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Top 10 Rising Stars of the Republican Party

Some will opine that Crenshaw is insufficiently conservative which doesn’t fly. Crenshaw is plenty conservative. He’s Pro-Life, Pro-Second Amendment, opposes the Affordable Care Act, and was a loyal defender of President Trump. He also has excellent political instincts and a sense of practicality about him. He has frequently appeared on various cable news outlets for a few years now, and we should expect that trend to continue

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An Objective Assessment of CNN’s ‘United Shades of America’

At one point the woman-of-many-identities said she was accused by commanders in a war theater of “going native,” a euphemism for thinking of the civilian in-country population, first.  Here Bell said quickly off-screen that “going native” was “racist” for meaning she cares.  Nonsense, Mr. Bell.  When any of us goes native we lose sight of the mission, the goal.

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