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The Top 21 Conservative Aggregate Websites in 2021

News aggregates are an efficient way to pursue headlines and analysis without getting bogged down in a single outlet’s website. Whereas a visit to The Epoch Times or Daily Wire can be fruitful, they simply cannot cover everything from every angle. As such, conservative aggregate sites fill the void.


Now, there is certainly no shortage of patriots seeking to offer spaces for the good work of hard news reporting as well as commentary on topics like culture and politics. It thus becomes less a question of “is it out there?” to instead a question of “what’s all out there?” The answer to the latter question might surprise you. Our list focuses on the top twenty sites by visitor counts, but there are doubtless many more. Regardless, that’s a lot of options for both publishers and consumers of political writing.


As was noted, aggregate sites make for a great alternative to visiting a single site when looking to scroll through headlines or read entire articles. However, not only are the aggregate sites good for disseminating important news and opinion pieces for massive audiences, they are also good for elevating the countless conservative voices who might not otherwise have as large an audience. One of the biggest hurdles new writers face is generating traffic and gaining a foothold in the blogosphere. Sites like ours at The Blue State Conservative are able to achieve a larger audience than we otherwise would thanks to their support. Individual writers or whole blogs benefit immensely from the eyeballs that aggregate sites offer. In the fight for freedom, this is an essential symbiosis.


The following list in no way ranks these sites by least to favorite or best to worst; to be sure, it is merely a reflection of their overall size. We used SimilarWeb and Alexa to rank sites based on their previous months’ traffic. We look at the Top 21 sites for 2021.

Enough preamble. On with the list.


#21: Conservagator


The “About” section describes Conservagator as the site that “gives you all the latest conservative news headlines from all the leading conservative news sources. Better yet, we conveniently arrange them on a single, fast-loading page.” 


#20: Uncancelled News


Uncancelled News is billed as the sister site to Conservative Playlist. The difference is that it has direct links to content.


#19: Conservative Ammo


The “About” section states that “Conservative Ammo was started to provide a searchable source of content that isn’t plagued with mainstream media and left-wing radical news sites that are “shoehorned” to the top of the search results so the viewer can never find the conservative viewpoint on the topic.”


#18: Magagator (Conservative Hardliner)


Magagator takes a different approach from most of its peers on this list. In their “About” section, they note that they “prefer to pull links from feeds of smaller and independent sites. It seems most conservative aggregators that pop up are simply a one-stop-shop for the same big sites, like Daily Caller, Breitbart, or Daily Wire. These heavy-traffic sites are important to conservative media because they do break hard news, but there’s many smaller sites who link back to them, usually by reporting on the story or using it for their original commentary and analysis; we like to pull from such sites.”


#17: 63red


63red was started around the same time Matt Drudge was coming out as an ardent anti-Trumper. They provide major headlines from both major news sources and smaller blogs.


#16: Patriots Win


Patriots Win provides an open forum for discussion on a variety of topics. It has moderated message boards that all members can access to post links to articles or provide direct feedback.


#15: Conservative Playlist


Conservative Playlist is a newer “aggregator that will bring the best news stories, videos, and podcasts to the masses.” They do not intend to compete necessarily with other big aggregate sites, but by noting that “60 million+ people still visiting the Drudge Report…[they] know there’s plenty of room for another strong conservative news aggregator that adds the video and podcast dimensions to the mix.”


#14: Press California


Press California bills itself – and our traffic searches confirm – that it is the “largest independent news curator in California and posts original reporting and content from a wide range of media.”


#13: NewsAmmo


As our own article noted, NewsAmmo also observes that “there are articles from 30 websites on NewsAmmo. No one is going to visit 30 sites for news every day, but if we have a preview of the headlines we can see which articles we are interested in reading. So the goal is to make conservative news more accessible for everyone.”


#12: Bad Blue


Bad Blue has been around for over a decade. They deliver “uncensored news.”


#11: Noah Report


Built and operated by the same person running the website We Love Trump, the Noah Report follows Conservative Playlist’s idea of filling the void left by Matt Drudge’s fall from conservativism. In Noah’s words: “If you used to be a fan of Drudge, but now hate it (like me) I think you’re gonna LOVE my new site.”


#10: Rantingly


The “About” section notes that “Rantingly is a one-man operation news aggregator founded in August 2017.” 


#9: Lucianne


Lucianne works differently in that all of the articles posted are curated by users rather than editors. The site is of a size that there is a constant turnover of fresh articles and comments on each of them.


#8: Bongino Report


The eponymous site Dan Bingino and offshoot of the Bongino Report, this newer aggregate presents headlines from major news outlets like Fox and Breitbart in a clean, clutter-free format.


#7: Pro Trump News


The name says it all. Pro Trump News links to headlines and articles focused on preserving American ideals and pointing out leftist hypocrisy.


#6: Whatfinger


Whatfinger bills itself at the “#1 Alternative to Drudge.” What makes them unique is their layout and presentation of material. While many aggregate sites follow the format pioneered by the Drudge Report, Whatfinger has a style all its own.


#5: Revolver News 


Revolver has a running feed of stories from big-name sources. 


#4: The Liberty Daily


Like Whatfinger, the Liberty Daily is a powerhouse conservative aggregate. It is one of the big ones. Also like Whatfinger, it goes after Drudge traffic by billing itself as the “Conservative Alternative to the Drudge Report.” Mission accomplished.


#3: Populist Press


Populist Press is another heavy hitter in the space of cosnervative news aggregation. Their homepage is a veritable cornucopia of the biggest stories and revealing headlines that keep readers coming back.


#2: Free Republic

Like Lucianne, Free Republic operates in the space of moderated forums and message boards. Users interact with posts and comments. There is a seemingly endless lsit of topics.


#1: Citizen Free Press


Of all the conservative aggregation sites, Citizen Free Press currently holds the title of top dog. Like Bongino Report, Whatfinger, The Liberty Daily, and Populist Press, Citizen Free Press brings in millions of readers each month as a result of their ability to curate the best breaking news stories and articles each day that expose the lies of the left and the greatness of the conservative movement.


And there it is. The top conservative aggregate sites on the web. What do you think? Let us know in the comments below.

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