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Biden’s Bizarre Behavior, Rhode Island Racist, and Battle of the Big Apple: The Week in Review

Headline #1:      Biden Press Conference Turns Very Strange with Weird Whispering

During a press conference on Thursday, President Joe Biden began whispering on multiple occasions for reasons that are still unclear in a display that can only be described as unsettling.

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Thoughts and Observations:

  • If you haven’t seen the footage yet, watch the video here, but first a disclaimer: The video you are about to watch is downright disturbing and may leave certain viewers suffering from an elimination of any confidence in their federal government.
  • If you’ve watched the video, you can understand why the hashtag #CreepyJoe was trending on Twitter on Thursday. For anything remotely critical of Democrats, particularly Biden, to be trending is unusual. The problem is Biden’s behavior was that strange.
  • It’s difficult to understand why Biden used that approach; whispering and leaning forward. The first time he did it came across as odd, but OK… whatever. When he did it again, I thought, “what is wrong with this guy.” And after he did it a third time, I was ready to call the Twinkie Truck to come and get him. There is no logical explanation to explain Biden’s performance.
  • An indicator of just how peculiar Biden’s conduct was, listen closely to the audio during those moments. You can hear a pin drop. The White House Press Corps must have been just as shocked as the rest of us, and jaws must have dropped.
  • The truth is, Biden has always been off. He’s not just quirky, he’s strange, and it makes me question once again President Donald Trump’s decision to use the label “Sleepy Joe” on Biden last year instead of “Creepy Joe.” Between all the footage and recollections that came out with Biden touching women and sniffing their hair, it seems that not only would the “creepy” moniker have been more damaging, it also would have been more accurate.
  • As usual, the mainstream media tried to downplay the scene but make no mistake, damage was done. It’s been clear for a few months now that Biden will not be running for reelection in three years, and continuing incidents like these remove any doubt. There’s no way Biden is competent to lead us right now let alone for the next five years. Heaven help us.
  • So this is the guy we’re supposed to believe received 80 million legitimate votes? This person was elected fair and square? Joe Biden is an absolute mess, and even if we dismiss the notion of widespread voter fraud, a neutral and probing press intent on keeping us informed should have accurately reported on this whacko. If the media had reported on Biden fairly, he would have dropped out of the Democratic primaries months before the Iowa caucuses.

Headline #2:      Rhode Island Senator Sheldon Whitehouse Outed as Member of All-White Club

Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D-RI), who is white, admitted this week to belonging to an all-white beach club in Newport, Rhode Island.

Thoughts and Observations:

  • Sen. Whitehouse, whose surname seems utterly appropriate by the way, was in damage control mode throughout the week. The story first broke on Sunday, but by Wednesday he had backtracked, saying the club wasn’t all-white after all. Then on Thursday it came to light that Whitehouse also belonged to a sailing club which “lacked diversity.” Oh senator, the tangled web we weave.
  • Maybe I’m naïve and uncouth, considering I’m not part of the hoity-toity, highfalutin, pretentious group of rich folks that that make up New England’s elites. But doesn’t it seem silly for someone with money and connections to want to belong to a ‘beach club?’ A country club makes sense, I suppose, so you can have access to their golf course and perks. And a yacht club probably has marina rights and whatnot. But a beach club? What do they do, give you place to store your pail and shovel? Do they run seashell collecting contests? Just buy a beach house, you rich hypocrite.
  • What’s ironic about the whole situation is this: the reason there are no black members in the club is probably because they don’t want to join. If you were black, would you want to belong to a club of stuck-up, leftwing white folks who look at you as nothing more than a victim and political tool?
  • Does belonging to a club which only has white members necessarily make someone a racist? Of course not, at least if the club doesn’t specifically ban others from membership. But the problem for Whitehouse, and any other Democrat for that matter, is that they have been so loose with their definition of ‘racism,’ and they have been so flippant with their accusations against those with whom they disagree, when something like this situation comes to light, the hypocrisy is stunning.
  • You may remember Sen. Whitehouse from his participation in the confirmation hearings for Supreme Court Justice Brett Kavanaugh three years ago. Like other Democrats on the Senate Judiciary Committee during those hearings, Whitehouse was exceedingly unfair and accusatory throughout, doing everything possible to keep Kavanaugh off the bench. As a result, Whitehouse has set an extremely high standard for himself, not just on matters of race but on all issues relating to the left’s intersectional hierarchy, particularly with feminist-type issues. You’d better watch your step, senator.
  • The mainstream media did everything they could to pooh-pooh this beach club story because Whitehouse is a Democrat, and therefore he provides some value to them. But if we apply our patented Role Reversal Test™, the truth comes to light. If Whitehouse was a Republican who belonged to an all-white beach club, would this story have disappeared so quickly? Don’t be silly, it would have been the top story of every news channel for weeks. (And yes, I know, I don’t really have a trademark on the “Role Reversal Test”… lighten up.)

