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Get Your Critical Race Claws Off My Kid!

In many of our schools, young, impressionable children are no longer being taught to feel good about being Americans. Their schools’ teachers, who traditionally embody socially approved values, are teaching them to be ashamed of being Americans. Spreading out from the schools that teach our teachers, this ideology is being inculcated into our nation’s K-12 schools and is anti-American in the most profound meaning of the term. It is a movement that is teaching future generations that capitalism and traditional American values are intrinsically evil. Critical pedagogy and its advocates, in their vehement antipathy toward capitalism, private property and traditional American values amount to a classic fifth subversive column, no less dangerous to freedom than Communism. “Bill Ayers, the Critical Pedagogy movement, and Cultural Marxism”


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Make no mistake. Our Republic is being systematically dismantled at a breakneck pace. Nowhere is that process proceeding faster than in our schools and colleges, where students at all levels are being brainwashed with a failed ideology—Marxism—that has an unbroken trail of ushering in widespread poverty and oppression wherever it has been tried. Many of America’s K-12 schools have become little more than socialist lecture halls which have turned millions of impressionable young children against their country. The anti-capitalist radicals who have infiltrated—and now dominate—virtually the entire U.S. education system are on a hell-bent mission to surreptitiously turn America communist one little Marxist at a time.



The primary means of pursuing that treasonous goal is by indoctrinating students with  Critical Race Theory (CRT), a wolf in sheep’s clothing political construct that teaches American children of all races to hate their country, and white children to feel ashamed of something over which they have no control—the color of their skin. If this cancer is not aggressively rolled back, and soon, the greatest nation the world has ever known is doomed.



Fortunately, parents are awakening. The counterattack against CRT has been joined by Fight For Schools, a group formed by parents in Virginia whose children attend Loudoun Country Public Schools (LCPS). For daring to oppose CRT, Fight For Schools parents are being subjected to a vicious smear campaign:


? LCPS school board members are reportedly using their official position to target parents who oppose critical race theory.

? LCPS Diversity Council: “We can and we will silence the opposition.”

? A group of LCPS teachers, school staff and elected officials compiled a lengthy list of opposition parents, with a stated purpose of “infiltrating” and using “hackers” to silence parent communications, and threatening to publicly “expose these people,” presumably by slandering them—and by extension, their children—as racists.



Despite the intimidation, Fight For Schools parents are not backing down. Elsewhere, a Southlake, Texas parents group overwhelmingly defeated a proposal by progressive indoctrinators to inject CRT into classroom curriculum. And in Springfield, Virginia, the pastor of a Catholic church devoted the second page of the May 9 parish bulletin to the mortal threat CRT indoctrination poses to the American way of life.


An organization that deserves your support



Parents Defending Education (PDE) is a national grassroots organization working to reclaim our schools from progressive activists promoting harmful agendas. Through network and coalition building, investigative reporting, litigation, and engagement on local, state, and national policies, the organization is aggressively fighting classroom indoctrination—see video below. The mothers who run PDE are fully committed to driving a stake in the heart of critical race brainwashing, so please consider donating to help their non-partisan, pro-child organization purge the poison of CRT from America’s classrooms.






Critical race theory is deeply entrenched in public school districts across America, so much so that dislodging it will take a Herculean effort. Those of us who understand the enormity of what’s at stake have a duty to do everything in our power to eradicate CRT. Not for our sake, but for our children and grandchildren and generations yet to come, all of whom will live out the rest of their years under the boot of communist tyranny if we choose to sit on our hands.


The time to act is short



If our schools—and our country—are to be saved, parents and other concerned citizens must come out of the woodwork and push back hard against the unvarnished anti-Americanism that permeates tens of thousands of K-12 classrooms. If freedom is to be preserved for their children, parents must convey an unambiguous message to school officials:


? We do not send our child to school to have values taught at home supplanted by those of activist teachers and administrators who have contempt for this great country.

? We object in the strongest terms to our child being brainwashed with CRT, white privilege, Project 1619, Black Lives Matter, transgenderism, wokeness and other victim vs. oppressor political propaganda.

? We are concerned that indoctrination in such topics may cause lasting psychological damage to our child, and to the extent these themes are being pushed in our child’s classroom, we demand that such brainwashing be ended.

? We will not tolerate our child being made to feel ostracized or unworthy due to an inherent trait—skin color—over which no person has control.

? Our child will report to us what goes on in the classroom, and if retaliation is ever taken against our child, we will pursue damages to the fullest extent allowed by law.



Demands to school officials must be forcefully presented. Democrat-controlled school boards will not be influenced in the least by a beat-around-the-bush approach. To see the kind of passion that must be brought to bear, watch this video of a courageous black mother delivering a blistering critique of CRT before the May 12 school board meeting in Loudoun County, Virginia.



Parents must become grassroots education activists by banding together with other like-minded parents to (1) recruit new members, (2) show up en masse at school board meetings and PTA functions, (3) conduct petition signing drives, (4) register new voters, and (5) hold protests on school property when students are arriving or departing.



To project an eye-catching identity, local parent groups can use signage, bumper stickers, ball caps and t-shirts with slogans similar to the ones shown below.



Parents must be willing to FIGHT



Many parents are reluctant to complain about classroom indoctrination out of fear that doing so may adversely affect their child’s grades. CRT brainwashing occurs in schools because it is tolerated by parents who are afraid to speak out. If school boards are to be swayed, concerned parents cannot come across like trembling Chihuahuas. They must draw a line in the sand by deciding which is more important to their child’s future: a possible lower grade, or their child living the rest of his or her life under the harsh dictates of socialist-cum-communist rule. Progressive “educators” must be put on notice that retaliation against children will not go unanswered. 


Time is running out to save our Republic



It may be too late to reverse the grievous harm critical race teachings have done to our society. But a grassroots movement for the ages targeting this insidious ideology could ignite a national uprising in the nick of time. For such an uprising to succeed, it must be immediate and massive. All hands on deck.



By John Eidson



A 1968 electrical engineering graduate of Georgia Tech and now retired, John Eidson is a freelance writer in Atlanta.



Photo by Jon Tyson on Unsplash

14 thoughts on “Get Your Critical Race Claws Off My Kid!”

  1. Parents must take, or keep, their children out of public propaganda camps. Together, they and their children can learn real things, and with available resources, will do far better, even if the parents group their children in each other’s homes from time to time.

  2. There is a very simple solution to this commie BS. It takes REAL MEN and WOMEN though. And yes sometimes you have to get mean, may have to say and DO the same things the commies DO. Just do it better and with more aggressiveness and NO forgiveness. You may have to get some red on you, but are not your children worth that?

  3. Public schools cannot be fixed.
    Whatever victories gained trying to fix public schools will need to be monitored beyond the capacity of hundreds of volunteers. The teacher unions and their allies such as the ACLU own government schools. They will quickly take back any lost ground and they will not hesitate to do it in an under-handed manner while your group operates honestly and ethically.
    I am a retired teacher and unequivocally proclaim that there is no hope for America as long as Christians and conservatives allow their children to be indoctrinated in the public schools. We must rescue our children!
    Please ask me for more information. I am not raising funds or selling anything.

  4. At some point parents must start fighting back, even if you have to inform the school boards or the school’s principles that if they don’t stop it could mean that their lives will be in danger and if they ignore you follow through with your resolve to put a stop to the idiocy of CRT by any means necessary. DO YOU GET MY DRIFT ??

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