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How Many Americans Endure Potentially Fatal Immigration To Improve Their Lives?

America is the greatest country on Earth. Moreover, it is the greatest country for every single person residing here. Whether someone just arrived yesterday or can trace their ancestry back hundreds of years, they are the most blessed and fortunate individuals to ever partake in the human experience. Now, this isn’t to say tragedy doesn’t strike in the glorious United States; it does. But to make that argument assumes tragedies don’t occur elsewhere or at a greater rate, which they surely do. Identifying a single exception to the rule doesn’t negate the rule.

I was reminded of the standing America has in the world by the latest devastating news that a small, overloaded boat faced disaster en route to the United States from Cuba. At the time of this writing, reports indicated that two were dead and twelve were still missing. As the minutes pass, it seems likely all twelve can be presumed dead. It’s a horrible story. Unfortunately, it is not unique. 

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The ongoing border fiasco with Mexico has revealed horrifying details of treatment toward women and children. The Huffington Post suggested that upwards of 80% of women and young girls from Central America are raped during the process of getting to the border. The New York Times interviewed survivors of these horror stories, who were quoted as saying that in order to cross, “you have to pay with your body.”

It makes me wonder: Where are all of the pink pussy hats now?

Of course, the misery doesn’t stop there. Just a few years back, a story received national attention of ten illegal immigrants being baked to death in a non-air conditioned, non-ventilated truck trailer. It is impossible to understand the fear and agony of slowly dying in this manner. One news article attempted to simulate the experience for participants in an attempt to raise awareness of infants and toddlers being left in a car. The effects can be extrapolated for the unfortunate immigrants. Others don’t even make it to the truck – they are left for dead in the desert.

Everyone knows why these immigrants accept the risk of rape, assault, and loss of life in order to enter the United States of America. We can acknowledge that the 14th amendment likely plays a role; bearing children on our soil guarantees a lifetime of privilege. We can also acknowledge the role that unemployment checks and welfare benefits play; who wouldn’t want a free ride?

However, these other considerations notwithstanding, people have been lining up – or skipping the lines, as it were – for decades prior to the advent of confiscatory tax policies that got redistributed to illegal aliens. And many single men come, too – these people aren’t exactly giving birth. The real motivation, indeed the only motivation required, is that the United States represents the only possibility of true safety, freedom, and opportunity. 

Cuban immigrants would rather die making a 90-mile sea venture in a rickety boat than face another day in communist Cuba. The same goes for poor Hondurans and El Salvadorans. It is better to trek thousands of unforgiving miles than lose another family member to rival gang violence or suffer at the hands of thieving, dictatorial leaders. These people might be uneducated, but they aren’t stupid.

Now, every election cycle there are celebrity figures that proclaim they would leave the United States if so-and-so were elected President. Donald Trump caused innumerable brains to melt, but he wasn’t the first non-leftist candidate to make someone wish they weren’t here. Elitist fools were saying this about George W. Bush, John McCain, and Mitt Romney as well. We would all be better off if they followed through, but deep down these superficial phonies know the truth. They make more money than they deserve by virtue of being an American celebrity and they have the freedom to criticize alleged fascists. In Stalin’s Soviet Union, Castro’s Cuba, or Chavez’s Venezuela, does Rober De Niro really think he could get on a stage of resistors and tell the world “F***, that guy?” No, only in America can De Niro add Trump’s name to the classless utterance and live to brag about it.

I don’t blame any immigrant for wanting to come to America. If I were them, I would come, too. I would absolutely take the same chances they are; it is better to try living in America than trying to survive whatever s***hole country I was coming from. Trump was right about that.

In terms of how many Americans would ever leave, the answer is barely above zero. In terms of giving everything up and potentially dying in the process of relocating, the answer is absolutely zero. For years, Gallup has been asking Americans if they would emigrate from the United States and move somewhere else. The figure was 11% under Bush and 10% under Obama, but spiked to 16% under Trump. Presumably, the figure was higher because of his political style. 

There are about 330 million documented Americans in the United States. Using 10% as a baseline number of idiots that will always say they want to leave (but never do), the 6% increase represents almost 20 million Americans who suddenly wanted to up and leave. This of course includes the obnoxious celebrities who get our hopes up every four years.

It’s all a fraud. No one ever leaves. None of them spared us their self-righteous pomposity by ditching the U.S.A.

At the end of the day, there is a basic truth about the United States. It is the best country on earth. Even the leftist fools and tools who say otherwise are admitting as much through their actions. No one leaves, everyone stays, and everyone else tries to move in.

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