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35 Republicans Plead Insanity

Okay, so they didn’t really claim insanity as a defense for voting to empanel a commission to investigate the January 6th protest/riot/insurrection/domestic terrorist attack (pick one).  But voting for this nonsense can rightly be called an act of insanity.  We know this simply because the current Democrat members of the House have a history of insane actions exemplified by two ridiculous impeachments, one two-year Mueller investigation that proved nothing and the Russia collusion joke that lasted the entire Trump presidency.  Now House Speaker Nancy Pelosi is going to use an investigation to impugn the reputation of President Trump and his followers.  She can’t pass up this opportunity because Trump might want to run in 2024.

I was more than disappointed to learn that my representative was one of the 35.  Questions need to be asked of these folks that might explain the reason for their temporary insanity.  I can think of a few, and I have listed them here:

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Do you believe there will be any investigation of the Capitol police officer that killed Ashli Babbitt, an unarmed, white Air Force veteran who was guilty of the heinous crime of trespassing and whose actions were judged by the police officer to warrant execution?  Do you believe the investigation will even reveal his name?

Do you believe the Capitol Police officials who claimed publicly that officer Brian Sicknick was murdered by protesters who hit him in the head with a fire extinguisher will be investigated?  Will they even lose their jobs?

Do you believe the commission will pursue the news reports that Antifa members were some of the instigators involved in the smashing of windows and storming the Capitol building?

Do you believe the investigation will look into why roughly 29 protestors are being held in solitary confinement for four months in D.C. jails (and rumored to be abused) when their offenses were trespassing or disorderly conduct?

Do you believe this investigation will include the videotaped evidence that Capitol Police allowed protestors inside telling them they were okay with it, barring any violence?

Do you believe the investigators will ask for an explanation as to why 14,000 hours of videotape is being withheld from the public?

Do you believe the investigators will look at the disparity in time between when the protestors began entering the Capitol and when President Trump called for the rally attendees to march to the Capitol to peacefully protest?  Or do you think they will quote the text of the impeachment article that called Trump’s words “you have to fight,” an incitement to riot? Do you personally believe his words were an incitement?

Do you believe that this commission will be truly bipartisan given that Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer will make the majority of appointments, as per page seven and eight of the bill?

Can you explain your vote to approve this bill despite the advice of Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy and GOP Whip Steve Scalise to vote against it?  

What facts did you know that they did not?

Here is what makes this investigation outrageous.  Despite no evidence of any “armed insurrection” by Trump supporters, no injury to any members of Congress and minimal damage to the building, this investigation will proceed provided the Senate approves the measure.  Yet after the summer of 2020 when violent protests resulting in arson, looting on a massive scale and billions of dollars of damage to businesses large and small and deaths of 30 people, not one member of the Democrat party has called for an investigation into those months of destruction and death and the involvement of Antifa and BLM. 

Do you know of any Republican Congressperson demanding a Congressional investigation into last summer’s events?  Do you think the 35 Republicans that voted for this one should have to explain themselves?  Feel free to repeat my questions to your representative if he/she is one of the 35.  Inquiring minds want to know.

By Dave Agusta

Dave Agusta is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative. He is an Air Force Veteran, a solid conservative, and a true patriot.

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

4 thoughts on “35 Republicans Plead Insanity”

  1. I have been keeping score of the Republicans who vote against the interests of President Trump and the GOP. There are 36 of them having cast 53 stupid votes. Needless to say Adam Kinzinger and Fred UPton have 3 demerits each while the other eight who voted for impeachment have two.each. Five others who voted for this sham inquiry and against the 2nd Amendment have 2 each. Eighteen have one demerit for this sham and one has one demerit, for voting against the 2nd Amendment. I am taking names and I will continue to take names until we get to primary season, then I will tell all.

  2. Those 35 need to be removed from office by the voters of their states. And if their terms last longer the the 2022 election, then get them removed another way on a state level. These ass-hats are getting rich off your tax dollars and flat refusing to do any of the job you sent them there for, to work for the people of their district. And NOT FOR THEIR PERSONAL BANK ACCOUNTS.

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