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Biden’s Bizarre Behavior, Rhode Island Racist, and Battle of the Big Apple: The Week in Review

It’s difficult to understand why Biden used that approach; whispering and leaning forward. The first time he did it came across as odd, but OK… whatever. When he did it again, I thought, “what is wrong with this guy.” And after he did it a third time, I was ready to call the Twinkie Truck to come and get him. There is no logical explanation to explain Biden’s performance.

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COVID-19; Fool Me Once, Shame on Me!

There has been much discussion of the political aspect to the COVID-19 pandemic. I do not intend to discuss the politics of the 2020 pandemic in this paper as it has been covered extensively by other writers who are more qualified than I in the area of politics.

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The Mission of a Modern Christian School – Important Now More Than Ever

America is rife with cultural rot and “clever devils,” and one of the biggest reasons is that Christians have largely abdicated the education of our children to those who have mostly abandoned the notion of “just sentiments” and are failing miserably in training students to “feel pleasure, liking, disgust, and hatred at those things which really are pleasant, likeable, disgusting and hateful.” 

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