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The Conundrums of Environmentalism

There is no shortage of hypocrisy when it comes to the entire environmentalist movement. I previously wrote an article that asked a very simple question: If the elites that push this tripe don’t act on their own purported beliefs, why should you? This is just one of the most obvious examples of why the political chicken-littling of climate change is a gigantic con.

In addition to the standard blind obedience to puppet masters flying private jets, buying unnecessarily large homes, and taking over vast swaths of land, the same climate change minions must willingly accept bizarre amalgamations of purported solutions that only contradict other beliefs. Cognitive dissonance and willful ignorance don’t begin to describe the aneurysm-producing quagmires. This makes a strong case for the belief that leftists are idiots; if they could think, they wouldn’t hold their positions lest their heads explode.

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Take, for example, the fact that the left hates rural folks who value freedom, individualism, and self-reliance. They also hate Big Business (*Distinction: The indoctrinated peons hate Big Business; the elites love them). Multinational corporations like Cargill, DuPont, John Deere, Tyson and Monsanto have annual sales that can be measured in the hundreds of billions of dollars. They control entire pockets of industry. What is the left to do? Do they encourage legions of Trump-voting farmers to be sustainable at a local level or do they support Big Agriculture and therefore the inhumane treatment of animals and the environment? 

In another instance, the left continues to make this God-less push toward returning to the worship of nature. Mankind  – except they would say humankind – has wrought pain and suffering on trees, rivers, oceans, and Al Gore’s polar bears through their greedy, selfish handling of the earth. Accordingly, we should embrace a movement back to naturalism and nature. Except, an acceptance of nature must mean accepting biological realities that the left is not prepared to discuss. Am I still a transphobe for denying the existence of more than two sexes? Am I sexist for acknowledging that men would make better hunters in this new-age paleo-lithic lifestyle? I suppose in this new world, I could breed two hogs and expect a litter of piglets or I could send the women out against vicious apex predators and everything will be fine. 

The arena of green energy is particularly fraught with fraud. In the leftist’s perfect world, renewables would be mandated right now. It might sound good on paper for these fools, but there is a lot to be desired about the net effects of green energy. For one, the cost of mining rare earth metals comes at both a high human cost and high polluting cost. Hasn’t anyone read about child labor issues in African nations? Moreover, those beautiful “refueling” stations for electric vehicles are themselves powered by coal. Electrical outlets only work because the energy they transmit was produced somewhere else – usually with coal. There is then the issue that solar and wind energy can’t be stored. Does anyone living in Texas still look forward to a heavier tilt toward these types of energy sources after what happened this year?

Perhaps the greatest dilemma facing leftist environmentalists – an oxymoron if there ever were one – is the fact that the best response to the alleged disaster of man-made climate change is another of the left’s boogeymen: Capitalism. Indeed, the effects of a bloated government response like the Green New Deal, which has nothing to do with the environment and everything to do with consolidation of power and resources, would result in outcomes that are negligible at best and more destructive at worst. The real solution, if one is even needed, will come from private industry.

Despite insistence upon reliance on nature, leftists fail to acknowledge basic human nature when it comes to motivations. To illustrate this point, we only need to observe how two Covid spotlights two specific examples. For the first, the ability of Big Pharma to engineer a seemingly successful “vaccine” in record time demonstrates the sheer unstoppable force of capitalism’s unrelenting entrepreneurial spirit. Whereas Chinese vaccines are proving to be ineffective, American vaccines are eliminating the threat of Covid almost entirely. Joe Biden and every other idiot Democrat wouldn’t champion a Trump-enabled vaccine if that weren’t the case. For the other, the weekly handouts in the form of Covid unemployment relief prevent small businesses from hiring able and capable folks. Americans might be stupid when it comes to politics, but they aren’t stupid when it comes to basic economic realities. Why would anyone return to work for less money when they could stay at home and receive more money? Not only do the basic economics work out, but they now have all of their time, energy, and efforts to put into something else.

If a solution were truly valued, the government would get out of the way and let creative minds do the work. We know this, they know this. Of course, they won’t get out of the way, and that once again reveals the true purpose of pushing climate change policies. It isn’t about the polar bears (who are doing just fine) and it isn’t about Gaia (who isn’t sentient and could care less about what is happening). It is about control over you and me.

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