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SHOCKER: British BLM Leader Sasha Johnson Shot By Other Blacks

This past weekend, British Black Lives Matter activist, Sasha Johnson, was shot in the head. Though alive, she remains in critical condition in the hospital.


American readers may not be familiar with Sasha Johnson’s activism, but let me assure you she is as vengeful, obnoxious, and moronic as her BLM comrades stateside. Here are a few excerpts of her political rhetoric.


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Last summer, Johnson said “The police is no different from the KKK.” (Yes, that is accurate diction from the Oxford grad.)


“The white man will not be our equal but our slave. History is changing. No justice no peace.” For this offending tweet, Johnson was removed from Twitter:


In response to the British government’s Commission on Race and Ethnic Disparities, which found no institutional racism in Britain, Johnson slandered the head of the commission, Dr. Tony Sewell (who is also black). Johnson referred to him as a ‘house negro’ and ‘uncle tom.’ She then went on to respond to a commenter on the post exclaiming that “They need hanging,” in reference to black dissenters. 


And here she is, as ladylike as ever, threatening to fight another black man while calling him a coon.
I thought only whites hated blacks? Color me surprised.

Now it goes without saying that her insufferable character is not justification for being shot. I prefer eternal exile to the African nation of her choosing. Nevertheless, we should pray for a full and speedy recovery for this mother of two.


Upon news of the shooting, mainstream media and progressive politicians began pushing out the complete fabrication that Johnson was shot as a response to her activism, implying that white supremacists must be responsible (because that’s exactly what we should expect when a black woman is shot at 3am at a house party in South London.)


To the chagrin of progressives yet the obviousness of anyone with an IQ above room temperature, Johnson was in fact, NOT shot by white person for political reasons. 


She was shot by five black guys in a spate of gang violence.

Snarkiness aside, the assault is tragic. This woman has not only been victimized by gangs but also by her ideology. 


Sasha Johnson genuinely believes that the police and white people writ large are a threat to black people, despite evidence to the contrary. As is in America, British people are generally victimized by members of their own race, and sadly, black people are disproportionately over-represented in violent crime data as victims and offenders across the pond.


The only white people preying on Sasha Johnson are the white liberals that placate her lunacy.


At only 27 years old, Johnson has grown up in a culture fully immersed in Marxist victim theory. Despite her Ivy League education and national/international notoriety, she thinks she is a victim simply because of her skin color. And because of this insidious ideology, she is afraid of an imaginary threat while making lifestyle choices that make her vulnerable to the real one. 


Personally, I find myself at an empathetic crossroad with victims like Sasha Johnson. She spends her time acting as a bulwark against any police intervention in her neighborhood while ignoring the black violent crime statistics, of which she has now become a part. 


We all know someone like Sasha Johnson in our life. We all have liberal friends and family that continuously vote for Democrats and then complain about the drug and homeless infestation in their cities. We all know someone who actively supports Antifa and BLM but gets upset when the Marxist temper tantrum, aka riots, show up at their door. We don’t feel sorry for these people. They are getting what they voted for. 

Johnson’s situation is no different. She is living in the police-free, segregated utopia she wanted. And the result was a bullet to her head. 


In addition to praying for her recovery, we should pray for her conversion. Could this be the moment that makes her and her loyal followers realize that spending your years castigating all white people and police is not a fruitful endeavor? 


Doubtful. Even the communist loyalists in the Gulags were adamant that their imprisonment was a mere mistake that the omniscient and merciful NKVD would rectify soon so they could return to the Revolution. 


Without a philosophical transformation, Johnson will emerge from this tragedy continuing to demonize the police that are actively trying to arrest her shooters and disparaging white people. Perhaps not being shot by gang members will become a new form of white privilege.


But let this tragedy be a lesson to other leftists wielding the weapon of lawlessness, racial segregation, and apathy to crime. If you live by this sword, be prepared to die by it too.


Sarah Lilly is a conservative blogger at

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  1. Your statements and views is why the world is going to hell in a hand basket….and I bet racism isn’t real either… smh

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