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A Virginia Library is Opening “Drag StoryBook Hour” to Babies and Toddlers

Remember how it came out that Drag Queen Story Hour is funded by San Francisco leftists and a few pedos? Well, some leftist areas just don’t care and are okay with their children sitting around with degenerates funded by Disintegrationists in San Francisco. One such leftist area is the Dolley Madison Library in Fairfax County, VA.

According to the Fairfax County Libraries website, the event, called “Drag StoryBook Hour,” is open to “babies and toddlers,” “preschoolers,” and “school age children.”

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In case the page is deleted, here is proof, in the form of a screenshot of the event page:

That’s right. Leftists in Fairfax want to put babies, toddlers, and schoolchildren in a room with terrifyingly degenerate men for an hour.

Conservatives must fight against this. We cannot make peace or compromise with evil and instead must fight against it. That means calling out the event and fighting to ensure such detestable events don’t happen in our communities. The Fairfax GOP, doing so despite the sure recriminations and allegations of “hate” it would face, called the event outrageous in a Twitter post:

Regardless of the bravery of those few patriots in the Fairfax GOP, it’s stories like this that show that Western Civilization is in its death throes. We’re now so degenerate, so insane and unable to articulate morality, that many find it completely okay to send babies and toddlers to “Drag StoryBook Hour.” Pray for America.

By Gen Z Conservative

Photo by Ted Drake at Flickr.