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The U.S. Is Opening Back Up; Just Two Months Ago This Was Neanderthal Thinking

Not that long ago, Joe Biden accused Republican governors in states like Texas and Mississippi of exhibiting “Neaderthal thinking” for ending their mask mandates. Not to be outdone, CDC Director Rochelle Walensky warned of “impending doom” vis-a-vis yet another Covid spike. Fauci et al made similar proclamations.

As it turns out, none of the predicted chaos from variant spread or naked faces, as Jill Biden likes to call them, ever materialized. In fact, data overwhelmingly suggests that reopening sooner was a better and safer decision. (Countless evidence suggests no masks was better than masks.) Since allowing individual liberties to rule the day, Texas has maintained a downward trajectory of cases and deaths. Governor Greg Abbot is still waiting for an apology from the White House

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Despite the caveman mentality that we were assured would kill Texans and Mississipians by the thousands, all of a sudden it just makes sense to open back up. In a politically-motivated U-turn last Friday, every major institution announced that masks would not be required both outdoors and indoors. (Yes, they made sure to mention that only the vaccinated could shed their virtue-signaling garment, but for all intents and purposes masking is finished with this guidance.) 

And to think that the vaccinated Kamala Harris kissed her vaccinated husband while wearing a mask just last week. Anthony Fauci has already admitted to the fact that vaccinated maskers were just virtue signaling

The same fear-porn crowd has been forecasting empty threats since the beginning of the pandemic. It’s easy to let the past fifteen months fall into a hazy blur, but Georgia famously opened back up in April of 2020 to equal vitriol. That’s not a typo – April of 2020, not 2021. A gathering of 460,000 freedom lovers at Sturgis in mid-summer of 2020 was supposed to be the super spreading event of the century. Celebrating Thanksgiving with family was also predicted to be the end of all grandmothers. None of it ever came to pass, but that didn’t stop the power-hungry and decidedly anti-scientific left from trying. 

By recommending the repeal of masking, real science finally matters more than the science. It’s just too bad real science isn’t winning because of, well, science. In short, the cessation of masking is occurring right now not because of new data or trends, but entirely due to political fallout from four months of disastrous policies. The economy is in shambles, inflation is kicking working Americans, terrorists can shut down energy sources and have their demands met, and the border has never seen so many migrants (to the point that Biden is resuming wall construction and filling more cages with kids – what a xenophibic racist!). A hot Middle East conflict between a clear-cut terrorist group and one of the most decent and benevolent societies in the world is forcing leftists to voice their anti-Semitism. This is in addition to the steady and massive push to label everything with having white supremacist roots and racist outcomes.

Amazingly, the same people that have been pretending to “follow the science” for the past year were, and still are, the most adamantly opposed to the new science now being presented. Governor Andrew Cuomo of New York, who somehow still has a job, led the way in following the CDC’s science last year. Decimating the local economy and squashing personal liberties was worth it if it meant saving just one life. Now, the CDC is coming out with long-known evidence that lockdowns, masking, and every other fanciful measure to fight Covid aren’t particularly effective, to which Cuomo rebuked out of hand. He ignored the latest science and retained his useless executive orders until May 19th. Is it okay to suddenly deny science? He is lauded as a rogue protector of the people, and yet it is taboo, even ineffably dreadful, to wait for more evidence the “vaccines” are safe and to support the use of ivermectin. 

As if the American people needed more examples of fraud, hypocrisy, and double standards, the entire spectacle of ending one of the most visible fronts against the Wuhan Flu overnight – or not, as was the case for Democrat leaders – should convince the vast majority that they have been played. Should is the operative word, for if people hadn’t woken up by now, chances are they will never be roused.

*The author acknowledges that many parts of America have always been open since March of 2020. Millions of patriots have steadfastly followed science and ignored the elites’ language on mask and crowd size guidelines. This was a commentary only on the politics of ending a nationwide mask mandate.

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