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2021’s Stratospheric Murder Rates In America’s Five Blackest Cities

If the term systemic racism were thrown around one time, it would be too much. As it is, the word has joined the list of once emotionally-powerful words that now mean absolutely nothing through sheer overuse. It joins the brotherhood of other terms like racism, white supremacist, Nazi, and Jim Crow. To be sure, the origins of those words are horrific; they just mean nothing in a modern context.

While hideous, there is a panache leftists have with language. Systemic language means nothing and everything at once.

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A recent article at The Blue State Conservative looked at ten additional ways the Manhattan Institute’s Christopher Rufo could have swatted away the insidious racism manifested by Marc Lamont Hill in a recent interview. Until most Americans are armed with debate techniques and focused repartes, the emotional appeals of leftism will continue to hold sway over most good-but-ignorant folks. In terms of systemic racism, an obvious rebuttal comes by looking at who exactly runs the show. If the systems are bad, why not look at the leaders of such a system?

Democrats are in charge of all of the most murderous cities in the United States. In terms of total population, New York, Chicago, Philadelphia, Detroit, and Houston are the biggest black cities in America. It is in these cities – not rural white cities home to white Supremacist Trump supporters – that blacks are exposed to the highest rate of murder and sheer number of murders. According to the FBI, over 90% of these murders come at the hands of another black. In other words, white supremacy is a fraud and total boogeyman.

The following chart breaks down the five cities with the highest total of black residents and explores the relationship between the make up of the police force and the rising death totals due to murder. 

Total Black Population Total Murders in 2021 YTD Increase in Murder Rate  Racial Makeup of Police Force
5. Houston 536,000 190 (as of May 31) 28% 63% non-white
4. Detroit 611,000 327 (for 2020*) 19%* 67% non-white
3. Philadelphia 687,000 219 (as of June 1) 34% 43% non-white
2. Chicago 913,000 227 (as of May 18) 18.8% 50% non-white
1. New York 2,228,000 173 (as of June 1) 17.7% 57% non-white

The next table shows the five citries with the highest murder rate in the United States, followed by a breakdown of their racial demographics. One of the chief problems within the black community is not white supremacy or systemic racism, as the political left charges, but itself.  

Black Percent of Population Murder Rate per 100,000 residents Rank of Murder Rate in Country Year of Last Republican Mayor
5. Baltimore 65% 58.27  #2 1967
4. Birmingham  74.1% 50.62 #3 1975
3. Miami Gardens 77.9% 23.64 #12 N/A
2. Jackson 80.1% 50.48* N/A* 1949
1. Detroit 84.3% 41.45 #4 1962

*Jackson was left off the CBS list due to population size. The national murder rate is around 5.5 per 100,000.

Systemic racism demands that the systems are at fault for black community failures such as exponentially worse results in school (testing data, graduation, college enrollment, etc) and criminality (responsible for most interacial crime, most violent crime, incarceration rates, etc.). Blaming the system is a Marxist approach for taking blame off the individual. It is the opposite of the Judeo-Christian philosophy that helped shape the United States from its inception. 

The blaming of systems of what are inherent flaws in moral consciousness and human nature also explains why leftism seeks to expand its governmental role; humans, particularly black humans, can’t find their own way according to leftists. Joe Biden previously had said that poor kids are just as good as white kids and now just commented that black entrepreneurs are just as capable as white entrepreneurs – they just don’t know how to get a lawyer or accountant. These two comments are more racist than anything Donald Trump has said in his entire life.

As it were, it seems disingenuous to blame the system that they’ve had a monopoly on. Joe Biden is a Democrat, as is his entire cabinet and the entire Deep State. That is the federal system. If there are flaws, they must own them. Local and state leadership fare no better in these third-world American cities. 

In New York, in addition to the self-serving, incompetent leaders like Bill De Blasio and Andrew Cuomo, the city of New York itself is served by a city council in which just three out of fifty-one seats are held by Republicans. Twenty-three members alone comprise the Black, Latino, and Asian caucus. The systems are, and have been, overwhelmingly Democrat controlled.

In Chicago, the numbers are even worse. There are fifty alderman seats. Of those, twenty are held by members of the Aldermanic Black Caucus and forty-six by Democrats overall. The remaining four are held by affiliated Independents. This means that for the entire city of Chicago, there is not a single Republican elected official on the entire city council structure

Systemically speaking, Philadelphia is one the blackest cities in America. It is currently represented by a black mayor, a city council that is half minority, a black police chief, and a police force that is just 37% white. Everyone in a position of power and authority is and has been black. Systemic failures? Blame the black Democrats. The city last had a Republican mayor in 1952.

Systemic racism does not exist in the United States. This is an obvious truth. However, if leftist pawns and useful idiots want to believe in such nonsense, the only logical place of blame is toward the Democrat party. A good place to begin dismantling systemic racism would be voting for something else. Until that changes, nothing will change.