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Let’s Count The Ways It’s Better To Be Black In America

Living in America is one of the greatest blessings and privileges one can enjoy in this lifetime. Despite the claim of infinite institutionalized and oppressive measures taken against the black population, hard evidence simply doesn’t comport with these pernicious narrative. Given that humans generally act in their own self-interest, an easy giveaway to the lie of white supremacy is the influx of black immigrants to the United States. Since 1980, black immigration has grown more than fivefold. According to the most recent available data, there are now over 4.2 million black immigrants living in the country. That number only continues to grow. There is no shortage of black-majority countries in the world; why choose the United States if it’s so awful?

As a comparison, despite the anger emanating from the American-born black population, there is no evidence that any meaningful emigration has ever taken or will ever take place. When back-to-Africa movements have arisen, nobody goes anywhere. In the 19th century, despite four million slaves being emancipated, just over four thousand American blacks returned to Liberia (and the ones that did colonized the local blacks just like the evil Europeans in North America). Marcus Garvey tried organizing a mass exodus in the 1920s when systemic racism really did exist. Again, no one left. What always ends up happening is a one-way movement of black peoples to America. The reasons why are obvious. America is the greatest country on the planet. There are unrivaled freedoms, opportunities, and luxuries. Other comparisons between white-majority America (which is allegedly racist) and black-majority nations (which would supposedly treat blacks better based on their logic) quickly disintegrate the rest of the bogus claims of oppression.

1. Life Expectancy

Fact: Blacks in white-majority America live as much as two decades longer than blacks in black-majority African countries, which compose the entirety of the twenty-six countries with the lowest life expectancy in the world.

According to the CDC, in 2015 the average life expectancy from birth for white Americans was 78.9 years. For black Americans, the average life expectancy from birth was 75.5. Since there is an unequal outcome in the math, critics cite it as yet another example of radicalized oppression.

However, contrast that to black-majority African nation. According to the WHO, in 2018 the average life expectancy from birth for anyone born in Lesotho was a mere 52.9 years. This isn’t an anomaly; even the twenty-sixth ranked country expected its citizens to live just 62.6 years. The middle countries slowly work up from 53 years to 62 years.

If racism is the cause of shorter lives in America, how does anyone explain the vast divide between black Americans and black Africans? Citing colonialism won’t work, either; in places where white Europeans never colonized, like parts of Ethiopia, the average life expectancy was a mere 32.5 years in the 1950s. As globalization increased interactions in all societies – meaning white American/European influence gained a foothold – that number has doubled to a much-improved, but still-lower-than-America average of 65.5. Indeed, white systems of healthcare, including advances in vaccinations, preventative medicine, and treatment options, could all be sourced as the reason for the extension of African lives rather than the depression of them.

2. Median Household Income

Fact: Black Americans are the wealthiest blacks in the entire world.

According to Statista, the median household income for black families in 2019 was around $45,000. There are a few ways to look at that. Yes, it is lower than other racial demographics like whites, Asians, and Hispanics. At the same time, though, it’s also better than what almost 40% of white households take home. Moreover, radio talk show host Larry Elder observed in 2014 that if “black America were a country, it would be the 15th wealthiest country in the world.” 

As a comparison, the black-majority country with the highest median household is Mauritania, which in 2020 was about $6,700. Mauritania, it should also be noted, permitted the practice of slavery until 1981, and even then it was not illegal to own slaves until 2007. Nevertheless, recently as 2012, it was still estimated that as much as 10-20% of its population was still enslaved, including the widespread trafficking of underage girls.

The rest of black-majority countries in Africa do not fare much better. The sixteen lowest countries on the same poll, where median household income information is available, are all on the African continent. The aforementioned country of Ethiopia, which was relevant particularly because it was spared a lot of Western colonial influence, boasts a paltry median annual income of just $850.

Disaggregated income data further dismantles the Black Lives Matter schtick. Black immigrants earn 30% more than American-born blacks. Immigrants from Ghana and Nigeria straight up outearn white, American-born families when comparing median household income. How does that happen in a systemically racist society? Haitian immigrants, despite coming from a country with an 80% poverty rate and which is annually labeled as the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere, manage to earn $47,000 a year when measured in median household income.  Not only are they black, but they are immigrants. Not only are Americans bad at being racist, they can’t even be decent xenophobes.

3. Police Killings

Fact: Blacks in America are not killed for being black, nor is the United States unique in its officer-involved killings.

There are too many statistics to cover, but two quick points will suffice. First, in 2018, a regular police-public contact study commissioned by the Department of Justice found that police were equally likely to engage with black populations as white populations. So there’s that. Moreover, nearly one-quarter of the U.S. population over the age of 16 interacted with police. That equates to over 61 million contacts. In that same year, police killed roughly 1,150 people. In other words, just .0019 of all police interactions resulted in a killing. Of those 1,150 killings, around 200 of were black and 400 of were white.   

Nevertheless, in response to the death of George Floyd, an appalling letter was submitted to the United Nations Human Rights Council by 54 African nations this past year. In part, it read: “racially inspired human rights violations, police brutality against people of African descent and the violence against the peaceful protests that call for these injustices to stop.”

If there is a list of reasons to disband the United Nations, add this abomination of a letter to it. It isn’t that stopping police brutality is wrong, it’s that leaders of African nations prefer to spread lies about America rather than addressing real concerns in their own backyard. Burkina Faso, for example, whose ambassador to the U.N. brought the letter forward, should be more focused on addressing its rate of 60.4 per 10 million. The figure measures the numbers of deaths by law enforcement officers. By comparison, the United States is 34.8. In total, there are 8 African nations ahead of the United States in this measurement.

