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Six Big Lies And Contradictions About Pride Month

In this installment of their weekly Sunday Six conversation, PF Whalen and Parker Beauregard of The Blue State Conservative dispel six egregious lies and patently absurd contradictions about Pride Month.


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#6: The LGBT community doesn’t even follow its own rules.


Parker: It’s safe to say that Pride Month is nothing if not a 30-day-long contradiction. For me, the biggest and most obvious problem with celebrating “pride” is that everyone now fits in the rainbow. They even added to the flag – did you see the triangles for gay and trans people of color? As if the gay movement weren’t divisive enough already, they wanted to ensure division in their own ranks. Just being gay is so 2008; if you aren’t a black, pansexual transgender, then you ain’t living.


The whole premise of LGBT is itself an odd marriage. Of course, if the previous waves of the woe-is-me crowd could have anticipated the hot mess of contemporary intersectionality, they might have picked a new Top 4, but it is what it is. Lesbian and gay is straightforward enough – you’re a man or a woman and you like other men and women of your own sex as opposed to the opposite sex. Where the LGBT crowd begins to fall apart is the bisexual. Are we admitting to just two sexual preferences and even just two sexes in general? By definition, a bisexual is attracted to both men and women…but only men and women. This hardly leaves room for the pansexual nonsense of being attracted to anyone and anything that moves. Moreover, bisexuality implies two biological sexes. Even assuming men could become women and women could become just by wishing it so, suddenly there would be four options – a quadsexual, if you will. There would be men, women, fake men, and fake women.


The transgender component of LGBT doesn’t fit. Sure, it fits in the sense that everyone can claim oppression against heteronormative culture, but that’s about it. When gay marriage was debated just over a decade ago (this shows how fast culture has declined), the central argument was that being gay wasn’t a choice. How could we “punish” people who didn’t have a say in the matter? And so, being the wonderffully accepting and tolerant country we are, the United States adopted gay unions and marriages. It would have been a lot easier to make civil unions and let the churches do what they wanted, but whatever. Fast forward to the transgender movement, and suddenly one’s sexual identity and sexual preferences are fluid. If gay is no longer a choice, it seems that the T in LGBT has some explaining to do for the LGB.


I will let Dave Chappelle explain the rest:


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#5: Pride month promotes unity.


PF: This is one of the more common lies we hear during Pride Month. Accept your neighbors for who they are. Love is love. Coexist. But that’s not what Pride Month is about at all. Pride Month is about solidifying the left’s identity politics approach. Divide us by gender, by sexuality, by any inherent trait they can come up with, and then demonize those who are either outside of that identity group or don’t fully embrace its’ talking points and behavior. It also seems that they are desperately trying to affirm the unity within their own fragile coalition, for the reasons you just mentioned: the contradictory nature of celebrating homosexuality while denying gender even exists. So again that attempt at unity is flawed.


The initial argument regarding the Gay Rights movement of the early-1970s was this: It’s OK to be different. This was a stance virtually everyone could support. Homosexuals at that time were indeed discriminated against and they usually chose to remain ‘in the closet,’ and that attitude was unacceptable. Discriminating against someone for activities they engaged in privately was wrong. Looking back on it now, however, this may have been their strategy all along. Gain a foothold in society’s mindset focused on tolerance. Once tolerance is achieved, raise the bar so that acceptance is the goal. Then, once accepted, begin demanding celebration.


That’s where we’re at now with Pride Month. Fly our flag, post rainbow symbolism on your social media accounts, and agree that our behavior isn’t just tolerable or acceptable, but worthy of celebrating. This tactic doesn’t unify, it just further divides us. Leaving transgenderism out of it for now, because it really is at odds with the rest of their fragmented movement, homosexuality itself is problematic for many folks, particularly those of strong religious faith. And just that’s OK, just like someone’s sexuality. It’s OK to be different and to disagree. The original goal of tolerance was the unifying approach, and one to which they should return.


#4: Excessive pride in oneself is a sin.


Parker: The notion of pride was long ago identified as dangerous. As a Catholic, PF, you know well that pride represents one of the seven deadly sins and traditionally even ranks as the first in the stated order. Biblical wisdom ceases to amaze me; though it stretches back millenia, the divine understanding of human nature is without an equal, whether from its own time or our own. (For that reason, I am a huge fan of Dennis Prager’s Rational Bible Series. He has published two – Genesis and Exodus – with Deuteronomy slated for a Fall 2021 arrival).


Pride has long been known to prevent someone from seeing beyond him or herself. Focusing only on one’s skills or accomplishments precludes the celebration of another’s skills and accomplishments. In the case of Pride Month, this can be seen as the alphabet gang placing themselves above all others. 


More than just pride as a sin, though, it’s simply bizarre that someone would take pride in an inherent (usually) identifier. Look, I get that things used to be different. Individuals hid their sexuality, often at great personal expense, and when outed often lost everything (reminds me being conservative nowadays; apparently there is no shared sympathy now for having to hide from the ignorant masses). 


To be sure, this entire pride charade is not unusual; black pride and female pride take on their own identities when the purpose suits their end game. The left has a tendency to rub its ideology in our faces. You know what you can’t be proud of? Whiteness, Christianity, and heterosexuality. 


#3: If you don’t celebrate Pride Month, you are a bigot/transphobe/homophobe.

PF: Your points about the sinfulness of pride itself are spot on. Like gluttony, greed, or envy, pride is wrong. For this reason alone, anyone should be excused for not joining in with the Pride Month revelry. But not only are we demonized if we don’t participate, taking such a stance can cost us our jobs. Seven years ago Brendan Eich, the co-founder of Mozilla, was forced to step down from his role as CEO of the company he started for the sin of previously having opposed gay-marriage. That was seven years ago and Cancel Culture has accelerated drastically since then.


