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Joke of the G7, Pathetic Pandering to Putin, and Bye-Bye Bibi: The Week in Review

Biden is losing it, there is no doubt. It’s official… the guy is a hot mess. Among other examples of his obvious, growing senility was the moment in which he repeatedly confused the nations of Libya and Syria. To be clear, it’s not like the president was jumbling Slovakia with Slovenia. Libya and Syria are on different continents, for crying out loud, with entirely different diplomatic dynamics. And they are both critical nations for very different reasons. It’s like confusing Oregon with Pennsylvania.

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The Supreme Court’s Day of Reckoning is Coming

Ruling that last minute ad-hoc election changes were unconstitutional would have been relatively straightforward — but the court didn’t.  Hearing the election fraud evidence and adjudicating the result would have created a political crap-storm — but it would have been the right thing to do. 

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