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Justice In Brooklyn Center: Footlocker and GameStop Are Still Boarded Up

As always happens with fake outrage, the dust kicked up in the wake of Daunte Wright’s accidental shooting death settled once the utility of exploiting his circumstances dipped below levels of marginal return. There was also no more merch to loot.

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Readers will recall not that long ago the Minnesota community of Brooklyn Center was immersed in a week-long and hellish nightmare. In front of the police station, crowds blared loud music, screamed unrepeatable diatribes, and launched cascades of fireworks and other projectiles. After refusing to disperse, these same crowds were hit with tear gas. In other parts of town, protesting predictably devolved into criminal violence. Theft and looting precipitated the eventual destruction and arson of many commercial buildings. 

This scene has played out countless times before. It could have been Ferguson, Baltimore, Louisville, Caracas – wherever. This time it was Brooklyn Center, a city used by faux-journalists already in town for the show trial of Derek Chauvin.

Despite pretending to care about black lives, the predominantly black crowds that formed each night caused far more for more blacks than the BCPD could ever have dreamed of accomplishing – even if it actually had a racist bone in its collective body. Whereas one criminal black was accidentally shot by police and given martyrdom, thousands of innocent blacks living in apartments around the police station and dependent on the local shopping area to buy groceries, hygiene products, and other essential goods, were left stranded among the fallout of their decidedly unconcerned black brothers and sisters. In the irony of ironies, most of the affected population of Brooklyn Center was black – affected not by the police, mind you, but by other blacks motivated by hateful political rhetoric. 

At one point, the clueless and abhorrent Maxine Waters made a point to show up outside the police station to join the cause. She encouraged more mayhem. Some might call this an incitement, but armed insurrections only occur when no one is armed and no one is actually incited. Semantics aside, was Waters she aware that the bedlam would necessitate the requisite deployment of tear gas – tear fas that would eventually waft into neighboring apartment complexes, home to babies and young families? Did she want more bottle rockets fired to keep frightened children awake? She was able to jet back to Washington, D.C. and her angry mob of BLM supporters were able to flee to other streets, but the poor families in their already-squalid digs were left fending for themselves.

As always, the lesson is that leftist do not care about individuals, they only care about groups to the extent they can be used as y pawns in a game of political chess. They are expendable once their usefulness has played out. 

Trying her hardest to pretend that Black Lives Matter isn’t a terrorist organization with massive hypocrisy and disregard for the average black at the leadership level, Michelle Obama reminded everyone in 2020 that 93% of BLM protests were peaceful. Lecturing the subservient masses from her multi-million dollar estate, this statistic is moot when considering that countless businesses and scores of lives were lost to the self-serving actions of immoral leftists. 

News teams who were in town to cover the Derek Chauvin trial drove ten minutes north to capture more police harm done to the black community. Or so they purported to do. In reality, they had an agenda to which they wanted to cater and ratings to boost in the wake of Trump’s departure from office. If they really cared about the people of Brooklyn Center, most of whom are not opportunistic and thuggish miscreants, their cameras would roll through deserted strip malls. They would revisit this failing community to see what carnage remains. They don’t, though, because they don’t care. Truth doesn’t pump up ratings, only the perpetuation of false narratives. 

So what do racial uprisings, purportedly seeking justice, look like months later? In Brooklyn Center, they look more like selective theft benefitting cultural proclivities toward athletic sneakers and video games. 

Can anyone honestly say that the community of Brooklyn Center has been better served by this violation of both morality and civil norms? The visible scars – plywood, graffiti, and shuttered businesses – are a daily reminder that vandalism and theft plagued the city. Moreover, the targeting of ostensibly non-racist small businesses like GameStop and Foot Locker make clear that racial justice was decidedly not a factor in protesting. How many thousands of dollars did opportunists steal in the very real, but very insincere, uprising? 

Images of boarded up outlet stores that trade only in video games and athletic apparel ought to serve as a final reminder that any form of protest, riot, or arson is not done in order to serve justice. It is done only as an excuse to serve one’s selfish interests.

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