These People Need an Intervention: The Mainstream Media’s Obsession with Trump Continues

Former President Donald J. Trump has been out of office for over five months now, and all indications are he’s been thoroughly enjoying himself. Whether strolling around Mar-a-Lago or playing eighteen holes at Trump National, Trump is undoubtedly mixing in business and politics, but for him that’s recreation. The Donald is clearly having a great time. The mainstream media, however, continues with their unholy fixation on the billionaire, as Donald Trump lives rent-free in their craniums. They are at the point where it’s fair to question their mental wellness. They need an intervention.

A few minutes spent surfing the web yesterday showed that not only has the media’s preoccupation with Trump not subsided, it’s as bad as ever. The websites for all three major broadcast news channels – ABC, NBC and CBS – all had at least one Trump headline at the top of their homepages, as did Politico, and most other leftwing sites. Yet not surprisingly, the leftwing cable news channels’ fascination was at a different level.

Of the top twenty-four news stories on yesterday, five of them were directly related to Trump. That’s 21% of their overall coverage dedicated to Trump, whereas they only had one article related to President Joe Biden. Consider these headlines:

  • “A livid Trump was told Kushner decided on federal Covid-19 testing, book says,” a piece which discusses gossip from a second-rate book.  
  • “See who beat Trump in 2024 straw poll,” which details their wishful thinking if Trump decides to run again.
  • “Pressure mounts on Trump Organization CFO to cooperate against Donald Trump,” explaining what they hope to be true.
  • “Hear these Trump Supporters’ hopes for Arizona audit,” which expands on their fascination with Trump by directing it at us, his supporters, around the framework of the Arizona election audit.
  • “Seven defenders of the big lie,” aimed at keeping alive their narrative that the Capitol Riot on January 6th was the greatest threat our democracy has ever seen.

On MSNBC meanwhile, the insanity was even worse, with almost one-third of their articles focused in some way on Trump, including these masterpieces of journalism:

  • “Biden taps another official who had been targeted by Team Trump,” which delves into the earthshattering appointment of a low-level HHS official.
  • “Trump discussed sending Americans with virus to Guantanamo,” a story which, in their twisted minds, is more newsworthy than the border crisis and Vice-President Harris’ incompetent mishandling of it.
  • Fmr. Biden senior Covid advisor: Trump’s ‘dishonest mistakes’ with virus are ‘not forgivable,’” expounding on the opinions of a former Biden advisor, because apparently all of Biden’s current advisors are too busy trying to extricate their heads from their rectums.

A few moments of channel hopping various news broadcasts yesterday evening yielded the same results, with virtually all of them touching on Trump in some way or another, and the same with print newspapers and their websites. If we didn’t know any better by the amount of attention he gets, one could swear Trump was still in the White House and Biden was wandering around a dog track somewhere trying to place a bet on a race from last week.

Many will dismiss the mainstream media’s ongoing collective infection with Trump Derangement Syndrome as financially driven. Their coverage of Trump is motivated by ratings, by money. It’s a fair point to make, and one which indeed illustrates their duplicity, preaching about leftist ideals from one side of their mouth as they direct their efforts in the capitalist direction of revenue from the other. But this phenomenon is about more than just dollars and cents. It’s a disorder, an imbalance. They are disturbed.

In most cases, there’s no reason to be overly concerned with individuals dealing with some type of unhinged obsession, particularly when we don’t know them personally. That’s their business, and their issue with which to deal. But when it comes to our mainstream media, the so-called fourth branch of government, we are right to be concerned. We need a healthy, honest, and inquisitive press which seeks to keep us informed, and when we don’t have one, our democracy suffers.

Coverage of the aforementioned border crisis is scant, at best, while migrants and our border security suffer. Yet we are provided with extensive details on an alleged discussion President Trump had about Guantanamo over a year ago. Our economy is on the brink of disaster as inflation skyrockets with the media sugarcoating the situation, if they discuss it at all, but we have all the information we could ever want regarding a straw poll on a hypothetical election three years down the road. And Russia is playing war games and planning on how to sink American ships just 35 miles from Hawaii as the media twiddles their thumbs, meanwhile we have investigative journalists asking for opinions on Trump from former Biden officials. Can you imagine how much better off our country would be if the mainstream media actually did their jobs properly?

PF Whalen

P.F. Whalen is a conservative blogger at  His work has appeared in multiple publications, including Human Events, the Western Journal, and American Thinker. Follow him on Parler @PFWhalen.

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