Over 61% of American Counties are Now 2nd Amendment Sanctuaries

According to www.sanctuarycounties.com, over 61% of American counties are 2nd Amendment sanctuaries.

The website helpfully provides this map, showing which counties are now defending the 3nd and whether that is the result of state or local action:

Furthermore, when added up, again according to the site, “there are now 1,930 counties that are protected by Second Amendment Sanctuary legislation at either the state or county level. This represents 61.39% of all of the counties in the United States of America.” The information used to make that tally and calculation is recorded on this document.

Almost 2,000 counties are defending the 2nd! And, of the ones not included, many are in pro-2nd Amendment states that could become 2nd Amendment sanctuaries at either the state or local level if more stringent gun control laws are passed.

Georgia, Alabama, Arkansas, and Louisiana are all very pro-2A states, for example, that currently don’t have many sanctuary counties but could if Slow Joe were to advance his gun control plans.

Best of all is that many of the existing 2nd Amendment sanctuaries exist in blue states. Washington, Oregon, Virginia, and Michigan all vote blue, yet citizens in them are standing up to tyrannical state and federal laws by declaring that they will not enforce unconstitutional laws.

Given that Joe Biden is now occupying 1600 Penn, it is inspiring to see that patriots are already waking up and preparing to defend their rights.

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Image by Jenny Lea from Pixabay

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