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The Left Chooses to Forget, But Midway and D-Day are Still Important

By contributing author Madame Defarge

The selective memory of socialism destroys the attempts of the average citizen to care for his fellows, while leaving the needy at the feet of a bureaucrat.

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Midway and D-Day are still within the memories of some veterans. Most of the veterans of these battles have passed, and their children are now retired and their grandchildren are out of college and into the world.  What is their legacy?  It apparently is ephemeral as is all of history according to the socialists in charge of our government.

In a previous Madame, we discussed the beginnings of the international adventures of our country. The WW2 veterans’ grandfathers fought in the Philippines on Luzon and Mindanao because they had faith in their government and believed they were assisting the primitive people through a terrible situation.  This simple faith of helping people was abused by the rulers in Washington D.C.  Unfortunately, the first rot of our innocence had begun.  Imperialism raised her ugly head.

When those brave men finally arrived back home, they found many things had changed.  Theodore Roosevelt had begun the process of social program ideas for the country in an initiative known as the Square Deal. Prohibition was the first real social movement and was the great question of the day.  It was the first feminist position other than voting rights.  The Anti-Saloon League was dominating the country’s politics, and politicians were terrified of their leader, John McConnel, and his lady warriors.

The safety and prosperity provided by these yeoman warriors began to affect the entire country.  This created a  can-do political attitude that permeated the new century. 

The fight between the Republicans and Teddys’ Bull Moose Party was again very similar to what we have today.  The Wall Street crowd was eager to get back to running things through President William Howard Taft who had succeeded Teddy because they despised Roosevelt’s support of the Sherman Anti-Trust Act for railroads.  The election split the progressive vote.  Roosevelt and Taft were swamped in the electoral college but together won the popular vote.  Enter Woodrow Wilson, and the overthrow of our system accelerated. 

Unfortunately, the entire basis of personal responsibility and independence continued to be under assault through the major constitutional changes wrought by the Woody Wilson regime. The power behind the throne was Edith Wilson.  My how things don’t change, Ms. Biden.

The shattering amendments were pushed through and greatly affect our world today. Prohibition, income taxes, women’s voting  and direct senatorial voting rocked our republic and continue to do so.  The young men again were sent to war to “make the world safe for democracy.”  Actually, they fought for the puritan academic Wilson, and his elite socialist friends. 

Another generation fought  the wars of the banana republics.  These young people still held the belief that they were helping the Central American states achieve better government.  But as Marine General Smedley Butler said , we fought to “help make Honduras right for American fruit companies.” These wars were much too small to cause major political problems at home but created a lasting animosity towards Uncle Sam.

Lastly, we come to our fathers and grandfathers.  They and their parents began to realize that warring for someone else is nothing to fight for as they were not mercenaries.  They had spent their youth toiling for something to eat.  Many of the draftees in WW2 were not physically able to be accepted into the army.  The problem was health conditions brought on by malnutrition.

The 1940 draft was the first peacetime draft in our history.  It was necessary because people had begun to realize that wars for politicians and corporations were not necessary for our way of life.  The “America First” group was incredibly effective and strong.  Frank D. Roosevelt had to hide his undeclared naval war on Germany to stay in office.

The world was pushed into WW2 and our boys went on to win with great help from the famers still at home.  Yes, it was the farmers.  The generosity and hard work saved a hostile government.  Our Lend-Lease program of food sent to Russia fed the entire country, not just the soldiers, for the equivalent of a year.  Without our food added to what they could grow and salvage, Russia would have starved and the eastern front would have collapsed.

The Battle of Midway stopped the Japanese offensives against us.  Our Navy fought against incredible odds and won, thus stopping the Japanese onslaught.  D-Day was the beginning of the end for Germany.  Our soldiers stormed ashore taking huge casualties but never looked back.  Our boys saved Europe and Asia from tyranny.

The last of these remembrance days is Memorial Day.  It is for all soldiers and sailors that have died for what they believed in during our history.  Sadly, Joe Biden forgot D-Day, and sent a trivial note on Memorial Day and never even acknowledged Midway. 

These events and dates have been forgotten or ridiculed by our current elite.  The socialist plans of a century ago are being recycled from the dung heap of history much to our detriment.  Those same people are trying to profit from the vestiges of our simple beliefs in trying to be of help.  What would our relatives do today?  It is embarrassing to look into a mirror .

The Madame

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