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NYC Cancels Columbus Day

Looking at all of America’s issues right now, what do you think are the most pressing threats we face? A rising, militant China? The economic devastation caused by the government’s response to Covid? Radical Islam? A declining birthrate? Good guesses, but you’re wrong.

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According to Just the News, NYC canceled Columbus Day for its public school system and replaced that holiday with “Italian Heritage and Indigenous People’s Day.” It will be celebrated in October.

Danielle Filson, an Education Department spokesperson, announced that “Italian Heritage Day/Indigenous People’s Day will celebrate the contributions and legacies of Italian Americans and recognize that Native people are the first inhabitants of the land that became our country.” The change took place because the city is concerned about Columbus’s legacy…apparently city “leaders” forgot that they wouldn’t exist had Columbus stayed in the Old World rather than bravely venture out and discover the New World. But, no matter, the Jacobins of the present have no problem erasing the titans of the past.

It should also be noted that the “Italian Heritage and Indigenous People’s Day” was originally just “Indigenous People’s Day,” but that had to be changed because some lawmakers were upset with the city purging an Italian hero from its calendars.

While I’m sure everyone can’t wait to have some ziti and maize on a random day in October, a day that has no meaning without Columbus, the fact that a city so devastated by its response to Covid is focusing on renaming holidays rather than reopening the city and its schools is absurd.

New Yorkers don’t need the city government to attack Columbus. They need the city to reopen so that they can go back to work and earn a living again as their countrymen in Florida and other free states are now doing.

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Photo by Peter T at Flickr.

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