Headline #3:      Results of NYC Mayoral Race: GOP Winner Set, Dem Winner Likely

New York City held the primary elections for their mayoral race, and Republican candidate Curtis Sliwa has nailed down his victory as expected, while Democrat Eric Adams appears highly likely to emerge as the victor for Dems.

Thoughts and Observations:

  • Adams still must survive the “ranked choice” voting results, but he does seem to have a solid lead at this point. The “ranked choice” method consists of voters casting more than one vote by prioritizing. For instance, a voter votes for three candidates, ranked numbers one, two, and three, and if the first two candidates for whom they voted don’t make the cut, their vote goes to the third candidate for whom they voted. It’s fairly convoluted, but it is democratic I suppose. It’s also time consuming which means it could be a few more weeks before the outcome becomes official.
  • An Adams victory would be a clear rebuke of current Mayor Bill DeBlasio, a Democrat and a disaster. Adams is a former captain of the NYPD, and current Brooklyn Borough President, and in years past would have been considered left-leaning. But in modern New York City, Adams qualifies as moderate or even right-leaning, particularly on crime. Adams has committed to “refunding” the police, an about-face from DeBlasio’s ridiculous policies.
  • Adams has also campaigned on police reform to make the city’s policing “more equitable,” but don’t expect to see a lot changes to the NYPD from Adams. His rhetoric on police reform is virtue-signaling and little else. Adams, who is black, must at least speak the language of ‘wokeness’ to avoid being totally outcast, but as a former officer he’ll recognize the need for proper policing.
  • The city of New York is going down a dangerous path currently with skyrocketing crime rates, a huge budget deficit, and a devastated economy. Bill DeBlasio has done everything he can to destroy NYC, and Adams will have his work cut out for him. But we should expect to see Adams get immense support from the rest of city government, from the statehouse in Albany, and from the media and Democrats at large. Adams has proclaimed himself, “the face of the New Democratic Party,” and he’s probably right; at least in the Northeast.
  • So, what about Sliwa? I’m sorry, but it’s difficult to take the Guardian Angels’ founder seriously. He’s conservative, certainly, and he undoubtedly has some leadership skills, but he’s also loopy. Spend a few minutes listening to his local NYC radio show or watch some of the footage of him on YouTube and you’ll see what I mean. Curtis is a few French fries short of a happy meal, although significantly less so than the aforementioned President Biden.
  • Could Curtis Sliwa beat Eric Adams in a general election? It’s possible, but only remotely so. Sliwa is no Rudy Giuliani and Adams is no Bill DeBlasio, and that’s the type of contrast Republicans would need in order to be put back into Gracie Mansion.

Headline #4:      New Zealand to Send Transgender Athlete to Olympics for Weightlifting

A New Zealand weightlifter currently known as Laurel Hubbard is a 43-year-old biological man who will be competing in women’s weightlifting at this summer’s Olympic Games in Tokyo, the first such competitor in Olympic history.

