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Record Non-Mexican Migrants Crossing the US Southern Border – The Data

By author CatsMeow at Right Wire Report

Migrants from overseas now flocking to the southern border to get to U.S. Experts say it could be a sign of a more permanent shift in U.S. border migration.

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Non-Mexican Migrants

The number of people attempting to cross the U.S.-Mexico border from countries beyond Mexico and Central America’s Northern Triangle — including residents of Haiti, Cuba, Romania, and India — has spiked during recent months.

On top of natural disasters and economic crises in home countries, the growing backlog of asylum cases in the U.S. — which often allows migrants to live and work in the country as their case plays out in court — is being conveyed to friends and relatives. It can prompt them to catch flights to Central America.

  • When border enforcement resources are overwhelmed, some smugglers and migrants also see it as an opportune time to cross — regardless of their clients’ origin, Jessica Bolter of the Migration Policy Institute told Axios.
  • Experts say it could be a sign of a more permanent shift in U.S. border migration.
  • “The Biden administration has made it clear that our borders are not open and individuals and families are subject to border restrictions, including expulsion,” a Department of Homeland Security spokesperson said.

The makeup of the migrant population at the border shifted in the early 2010s, from predominantly Mexican adults to large numbers of families and children from Central America. But it is not just Central America. 

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Photo by Suzanne Schmid at Flickr.

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