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From Blue City to Red State, Recovering from the Bully Cancel Culture

By guest author Theresa Mullins

Go to a shooting range, and you know the business supports the 2nd Amendment, so you’re probably among friends. Attend a church brunch, or a local patriot function knowing you will meet new people of like-minds. Visit this women’s clothing boutique, and you’ll notice the Roaring 20s theme is serving the conservative red-pilled female. You’ll see long skirts, Trump shirts, Cheetah-wear for Sydney fans, and dresses named after First Lady Melania.

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As stated on the About Us page, “I created Gentle Lady Boutique with a simple idea in mind, “Lobby For a More Gentle America!”

The definition given in the popular movie, Blast From The Past, “A gentle person ensures everyone around them is comfortable at all times.” This has meaning with actions and words. I believe that most conflict could be avoided with simple gentle manners. I believe America has lost this laudable skill, which was still present in the early 20th century.” Hence the theme is appropriate for the day.

Today we see the far left’s rude and aggressive behavior.

Are not the Democrats really just bullies? I was born and raised in the city of Chicago.

My teenage years were not perfect in many ways. Admittedly, I did bully others as a youth. The table was turned, when I then found myself victimized by the bullies later in high school. Did they see me as an easy target because I was dressed like 1986 Madonna, poofy skirt and lots of bangles and bows? I was bullied for looking to “preppie.” My school councilor’s advice was, “What is your problem? Go back to class. Kids will be kids.” The chain reaction from that incident nearly destroyed my young life.

At 17, thankfully I decided to join the military. I was an out-of-control teenager into all kinds of troubles. The military set me straight.  I met people from many places other than Chicago, and traveled to foreign countries. I learned a trade, and went back to school. There is long-term value in the discipline and respect that you learn in the military.

Active duty in my 20s, I remember considering a vote for Clinton, and then Ross Perot. I watched the MSM bully the businessman, laughing at his ideas, his charts, and graphs. Puzzled, I began to seek out alternative news sources (ezines and public access), and that was my Red Pill game changer.

When did America lose control of its values?

As a Gen X teenager, I was exposed to both extremes of good and bad Hollywood. I grew up with The Brady Bunch and Little House on the Prairie. Yet, the vile teen sex movie Porky’s was released in the 1982. Then Aids came, and scare tactics with it. While my parents’ generation were told UFO believers were crazy, my generation was shown docudramas, investigative reports, an abundance of alien invasion movies. My parents had Father Knows Best and Leave it to Beaver. I witnessed Madonna at the MTV awards rolling on the stage with her underwear exposed. And remember the warranted outlash? Currently, the 80’s are looking pretty good compared to today.

And now, we are masked, we are bullied, we are canceled on the ground and in the air.  I resigned my excellent Flight Attendant position because of this terror.

We still have the oppressive compliance ritual of the mask mandates on planes, airport property or any federal property. As a former flight attendant with a gentle deportment, I wouldn’t participate in the airlines’ tyrannical capitulations to the DHS. So I quit!  I have experienced oppression and rudeness myself!

Could I see myself bullying some passenger into an obvious Marxist dominated new rule? My duty was to serve the public as a safety professional and offer a pleasant, comfortable experience and always safety first. What is going to happen at 38,000 feet when a mom of three must fiddle with face-muzzles and O2 mask on four people in less than 3 seconds!  Did the FAA test this scenario?

So I threw my career down the drain. Still, I have a drive to be a kind, and a productive person. I started a themed business with conservative values in mind. A good Christian and a true conservative ought be a real gentle-lady. I want the attire offered to be respectable, and tasteful looking. Attend community meetings, take action! Stand up and fight for your rights! Thinking like a gentle-lady starts with dressing like a gentle-lady. First impressions set the tone.

Gentle Lady Boutique

By Theresa Mullins

All photos courtesy of Theresa Mullins.

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