In the left, paradoxically, there are only binary political realities. Applied to sex, which actually is comprised of just two options, suddenly binary is bad. Welcome to the leftist world of power and chaos.


Meteorologists can’t accurately predict if a rainstorm will cancel my tee time for the following morning; nomadic hunter-gatherers once crossed an exposed landbridge due to lower ocean levels; and, at various times the earth has either been a giant ice planet or an entirely tropical planet; and, in 5 billion years the sun will envelope the earth in celestial immolation. Nature is doing its thing with or without us.


To believe mankind is responsible for any apocalyptic changes requires a religious fanaticism, along with a sense of hubris, arrogance, and narcissism on orders of magnitude. Moreover – and this is the root of my appeal – it relies on a suspension of belief that those most equipped to deal with the crisis will magnanimously leverage their wealth, power, and influence for the greater good. How have Greta Thunberg or John Kerry made your life better as they jet set around the world, visiting lands only dreamt about by the vast majority of the world’s population? Do they appear to be abiding by calls for restrictions of fossil fuel consumption? They will be able to weather any rising fuel costs to travel, heat and cool their homes, and pay for rising food premiums. Will you?


I am asking a single question for anyone that has set aside their Bible for H. Res.109 as opportunities to clarify their position on central issues of legislative proposals. Again, the issue at hand is not the denial of omnipresent climate change. The issue – the veritable crux of the issue – is whether or not these policies make any sense at all in preserving life and liberty, or do any general good at all.


Here it is: Do you think the elites and the super wealthy will ever change their polluting habits?


In 2019, John Kerry was questioned why he had to take a private jet to Iceland in order to receive an award for being a climate hero or something stupid like that. His response makes Hillary Clinton look relatable. He was quoted as saying: “The only choice for somebody like me who is traveling the world to win this battle…the time it takes me to get somewhere, I can’t sail across the ocean. I have to fly, meet with people and get things done.” He’s apparently never heard of the internet.

The insufferable Meghan Markle also once made a preposterous comment related to climate action that “nearly 7.7 billion people inhabiting this Earth, every choice, every footprint, every action makes a difference” – right before she flew a private jet to Ibiza. A comparison by the BBC of that flight, which was accompanied by a cozy visit to Nice, France, showed that Markle’s self-righteousness produced “more than six times an average Briton’s yearly emissions, or 111 times those of a person in Lesotho.”


Private airplane use is not the only form of elitist “do as I say, not as I do” nonsense. After leaving office, former president Barack Obama purchased a beachfront mansion for $15 million. He might be a great con artist, but he is not stupid. Does anyone really think that Obama would drop so much money in real estate if he truly expected the values to drop or the ocean to smother it a la Atlantis? One thing is for sure: If I expected the coastal cities to be deluged by rising tides in twelve years, I would be buying property in the Rocky Mountains. Perhaps he is just confident in his policies; in 2008, after securing the nomination for Democrat candidate for president, he declared that one day people could remember him fondly as “this was the moment when the rise of the oceans began to slow and our planet began to heal.” In the Old Testament, only God could start and end the Great Flood. Add Obama to the list of supernatural forces that can also stem natural cycles of terrestrial heating.


Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook fortune just bought 60 acres on a Hawaiian island. This adds to additional holdings that he has been acquiring since 2014. Not that long ago, Zuckerberg was testifying under oath in Congress that “Climate change has emerged as a key priority in Facebook’s quest to stomp out misinformation, a complicated effort that involves policing user posts while simultaneously defending free speech.” Is he worried or not worried about climate change disasters? At least Obama could drive inland in the event of tidal devastation.


Finding examples of climate fraud, be they Kerry and Markle’s quotes or Obama and Zuckerberg’s land holdings, was akin to pulling a random name out of a hat. Let’s also never forget that Al Gore said we’d be out of ice caps and polar bears by now. There is an endless deluge of hypocritical actions by those most vocal about climate change policy. Hollywood stars and starlets live in amenitized homes with carbon footprints for my lifetime. How many wealthy elites vouch for climate change policy while flying in private jets to Davos and other luxury resorts. They know we have Zoom and Google Hangouts, right?

So here is the follow-up question to the one offered earlier: Why should you and I have to sacrifice our relative comfort and ambitions in the name of the climate change gods while the self-ordained – the elites, the wealthy, the politicians – don’t have to at all? When gas prices rise, as they already have under Biden policies, it is obvious who suffers from that and who hardly notices. John Kerry will continue flying and just write off the higher fuel costs. His bottomline won’t even notice. You and I, on the other hand, will pay more to commute to work, heat our homes, and feed our families. Is this a fair trade? Hell, forget fair altogether. Is it a moral trade?


Climate policy will inevitably and inarguably reduce the standard of living of all poor and middle-class Americans. Geologically speaking, we are all on this planet for a split second. It does not even make sense to choose a lifestyle in which we choosingly self-inflict privation. We live in the richest country in the world. Poverty today entails home ownership, car ownership, smartphone use, internet, television, air conditioning, heat, food choices, and so much more. Are we ready to sacrifice all of that at the altar of climate change policy while our overlords continue living lavishly?


Again, there is no denying that the climate is changing. However, instead of asking how much we should erode freedom, liberty, and comfort, the only question we should be asking is: Who cares? Humanity will adapt to whatever happens. Viewed another way, we know for certain that a dystopian nightmare will soon follow if we allow for unchallenged climate policies to reign. What good is a potentially and marginally greener earth if we aren’t here to enjoy it?


Seeking to improve the ecological system is a worthy endeavor. However, it is preposterous to watch well-meaning low- and middle-income naifs prance against Big Oil and industries reliant on fossil fuels while the “rules for thee but not for me” crowd continues soaking up luxury and comfort. Do their actions suggest they care even one iota for the environment – or for you? 


If you believe they do, your head is so far up in the clouds that John Kerry’s jet might fly right into it.