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Of Course Hunter Got Off Scot-Free

hunter biden gets off scot-free

For reference, this is the story to which Tim Young is referring: a nice girl had just gotten into Tennessee, her dream school, as a cheerleader. Then, an acquaintance of hers, Jimmy Galligan, decided to ruin her life by posting a video of her from years before singing along to a rap song. People from all over the darker, leftist occupied reaches of the internet piled on, calling her a vicious racist and all manner of obscenities. While a few conservatives stood up to defend her, most were cowards that backed down rather than stand up for some girl who made what should have been, at most, a minor mistake years earlier.

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Thanks to all the outrage and furor, the poor girl lost her spot in the school and on the team. Her life was wrecked by a vengeful lunatic.

But, of course, Hunter Biden got off scot-free for his comments. Despite calling his lawyer a “ni***” and joking about being charged “Hennessy rates,” Slow Joe’s loser son hasn’t faced any repercussions.

And, frankly, that’s how it should be. It was two friends joking over text, who cares? I certainly don’t.

But I do care about the left’s hypocrisy. They call everyone who runs afoul of them a racist while refusing to even reprimand the vicious racists and anti-Semites in their own ranks. That matters. It shows that they’re cynical. It shows that they’re liars. It shows that they don’t about care what they spend so much time demanding we fix. They’re just after power and aim to attain it by crushing their enemies with accusations of racism.

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6 thoughts on “Of Course Hunter Got Off Scot-Free”

  1. The following biden family illegal activities didn’t matter to MSM, Republican party, Law Enforcement, Judicial system, US Department of Justice:

    1) hunter receives employment with $80,000 monthly wage from Ukraine.
    2) biden extorts Ukraine to fire Prosecutors investigating hunter.
    3) hunter receives $1.5 Billion dollar business contract from China.
    4) hunter receives $3.5 Million from Russia.
    5) hunter is caught doing crack/cocaine in civilian and military life.
    6) hunter lied on the gun background check form.
    7) hunter’s laptop with photos of him having sex with underage girls.
    8) hunter’s laptop reveals numerous other crimes.

    And I am supposed to be upset with hunter saying ‘niggar’ in a nation that guarantees Freedom of Speech?

    He’s gonna’ skate on this one also.

  2. 1) hunter went to China with his father (VP biden) on Air Force 2 and got $1.5 Billion for a private equity fund.
    2) This fund invested in Chinese nuclear company actively stealing nuclear secrets from the USA.
    3) This fund invested in Chinese surveillance technology.
    4) This fund helped China to control the world’s strategic metals.
    5) This fund bought a company that provides dual use technologies to the Chinese military.

    Political pressure forced hunter to resign from the board of his China investment firm in late 2019 but, he quietly maintains a multimillion-dollar ownership stake in the firm.

  3. Biden’s Resume
    1) Plagiarized a speech of a British Labor Party leader, even using the speech’s personal experiences as his own.
    2) Plagiarized speeches by Robert Kennedy, JFK, and Hubert Humphrey.
    3) Lied about academic awards he never received
    4) lied about receiving scholarships he was never awarded
    5) Lied about his “top” ranking in law school (He was 76th out of 85 students.)
    6) Lied about his involvement in civil rights marches (He participated in none)
    7) Lied about being trained as a civil rights activist in an African-American church (He was not)
    8) Lied about truck driver killing his wife
    9) Lied about hunter’s Ukraine and China business
    10) Lied about never speaking with hunter regarding any of his jobs
    11) Bragged about committing extortion crime against Ukraine’s prosecutor
    12) biden’s lies are continuing through his Presidency without challenge.

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