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Pornography Is Now Racist

I tip my hat to Newsweek for creating terrific clickbait headlines. That, or they just pump out stupid articles that trigger the few conservative thinkers that still traffic their online magazine. Either way, I visited their site while recently doing some research for another article, and along the sidebar my eyes caught an article titled “Confronting Racism in the Pornography Industry.” How do you not click on that?

Now, I admit, in a world where racism is used to explain how blacks are more susceptible to Covid-19 and even how being not racist is now considered racist, I was running out of ways imagining the neutered term could sink any lower. I guess I was wrong. It has gone down lower than an adult film actress on the set of Black Wives Matter. 

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To be fair, I could be forgiven for not being prepared to read about anti-black racism in the porn industry. After all, I had always operated under the impression that everyone was demeaned by the porn industry. Porn knows no bounds. If a plumber can clean pipes, an educator can teach someone a lesson, or a burly, uniformed officer can come…to the rescue, there is already a plot line to follow. And, given the confluence of hedonism and technological progress, there is literally a genre for every type of fetish. In college, I was once informed of quadriplegic nugget porn, so I have an image burned in my head that I am too terrified to confirm independently. The lesson is that there is something for everyone, both in terms of production and consumption.

It has surely been used elsewhere, but the television show Brooklyn 99 used the one-liner of “title of my sex tape” every time a character made a remark that could be taken sexually (“there’s a blast of cold air coming of this box” or “it’s not your fault, I was terrible”). It falls in line with the same type of humor as “that’s what she said.” Similarly, one of the obvious truths within the porn industry is that they produce parodies of known titles, often to hilarious effect. “Tits A Wonderful Life” pays homage to the classic Jimmy Stewart film while “Foreskin Gump” plays off the Oscar-winning Tom Hanks film. Black Wives Matter is low-hanging fruit in terms of puns. That upset folks. If anything, in my humble opinion, that’s an example of racism for not trying hard enough with black paronomasia. It’s so hard to tell these days which way the racist winds will blow. 

One of the complaints by the authors writing about porn’s white supremacist undertones was that some porn flicks have police officers. Defund the police now extends to the film set. I suppose ropes used for bondage are now mistaken for nooses as well. Legitimate question: If Jussie Smollett or Bubba Wallace found themselves engaged in regret sex, would they claim not only rape but a hate crime, too? Not-so-legitimate question: If there were black colleagues on his Zoom, was Jeffrey Toobin spewing racism everywhere? Actually, I guess I don’t really want to know more about that last one. We already know too much.

This leads to a bigger problem of how content is produced and published. Child sexualization in the industry is a huge issue. It was outlined in late 2020, but somehow know one really cared. How many readers right now even knew it was a thing? Pornhub was accused of hosting thousands upon thousands of grotesque images and videos, to which it received a slap on the wrist. For all we know, it still enables this feature to continue. The authors knew about this, evidenced by the fact that they referenced it in their piece, and as far as I can tell never wrote about it back then. Only now, when it pays to call out racism in every nook and cranny, does child porn merit acknowledgement. These people are sick.

The authors, in their blind obedience to Critical Race Theory doctrine, are now unequipped to distinguish between actual problems and problems they simply want to have exist so they can harp on something else and feel important. The moral vacuity of black militant leftism is most neatly encapsulated by the following excerpt. They write:

Pornhub recently came under fire when The New York Times revealed that videos of child sexual abuse could be found on the website. The Times article only briefly mentioned Pornhub’s racist, misogynist content, but the disturbing truth is that the site has hijacked the current social justice movement while exploiting African Americans—and particularly women and girls—for its own monetary gain.

It is hard to read that paragraph and not be left with an unsavory feeling that these authors are, at best, equally concerned about the presence of underage content and, at worst, less concerned about it than they are about the alleged racism in the porn industry. These authors are now suggesting actual child molestation is the same as adult black content. It gets worse:

[A]s websites like Pornhub remove child rape videos, they must address the racism as well. Make Black lives matter—everywhere.

Moral relativism is a problem, particularly when it allows for comparisons between non-consensual, underage content and voluntary work of adults. It’s as perverse as it is stupid. The authors should be embarrassed that they are equally outraged by illicit and immoral content of sexualized minors as they are by producers making puns out of Black Lives Matter. 

Finding racism where none exists is about the laziest and easiest task possible these days. I didn’t want to spend time on other hollow talking points, because it was much more fun to poke fun at porn in general, but I’ll reference two to highlight the intellectual vacuity of :

  • “As a nation, we have only just begun to address and confront racism”
  • “To be sure, certain types of porn movies or genres will always be offensive to some, but parodying and trivializing the fight to prevent state-sanctioned murder of unarmed African Americans is beyond simply “offensive.” It should be abhorrent to anyone concerned about social justice.”

Those aren’t typos, they literally think that the United States condones and encourages the murder of black folks. It’s hard to tell what has melted their brains more: Donald Trump or the porn they consumed preparing for their article. 

As always, leftists are never satisfied. Sixty years ago, Martin Luther King was marching for equality under the law. Now, imbeciles like the ones published in Newsweek say the civil rights fight of our time is abstention from crude references in the porn industry. Where does it end?

That’s what she said.

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