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Lab Leak Likely, Floyd Commemoration Commotion, and Biden’s Blowout Budget: The Week in Review

Headline #1:      Theory That COVID Originated at Wuhan Lab Gains Support

Over a year after COVID-19 erupted into a pandemic which killed millions and devastated the global economy, certain scientists are finally starting to acknowledge the likelihood that the coronavirus originated in a Chinese laboratory, and our media has suddenly become curious about the topic.

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Thoughts and Observations:

  • The idea that the virus originated in the Wuhan lab was never a “fringe theory” as the left and their media have tried to portray it. It was a no-brainer. A new virus emerges within a mile of a well-known lab which researches such diseases, and we were all supposed to think it was a coincidence? It was always a fringe theory to suggest that the virus didn’t come from the lab.
  • Not much has changed from an evidentiary standpoint. Scientists such as Dr. Celine Gounder who served on President Biden’s transition team, former head of the FDA Dr. Scott Gottlieb, and the unassailable Dr. Anthony Fauci are now pointing to the actual structure of the virus to conclude that it did not originate naturally in an animal as some had originally suggested. Additionally, a “U.S. intelligence report found that researchers at the Wuhan Institute of Virology sought hospital care after falling ill,” with symptoms and timing consistent with the outbreak. You don’t have to be Sherlock Homes to solve this mystery.
  • The media reaction on the topic has been downright laughable; consider these headlines. The New York Times observed, “Scientists Don’t Want to Ignore the Wuhan ‘Lab Leak’ Theory, Despite No New Evidence.” There was always evidence, right there staring you in the face, and any real journalist would have recognized it. And the Washington Post ran this gem, “Timeline: How the Wuhan Lab Leak Theory Suddenly Became Credible.” Suddenly? It was always credible, knuckleheads.
  • So, what’s changed? Hmm, let’s see. Could it be that former President Donald Trump, along with former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo, put the lab leak theory out there a year ago, and Democrats and the media didn’t want to give Trump’s point any validity? Could it be that they wanted to do everything possible to ensure Trump lost in November, up to and including ignoring the facts surrounding COVID’s origins? And it could it be that since Trump is now out of office, it’s safe to tell us the truth? Maybe?
  • Biden has called for an investigation into the matter, which is a joke. The administration’s approach will be to work with China and the World Health Organization and ask them to “cooperate.” Yes, that’s it. Good idea. The same government that caused the pandemic and the organization which helped them cover up their complicity. Don’t worry, this investigation is going to be terrific.
  • Forget about politics for a second. Left, right and center – shouldn’t understanding where this virus came from be a top priority for every American? The pandemic was catastrophic, and we need to do everything possible to ensure it never happens again. And the only way to accomplish that goal is to understand what caused the pandemic in the first place. If there was a college major for this subject, understanding COVID’s origins would be covered in the class Avoiding Global Pandemics 101.

Headline #2:      Violence Erupts While Reflecting on George Floyd’s Death One Year Later

In marking one year since the death of George Floyd, the media and others looked back on the milestone, including an incident in which an Associated Press reporter was interrupted by gunfire in the middle of his segment at George Floyd Square in Minneapolis.

Thoughts and Observations:

