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“Not all Palestinians are Hamas” – How Group Identity Is Conveniently Ignored Or Used By The Left

It has become cliche to note that the past year and a half has been a clarifying time for independent thinkers. I will note it again anyways. 

During the most recent murderous wave of attacks by the Islamic terrorist group Hamas, anti-Israeli sentiment was both vocal and prominent. As if we needed more proof that leftism melts people’s both brains and moral compasses, the anti-Semitism offered a chilling reminder that evil persists because stupidity is so commonplace. There is a very appropriate quote that I heard from Dennis Prager that states “God must love useful idiots, because he created a lot of them.” Indeed.

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In the morally and intellectually indefensible defense of Hamas, critics of Israeli military responses levied the charge that the Jewish state was killing innocent children and civilians. Surely not every Palestinian living in Gaza, they argue, is affiliated with Hamas; therefore, the deaths of children is unwarranted and murderous in its own way. Yes, it is true that children were dying in the conflict and it is surely true that not every Palestinian is part of Hamas. That is the fault of Hamas. It is also beside the point. 

The larger issue is that the left is using a disingenuine, inconsistent logic to defend Hamas in order to blame Israel. The left pretends to care about distinctions between an individual and the group to which the individual ascribes when it is convenient for a narrative. When there is no such political gain to be had, suddenly individual identity is eschewed in favor of group identity. The proclamation that “not all Palestinians are Hamas” is one such example of delineating one from the many when politics demand it.

Much like the Hamas violence that is excused by semantics, another such example is used by the left to make sure that facts do not get in the way of BLM terrorism. The left cites disproportionality as its driving force behind calls for equity and dismantling systems of oppression. Blacks make up 13% of the population, yet account for almost 30% of the prison population and account for 25% of fatal police shootings. 

Of course, there are also stats that show blacks commit fully half of all violent crimes in the United States. This is a gigantic disproportionality, but somehow the focus isn’t on black actions – it’s only on the repercussions of such actions. Given the high incidence of violent crime, particularly when localized to many large – always Democrat run – urban areas, a person could be forgiven for saying they’d rather not walk alone at 2:00am in certain parts of town. Hell, some parts of town are always dangerous even in broad daylight. For the crime of speaking the truth, anyone would be branded a racist. “All blacks aren’t violent,” they’d say, and to suggest otherwise is the blatant clarion call of white supremacy. 

Again, the individual black is removed from the larger group for the purpose of engineering political arguments.

The same could likewise be noted of the distinction between communists or Islamic terrorists. While statistical facts regarding the hundreds of millions of civilian deaths caused directly by totalitarian communist dictators are incontrovertible, the prosperous and free United States is replete with clueless, albeit dangerous, losers wearing Che t-shirts or marching for governmental theft of private property. “That wasn’t real communism” is the usual reply, or, “they didn’t do it right.”

After 9/11, increased scrutiny faced would-be air travelers sporting large beards and turbans. We were repeatedly told that “not all Muslims are terrorists.” This is decidedly true; there are over 1 billion adherents to the religion of Allah and most are not running around with detonation pins between their fingers yelling “Allahu Akbar.” But, despite the fact that elderly white women did not have a history of blowing up airplanes or beheading Christians, it was somehow insensitive and racist to make sure the next hijacked 757 didn’t end up on the 80th floor of some skyrise by giving extra scrutiny to another passenger named Mohammed bin Mohammed.

If a black person murders another black, mostly as a result of fatherless homes and rival gang affiliation that afflicts many young men of color, does society get to point a finger at the 80% out-of-wedlock birth rates in the black community or the ruinous collapse of father figures in the black household? Certainly not; that is blaming a group on its collective failures. If Hamas attempts to murder innocent Israelis by launching rockets into Jewish city centers and in retaliation the Israeli Defense Forces return fire, does the media get to point a finger at the extensive network of human shields deployed by the terrorists that or the fact that none of the death in Gaza would have transpired if not for Hamas’s initiation of the conflict? Certainly not; that requires too much honest reportage.

So the pattern is clear, right? Individuals need to be judged on their individual merits, not their group identity? It is preposterous to assign collective guilt undeservedly. If only it were that easy.

Ask any delusional college professor or your child’s kindergarten teacher about Critical Race Theory, and they will unequivocally state that all white people are inherently privileged and racist. Not some, mind you, but all. All white people. Your white grandmother that donates canned goods to the downtown food shelter? Unforgivably racist.  Your white sister-in-law that works as a social worker in urban centers? Your white neighbor down the street that fosters black children abandoned by drug-addled losers? That’s white supremacist stuff right there. Let’s remember that Ibram X. Kendi declared Amy Coney Barrett a colonizing racist for adopting two Haitian babies from guaranteed misery on that God-forsaken island. Even the white allies that confess their sins and scream “Black Lives Matter!” at the top of their lungs? They are complicit in a white supremacist system and uniquely privilege from it. 

Marxist theory requires an oppressed class and an oppressor class. There will be no deviation from the script. Whites are a common target, but there are many intersection oppressors depending on the need of the moment. Men supposedly inhabit the top tier of the patriarchal system, yet how many have been thoroughly emasculated and are now merely effeminate shadows of their once great – but now completely toxic – masculine selves? Christians get a bad rap, and the present-day narratives demand that police be reviled, except when their name is Brian Sicknick. Each group is considered an oppressor. Therefore, they deserve no such individual identity in the world of leftist politics. 

Whites are colonialist racists. Yes, all whites. Just don’t mention the fact that slavery and conquest were a universal feature of humanity at the time of the founding of the nation. Also, abolition was not a universal feature but it happened here anyways.

Men are inherently sexist. All men. And if they say anything, it’s mansplaining. Men should just be quiet. Remember, women are perfect. Also, there is no such thing as a woman.

Christians are backwards and bigoted. Every last one. They refuse to give women the right to murder babies and act upon a higher moral code. Ignore the ongoing problems in countries where women can’t go to school, vote, drive, and there is the inconvenient truth that the freest country in the entire Arab Middle East is a tiny Jewish state. Oops. Also, doesn’t Islam stone homosexuals? It’s best not to verify that. After all, that sounds terribly backwards.

Police murder blacks. It won’t do any good to ask about the majority-minority police forces in big cities or the spate of black police chiefs. Come to think of it, these police forces are in cities with black city councils, black mayors, black Congressmen, and we were supposed to celebrate our first black Vice President. 

The rules are easy to follow. A) There are no rules.

Unless someone is a white, Christian male, then there are always two options at someone’s disposal. They can either claim individuality so as to avoid being lumped in with any negative aspect of their tribe or they can claim affiliation with that exact same tribe if it can be used to extend a victim narrative. Tragically, these same people are the ones hurt the most. 

Are Palestinians thriving under a ruthless, murderous regime? Are blacks thriving while race hustling elites use them as pawns? Will any life be made better for the pro-communist forces? You’d have to be a useful idiot to answer “yes.” Unfortunately, as was observed earlier, there is no shortage.

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