Thoughts and Observations:

  • Most telling about the absurdity of this whole affair is Hubbard’s age. Being an Olympic weightlifter at the age of 43 is akin to being an NFL quarterback at the age of 60. It doesn’t happen, and the only reason why it’s happening now is due to Hubbard’s biology. He has an overwhelming advantage over biological women by way of his physical make-up, and that advantage makes up for his advanced age. Yes indeed, men and women are built differently; very differently.
  • Another point which illustrates the silliness of this situation is this: how many transgender men (that is, women who think they’re men) are competing in the Olympics or anywhere at a high level? None. And there never will be. Because a biological woman trying to compete athletically at a high level with biological men would fail miserably. Not because of desire, or talent, but because of biology. Men are men, women are women, and anyone who tells you differently is a nutjob.
  • The reason why Hubbard was able to qualify for the competition was due to hormonal test results. He had the required levels of estrogen and testosterone to make the cut. Meanwhile, there would be a much easier way to determine his gender: just check his chromosomes. If he has an X and a Y chromosome, he’s a man. If she has two X chromosomes, she’s a woman. Easy squeezy.  
  • Imagine if you’re a legitimate female weightlifter who’s been working for this opportunity your whole life. You’ve been sweating, and sacrificing, and training so you can go to Tokyo and win a medal. And now some guy who previously competed as a man has a couple of surgeries and goes on hormone therapy and is competing against you. You’d be outraged, and rightfully so. This decision is wholly unfair to women; all women.
  • You have to love the media coverage of this announcement, most of which read like this headline from NPR: New Zealand Weightlifter Will Be The First Openly Trans Competitor At The Olympics.” Wait a second, ‘openly transgender?’ Is there any other type of transgender weightlifter? Hubbard is 6’ 1” tall and weighs over 200 lbs. And more importantly, look at a picture or watch a video of him. He’s a dude, and there’s no mistaking it. Is NPR suggesting there have been covert transgender athletes? Transgender athletes who weren’t open? This is insanity, all of it, and if you play along with it you’re part of the problem.   

Headline #5:      ESPN Analyst’s Wish: “An All-Black Team Representing the U.S.”  

Jalen Rose, a basketball analyst for ESPN who is black, criticized the selection of white player Kevin Love to the USA Olympic Basketball Team, “Love is on the team because of tokenism. Don’t be scared to make an all-black team.”

Thoughts and Observations:

  • Rose went on to explain that “anyone who has watched the league” knows Love was unworthy of selection. You may have nailed the problem there, Jalen. Perhaps the main issue is that no one is watching the NBA anymore, and racist, woke comments like yours are going to ensure ratings continue to plummet.
  • I chose to totally disengage with the NFL in October 2017 around the time President Trump made his famous “sons of bitches” comments, and after the team I rooted for my whole life had continually allowed certain players on their team to kneel during our National Anthem. I no longer have anything to do with the NFL, and it wasn’t easy at first. With the NBA however, I haven’t made such a commitment because it was unnecessary. I watched a lot of the NBA in the 1980s and 1990s, but the quality of the league has steadily gone down, and I barely watched them before all their wokeness began. This blatant bigotry and leftism simply make the NBA that much easier to tune out.
  • Is Rose correct that Love is undeserving? Perhaps. I don’t know, and I don’t care. Kevin Love’s merits are irrelevant to this discussion, only Rose’s comments matter. Any objective evaluation of Rose’s comments can come to only one conclusion, and there’s no excuse. They’re clearly racist. The story barely caused a ripple within the mainstream media, but Rose’s comments are nonetheless unquestionably racist.
  • We’ve already done our patented Role Reversal Test™ once today, but it’s worth doing again, at least from the corporate perspective. Can you imagine the predicament ESPN would be in if a white commentator made similar comments but with a reversal of races? Say, perhaps for the national hockey team? There wouldn’t just be one person fired, there would be scores of executives emptying their offices and packing cardboard boxes. And those comments would have been the top story on every news channel in the country. My goodness… the double-standard our society is enabling is incomprehensible.

PF Whalen

PF Whalen is a conservative blogger at  His work has appeared in multiple publications, including the Western Journal, Human Events, and American Thinker.  Follow him on Parler @PFWhalen

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