  • The media spent most of their time patting each other on the back with this topic. “Black Lives Matter rose to prominence, Derek Chauvin was convicted, and look at all the progress we’ve made. We are wonderful, and so is leftism.” The irony of the AP reporter needing to pause until the gunfire subsided was either ignored or unrecognized by the left, but the episode was utterly indicative of reality. America isn’t better since Floyd’s death it’s worse. Much worse.
  • Thanks to BLM, America is bitterly divided and it’s getting worse. The left’s approach of identity politics is resonating with many, and this fissure is only going to grow unless they’re stopped. There are a lot of words we could use to describe what’s happening, but ‘progress’ isn’t one of them.
  • Homicides in Minneapolis this year have more-than doubled. And no friends, that’s not a typo. Yes… doubled. That’s not progress, that’s disastrous. We can safely assume many of those deaths were black folks. Yet the left insists on preaching “black lives matter” even though it’s obvious they don’t. BLM is about politics, and nothing more, because if black lives truly mattered, they would be outraged at this wretched spike in murders.
  • Perhaps the most notable achievement of the BLM movement has been to bring the phrase “Defund the Police” to prominence. But police aren’t the problem, police are the solution. What Chauvin did was wrong, and probably even criminal, but he was never representative of police in America. Chauvin was an outlier, and the statistics prove it. Less than twenty unarmed black folks are killed by police on average each year (less than unarmed white folks, by the way), yet the police have been demonized and thousands are retiring across the country as a result. Bravo Democrats and the media, well done.
  • In 2019 there were 7,438 black folks murdered in the U.S. If the murder rate trends continue on this pace, how many thousands more will die? And for what? For a political agenda, and nothing more. We need to wake up. If we’re genuinely intent on saving lives – black or otherwise – we need to change course in a hurry. This carnage is just going to get worse.
  • President Biden and other Democrats weighed in on Floyd’s anniversary with predictable rhetoric. Vice-President Kamala Harris made the following inexplicable comment regarding pending police reform legislation, “Congress must move swiftly and act with a sense of urgency. Passing legislation will not bring back those lives lost, but it will represent much needed progress.” Again, for clarity, Harris was speaking about victims of police brutality, not the skyrocketing violence on our streets. Political tone-deafness at its most egregious.

Headline #3:      President Biden Unveils his Ridiculous $6 Trillion Budget

The Biden Administration on Friday proposed a budget of over $6 trillion for fiscal year 2022, focusing on a “boost” for the middle class and infrastructure.

Thoughts and Observations:

  • For those keeping score at home, Biden’s only been in office for 130 days, and he’s already proposed the following spending: in March he signed a $1.9 trillion COVID Relief Bill, next came his proposed Infrastructure Plan for $2.3 trillion, then his $1.8 trillion American Families Plan, and now this $6 trillion budget. Therefore, in his 130 days in office, Biden has now proposed $12 trillion in federal spending.
  • If Biden keeps up on this pace for the entire 1,461 days of his presidency, he will have proposed/enacted over $134 trillion in federal spending. That, my friends, is sheer insanity.
  • Consider the increase in this budget proposal alone. Prior to Barack Obama, the federal budget was a little over $3 trillion. Obama pumped up spending to the tune of a $4 trillion budget, which Donald Trump kept largely in place. Now Biden is proposing an increase of 50% to that already bloated spending. Biden appears hellbent on bankrupting our country as soon as possible.
  • To be fair, President Trump continued with Obama’s spending, and therein lies part of the problem. If Trump had cut the budget back to pre-Obama levels when he took office in 2017, he would have been crucified. Democrats would have been running around screaming like their hair was on fire, calling Trump’s policies “cuts.” That’s how it works. Once spending is in a budget and you try to remove it, you’re accused of cutting funding, and killing children, and starving old people, and being evil. The same will happen with Biden’s budget if he’s successful in passing it.
  • As we’ve discussed here before, this type of federal spending will devastate our economy. This money Biden is looking to spend doesn’t exist. It’s imaginary. No one has paid taxes for these programs, and no one will. It’s all a sham. Biden’s spending spree is going to result in skyrocketing inflation, as we’re already beginning to see, and that inflation will hurt the poor and middle class the most. We’re headed for an economic calamity the likes of which we’ve never seen.
  • Normally presidential proposals must go through Congress like other bills, in which case they need to break through the Senate filibuster, and that will never happen in this case. But Democrats will attempt to push this spending through via the “Budget Reconciliation” process, in which case they will just need a simple majority. Once again, the only people standing between America and economic ruin will be two senators: Sen. Joe Manchin (D-WV) and Sen. Kyrsten Sinema (D-AZ). If they bend to pressure and vote for Biden’s spending, it will pass. It is absolutely imperative for Republicans to retake control of either the Senate or the House of Representatives next year. Our country may fall apart if they don’t.

Headline #4:        British BLM Leader Shot… and Not by Privileged White Supremacists

Sasha Johnson, a 27-year-old mother of three and a leader of the Black Lives Matter movement in the U.K., was shot in the head on Sunday at a house party in South London by local gang members. She remains in critical condition.

