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The Human and Financial Cost of Ignoring Generic Therapeutics In Favor Of Novel Vaccines

The mainstream media, global elitists, and prominent Democrat politicians have blood on their hands for the avoidable deaths of countless Americans. It’s hard to look at the effects of the disastrous policies from the past year and a half and conclude otherwise. In their mutually beneficial efforts to oust Donald Trump from office and foist a neo-feudal system upon the American middle class, an abundance of science was ignored in favor of advancing a preferred authoritarian agenda. How much damage was wrought will likely never be fully known or quantified, although there are ways to put some figures into perspective.

In terms of simply funding vaccine development, the U.S. government negotiated with and pre-purchased hundreds of millions of doses from several pharmaceutical giants. Initial reporting from the fall of 2020 shows that the government paid Pfizer $20 per dose, Moderna about $15 per dose, and Johnson and Johnson $10 per dose. 

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Now, the pricing for both Pfizer and Moderna was factored in for at least the first 100 million doses. If this is true, that means that U.S. taxpayers are on the initial hook for $3.5 billion covering the cost of Operation Warp Speed for just Pfizer and Moderna alone. This doesn’t even factor in Johnson and Johnson, AstraZeneca ($4 for 300 million doses), and Biden’s newest plan to send 500 million doses to sh**hole countries. If there is any silver lining, it is that current inflationary patterns make these orders look cheaper by the day. 

Remember, though, Donald Trump wanted to fund additions and improvements to a Mexican wall for just $5 billion and was told the price tag was too high. As the border crisis of 2021 continues, where an estimated 1 million immigrants have been apprehended by Border Patrol (and countless more having evaded capture) through just the first six months of the year, this would have served as a very effective barrier against a highly infected illegal alien swarm that brings in Covid cases by the hundreds of thousands. One report suggested that at least 6% of all migrants would test positive – if the Biden administration demanded testing on illegals the same way they demand testing and vaccinations against its own citizens.

None of this is to say that vaccines should never have been developed. To the contrary, this was a logical and necessary progression in the battle against the Kung Flu. Vaccines are great, but are they the only solution? Moreover, was it worth waiting just days after the final presidential debate to announce their arrival? There are no coincidences in politics. The singular focus on vaccines would be like ensuring every passenger on a commercial jet had a packed parachute without making sure pilots were trained or the plane was fully fueled for a trans-Pacific crossing. Instead of needing the parachute, it would make more sense to take other steps to ensure a safe flight.

This is where the conversation turns to cheap, safe, and effective generic drugs. By comparison to the expensive vaccines, which appear to work but also carry unknown long-term effects, one clinical study looked at treating mild cases of Covid with a once-daily regimen of 12mg of Ivermectin for five days. There is also the first generic drug to be touted as a safe prophylactic and treatment, though its name dropping by then-President Trump relegated hydroxychloroquine to medication non grata

Had the U.S. government opted to negotiate with pharmaceutical companies that could manufacture hydroxychloroquine and Ivermectin and offered them as both preventative doses and after-the-fact treatment courses, not only would the financial cost been reduced, but in the abeyance between poo-pooing hydroxychloroquine publicly – though fraudulent Democrats like Senator Amy Klobuchar quietly allowed it to save her husband –  and now tacitly approved its use, untold lives would have been saved. 

Yale epidemiologist Harvey Risch, at times a lone voice in an ocean of medical insanity, suggested last year that as many as 100,000 deaths could have been avoided altogether by adopting cheap generics early in the pandemic, specifically hydroxychloroquine. Subsequent studies, including one published in just the last month, continue to confirm its efficacy. This is to say nothing of the practically non-existent, long-term effects of the generics and the entirely unknown and as-of-yet unknowable long-term effects of mRNA vaccines.

As it stands, the scientific response has been nothing more than political maneuvering. In a recent op-ed in the Wall Street Journal, the aforementioned Risch and Joseph Ladapo (of American Frontline Doctors – the same group that were censored last summer for speaking on the U.S. Capitol steps) correctly observed that the medical establishment served the purposes not of medicine, but that of politics. In its erroneous handlings of Covid-19 responses, public officials tasked with saving Americans achieved just the opposite. Lockdowns, masks, and most certainly patient care, were all known to be inept, and yet each was practiced so as to promulgate fear within, and control over, a witless American populace. They specifically look at the genuine concerns over alleged vaccine side effects and the utter disregard from most medical practitioners.

Though unrelated directly to the withholding, even upon punishment, of therapeutics like the two mentioned, the loss of human life can equally be measured by the effects of the lockdowns. In 2020, drug overdoses rose by over 40%. Alcohol-related deaths hit record highs. A sharp rise in the suicide of young people was especially prominent. 

This all begs a simple question: If available treatments had been touted rather than shunned, would such draconian measures have been required on society? It is not difficult to ascertain why drug abuse and teenage suicide spike in the same year as societal shutdowns. Without support networks in place, more people than ever felt lost and alone. By extension, then, how many lives would have been saved from drug abuse and suicide if authorities had rightly championed better medicinal practices?

The illogical and completely political response to Covid cannot be overstated. It was immoral in its intent and murderous in its outcomes. Americans paid a price for the medical community’s failures. Will anyone now pay a price for the crimes committed against this country?