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Biden is Cultivating Racism, as Farmers Fight His Race-Based Loan Program

Recently, I reported that the city of Oakland created a racist UBI program that only gives handouts to non-white residents. Now, while I’m against anyone receiving a check from the government under almost any circumstance, it is insane, evil, and absurd that any American government body now feels comfortable creating race-based programs.

Unfortunately, the corrupt hacks that compose the Biden Administration have a different view of things. In their critical race theory-based, “anti-racist” view, past racism can only be “fixed” by present racism. So, rather than lampoon and attack the racist UBI program in Oakland, the Biden Admin decided to create a race-based loan program.

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According to Fox 11, the details of the plan are this: “the American Rescue Plan provides $4 billion to forgive loans for socially disadvantaged farmers and ranchers. But ‘socially disadvantaged,’ [a] lawsuit alleges, are only those who are Black, American Indian, Hispanic, Alaskan native, Asian American or Pacific Islander, not white.

The Washington Times provided further details on the racist nature of the program:

“Like many ranchers who struggled during the novel coronavirus pandemic, Liesl Carpenter would love to have her hefty agricultural loans forgiven by the federal government, but there’s just one problem: She’s the wrong race.

As a White person, Ms. Carpenter is ineligible for the American Rescue Plan’s $4 billion program for “socially disadvantaged” farmers and ranchers, which offers to pay up to 120% of the outstanding balances on direct and guaranteed farm loans, including tax liability.”

The aforementioned lawsuit is how farmers and ranchers are fighting back against Biden’s race-based loan program. The Epoch Times provided further details about the farmers’ lawsuit:

“A disabled white farmer has sued President Joe Biden’s administration over his COVID-19 loan forgiveness program, alleging he can’t participate because he is white.

Adam Faust, a white resident of Chilton, Calumet County in Wisconsin, is one of five Midwestern farmers who filed a lawsuit on April 6 that accuses the federal government of violating their constitutional rights

The other plaintiffs are farmers from Wisconsin, Minnesota, South Dakota, and Ohio who have direct loans with the Farm Service Agency or USDA-backed loans and are “otherwise eligible for the loan-forgiveness program in ARPA, except for the color of their skin,” according to the lawsuit.

Additionally, the Washington Times reported that the program violated the Equal Protection clause, making it a lawsuit many describe as an “open and shut” case of racial discrimination.

The point with this is not that more people should be receiving a handout; farming subsidies are about as bad as any other type of subsidy. Rather, the point is that racial discrimination is evil no matter who it is directed against. It was evil when the Jim Crow laws of the South discriminated against blacks and its evil when Slow Joe’s administration discriminates against white farmers as part of its continued effort to turn white men into the new kulaks. Hopefully the lawsuit will succeed.

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Image by David Mark from Pixabay

1 thought on “Biden is Cultivating Racism, as Farmers Fight His Race-Based Loan Program”

  1. Maybe they are teaching us that racism is a good thing. It’s kind of like every man (race) for himself. It is done at the price of sacrificing unity and civil peace, but, hey, the government’s always right, right?

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