Thoughts and Observations:

  • The arrests of five local men were made on Wednesday as they were charged with various drug and weapons charges, in addition to the charges regarding the assault on Ms. Johnson. Initially, various leftists and mainstream media outlets went to their playbook by asserting the assault on Johnson was politically motivated in response to her activism. The shooting was the handiwork of white supremacists, they told us. Not surprisingly, they were wrong. All five men who were arrested are black.
  • The reason for BLM and the left jumping to conclusions by proclaiming it was a political hit is because if that had been the case, if it had been evil white guys who had tried to kill Johnson, it would have fit their narrative perfectly. But when it’s evil black guys who do it, their narrative is thoroughly upended. Five black men, people who Johnson purports to advocate for with her Black Lives Matter nonsensical initiatives, showed exactly why Johnson and the rest of BLM are so off base, and what the true problem with our society is. The real threat to black lives isn’t from police, it’s from violence within their own communities.
  • Most of us probably aren’t familiar with the names of most BLM leaders in the U.S., so it’s understandable if we’re unacquainted with Sasha Johnson. Therefore, for your information, as a BLM leader across the pond, Johnson is no less vile or repugnant than her American counterparts. Among other things, Johnson has been quoted as saying, “The white man will not be our equal but our slave. History is changing. No justice no peace.” What a charming woman she must be.
  • It’s worth noting that such an attack would not be unsurprising if it had happened here in the states. Would any of us be surprised if we heard of a local BLM activist being shot in the head by black gang members in Chicago, New York, or Philadelphia?
  • It shouldn’t give us any solace knowing that this problem is not unique to America, but it does illustrate the overall absurdity of the BLM movement and the fact that their stupidity isn’t limited to one side of the Atlantic Ocean.
  • Is Johnson’s shooting cause for us on the right to gloat? Certainly not. It’s tragic. A young woman with three young children, as misguided as she may be, has been shot and will likely never be the same, if she even survives. But that doesn’t mean her shooting at the hands of other blacks is a good thing, because it’s not. It’s awful.
  • We could only hope that BLM activists and other leftists will see the light with Johnson’s shooting and recognize the truth which is this: The BLM movement is simply a political charade pretending to care about black folks while totally ignoring the real problems that afflict them. We could only hope, but that hope would be misplaced. The left and BLM will merely shrug off this incident as a minor setback as they try to plow through with their Marxist agenda. Black lives are nothing but pawns to Black Lives Matter.

Headline #5:         Carnage in California After Another Workplace Shooting

On Wednesday, a man in San Jose, California shot and killed nine people before ultimately killing himself at his workplace at a public transit rail yard.

Thoughts and Observations:

  • Before the facts of the situation were even known, talking heads on our news channels were already politicizing the event as an opportunity to call for more gun control measures. These people are despicable.
  • Working against the notion that more gun control is the solution to such shootings is the fact that this shooting happened in California, which already has the strictest gun laws in the country. If gun control laws are so effective, why didn’t they prevent this shooting?
  • It was clearly an act of workplace violence, and we now know that the shooter was scheduled for a disciplinary hearing that very day which suggests the motivation for the shooting. We also know that he targeted his victims, had violent mood swings, and had been violent in the past, particularly when he drank alcohol. All these facts will inevitably lead to calls for so-called “red flag laws.” But as is the case with all such laws, the primary question must be, will such laws work? Call me a skeptic, I’m doubtful.
  • Virtually all Americans can agree that it would be ideal if we could keep guns, and other weapons for that matter, out of the hands of those who would misuse them, but the question is how. California already has gun laws out the wazoo, yet shootings like these seemingly happen in the Golden State as often as any other state. And let’s not forget, murder is already illegal in every state, yet that fact didn’t stop this wicked person from killing his coworkers.

PF Whalen

PF Whalen is a conservative blogger at  His work has appeared in multiple publications, including the Western Journal, Human Events, and American Thinker.  Follow him on Parler @PFWhalen

Photo by Jenny Boman at Flickr.

3 thoughts on “Lab Leak Likely, Floyd Commemoration Commotion, and Biden’s Blowout Budget: The Week in Review”

  1. The whole agenda behind defund the cops is to get rid of all the old guard that were doing their jobs and bring a bunch of killer robots bowing to the mayors or who ever.

  2. Excellent recap. As to the California shooting… companies with disciplinary problems with persons of a violent bent must consider alternative security measures on schedules days of review…. that appears to be a pattern from my cheap seats.

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