One of the countries ahead of the United States in Nigeria, whose rate for deaths by lawn enforcement officers is 44 per 10 million. A tragic story came out of Nigeria in June, when a 20-year-old playing soccer with his friends was shot dead by police for violating its Covid lockdown rules. Instead of playing soccer, he should have said he was protesting racial injustice in America. Lockdowns and Covid rules don’t apply then, wasn’t that a lesson learned too?

The young man’s death was highlighted in a larger June article that ran with a headline of “As the World Marches for American Victims, Police Brutality in Africa Goes Unnoticed” and a subheading that read “a spate of killings in Nigeria under lockdown has produced little but hashtag activism.” Might it be that these young black men killed, under arguably more conspicuous circumstances, didn’t attract worldwide attention because there is no profit from blaming a black-majority country like Nigeria? 

Nothing sums up the hypocrisy and fake concern for black deaths in America like the realization that, according to the article, “in the wake of the killing of Floyd, the Nigerians in Diaspora Commission officially held a solidarity rally and memorial service to protest the killing and called for justice…But there has been no memorial service for the hundreds of Nigerians killed through police brutality over the last few years.”

It is awful when anyone is killed by police. It is worse when some deaths are ignored and others politicized for nefarious goals by the political left.

4. Human Rights

Fact: Blacks in white-majority America enjoy unparalleled rights and freedoms compared to black-majority African countries.

Each year, the CATO Institute unveils what it calls the Human Freedom Index, which is an aggregate score measuring such aspects of a society like rule of law, security and safety, movement, religion, expression and information, legal system and property rights, size of government, and identity and relationships. In all, there are “76 distinct indicators of personal and economic freedom.”

In 2019, the United States ranked 15th in the entire world. Of the countries ahead of it, all but one was a white-majority nation. This isn’t an assertion of white supremacy; simply a matter of observation.  (Incidentally, the one country ahead of the U.S. was Hong Kong – an island of democracy in a communist sea, and one whose struggle for freedom is entirely ignored by the American legacy media and idiots like LeBron James, who silenced an NBA general manager for tweeting his support of the freedom riots while simultaneously hating on America for allowing him to dribble a leather sphere to the tune of $1 billion).

There are too many human rights issues to focus on, so for the purpose of clarity and brevity, this column will focus on just one: Black women’s rights. How does this issue stack up in white-majority America and several black-majority African nations?

According to the CATO Institute, not very well. In their report for 2019, they mention that:

Women‐specific freedoms, as measured by five indicators in the index, are strongest in North America [i.e. The United States], Western Europe, and East Asia and are least protected in the Middle East and North Africa, sub‐Saharan Africa [i.e. black-majority countries], and South Asia.

As the institute points out, there are 76 indicators that are scored to result in low scores, which is too much to cover, but one specific area of unmitigated evil deserves the remaining space in this section. Across the world, the sickening practice of female genital mutilation and cutting continues to impact hundreds of millions of young girls and women. It is about as abhorrent and evil a practice in modern times. You could be forgiven for not knowing about it, though, since it is hardly discussed in America, which makes sense, because the American media establishment also doesn’t want to discuss Joe Biden’s history of purported sexual abuse. Anything that shines the light on something or someone worse than Trump and his outgoing administration is taboo.

For its part, the United States – via its State Department – has this to say about the evil practice: “The U.S. Government opposes FGM/C, no matter the type, degree, or severity, and no matter what the motivation for perfmoring it….The United States is committed to ending FGM/C to protect the health and well-being of, and advance the rights of, women and girls globally.”

Tragically, the same cannot be said of many black-majority African nations.

According to the World Health Organization, more than 200 million girls in 30 countries have been cut against their will. That number is not a typo. Worse still, women in many African nations face, in addition to this horrendous practice even, forced marriage, child marriages, and general “confusion” around what constitutes sexual consent in places like Burkina Faso, Sierra Leone, and Zimbabwe. 

America has an incoming black female vice president who will likely become president. She even got to take control of her sexuality to achieve it. How’s that for female empowerment in America? 

5. Black-Only Opportunities 

Fact: There are programs, institutions, and efforts in white-majority America that promote black interests at the expense of everyone else.

Imagine these scenarios: A white person recommended starting a whites-only college. A white person recommended that government money be dispersed only to white families. A white person recommended that airlines higher less qualified white pilots and hospitals higher less qualified white surgeons to meet quotas. A white person recommended that whites move to the front of the line for the COVID-19 vaccine.

How would this be received? Perhaps more accurate to ask is: How many nanoseconds would tick off a clock before the person making these suggestions were canceled?

While a whites-only initiative would rightly generate resistance, we live in a country where the exact same benefits and preferences are delivered without question and without vociferous pushback. Each of the scenarios listed above plays out everyday, but to the exclusive benefit of just the black population.

Do racist countries not only permit, but promote black-only college and university systems (not just one campus), redistribute hard-earned tax dollars from white people and give them to black people, risk safety by hiring historically oppressed peoples, and allow their top medical institution to prioritize black vaccine recipients?

No one is suggesting black life – or any life, for that matter – is perfect. However, before finding everything that is going wrong, there are many opportunities to see what is going right.

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  1. There is no long term life expectancy of a multi-racial America.

    The body can only sustain the cancer for so long.

    Diversity is a pernicious cancer – Assimilate or Leave.


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