Just because someone disagrees with one’s lifestyle or behaviors doesn’t make them a bigot. We’re all entitled to our own opinions, faith, and beliefs. This name calling that the left now resorts to is out-of-control, and we on the right must push back. If you support the doctrine of the LGBTQ movement, that’s your right as an American, and it doesn’t make you a bad person. And if you support the doctrine of Christianity, Islam, or Judaism – all of which clearly oppose the ideals of LGBTQ and have for centuries – that’s your right as an American as well, and it doesn’t make you evil either.


There’s a large swath of Americans, perhaps even a majority, who are so void of dignity and self-confidence, they shutter at the very idea of being called one of these names. As a result, they capitulate, and that capitulation is the goal of the LGBTQ movement. If they can’t convince you that their viewpoint is the correct one, they’ll shame you into it. To a large degree, this method has been successful, with public opinion on Gay Marriage, for instance, having shifted dramatically. But as often happens with our friends on the left, they appear to be taking their activism too far and it’s about to backfire on them. And their incoherent nonsense regarding transgenderism specifically is likely to be their downfall.


 #2: The LGBT crowd is oppressed in 21-century America.


Parker: It is stunning how much hatred this group can spew toward America without even thinking about the bigger picture. For one, if America and Americans were out to get these people, they would actually go out and get these people. There are actual laws against sodomy in other parts of the world – often Muslim countries – whereas in the United States there is legal protection. Two of the biggest “gay” scandals – the murder of Matthew Shepard and the mass shooting at Pulse night club – have been lied about because there aren’t enough real issues with which to contend. 


Moreover, there are additional laws protecting all groups against discrimination in sectors of employment and commerce, even to the point where the brave Jack Phillips runs up against vile LGBT types on an annual basis now who try to force him to act against his conscience. It’s like the opposite of intolerant Muslim countries. They have strict penalties for gays; we have strict penalties for those opposing gays. So, strike one against the notion that America is an oppressive country for homosexuality and gender fluidity. Bonus plug: Christians are always portrayed as backward bigots, but in this example it is the Judeo-Christian America looking good and the Muslim Middle East exemplifying bigotry and close-mindedness. Just an FYI.


I am not the first to observe this, but some simple Twitter browsing revealed that corporations doing business in America reimagined their logos and avatars to celebrate Pride Month, replete with rainbow emblems and so-called progressive slogans. Meanwhile, those same companies forewent displaying colorful rebrandings in places known to look down on and punish anyone living under the LGBT banner. Can you guess where? It isn’t hard to see that America, where companies pander to woke losers and virtue signal until the next thematic month appears, is so far removed from actual oppression that the need for the LGBTers to pretend they need their voices heard is risible. Who doesn’t know about alternative lifestyles at this point? And, who cares?


This segues into the greatest compliment to Americans of them all. The fact that we don’t care – and don’t want to care – speaks higher volumes of our character than it does of the cut jean short wearing, pink hair sporting, and gender dysphoric marching crowd. In middle America, you can be gay, straight, black, white, tall, short, bald, or hirsute and no one cares. The only thing that matters is character: How do you show up to work? How do you treat your neighbors? How do you raise your family? How do you contribute positively to society? The political left wants folks believe that we need to celebrate and acknowledge every bowel movement of someone who doesn’t identify as a straight, cisgender white male. 


#1: The LGBTQ movement is aligned with the left’s other intersectional, victimhood groups.


PF: To hear them tell it, the LGBTQ movement is totally in-sync with the rest of the left’s coalition of victimhood groups. But they’re lying. Not only are they not aligned, those ideological deviations are becoming more pronounced and are about to erupt.


The root cause of the coming fissure will be, I believe, the inane arguments surrounding transgenderism. Their argument that gender is fluid, or even non-existent, is utterly unsustainable within the rest of their radical platform. Feminism, for instance, has been a leftwing mainstay for decades. The narrative that women are victims of this and discriminated against for that is currently struggling for credibility because women are making incredible inroads in all aspects of society. But feminists need that perception of victimhood to continue if they want to maintain their relevance, and that perception evaporates with transgenderism. If men can be women, and women can be men, and if gender is meaningless, then so is the feminist movement. Because if there’s no such thing as women, how can there be feminism?


Muslims rank high on the left’s intersectionality hierarchy, but Muslim teachings are very clear on the transgender debate. At some point there will be a tipping point. When pro-abortion activists like Julian Castro try to make the idiotic point during a presidential debate that men can have abortions too, reasonable Americans don’t just laugh at Castro’s stupidity, they rethink their support of his positions. If someone that moronic is pushing this stuff, they think, maybe I need to step back and reevaluate.


We’re going to see a lot of this foolishness come to a head this summer with the Olympics, I believe. There are going to be transgender athletes competing in women’s competitions, and it’s just not going to fly. It’s folly, and people are ultimately going to start recognizing it as such, including many within the left’s intersectional coalition.

4 thoughts on “Six Big Lies And Contradictions About Pride Month”

  1. Here is another big lie: the United States was NOT founded on Judeo-Christian values. It was founded on Christian values alone.

    There were very few Jews in the colonies ( found in Newport, Philadelphia, and Charleston), and absolutely no Jews that formed the group we call the Founding Fathers today. The Founding Fathers were all Christians (Protestants, Quakers, etc.) or deists. Jews were even denied citizenship throughout the new United States until the 19th century. The Founders also didn’t like Catholics, since Catholicism was espoused by the French and Spanish primarily, the long-time on-again/off-again adversaries of the colonists who hailed largely from Great Britain. In fact, White Anglo-Saxon Protestants (WASPs) made up the bulk of political aristocracy in the US through to the early 20th century.

    To say that the United States was founded on Judaic values at all is a gross malignment of the historical record.

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