God Made All Patriots of Sound Mind—Even White Males

By author Ethan Imaap

Here’s how the narrative warfare is going to go: Right-leaning white males living in right-leaning states have access to firearms and are more likely to commit suicide than their compatriots in left-leaning states with less access to firearms. In fact, white males accounted for 69.38% of deaths by suicide in 2019. Do you see? So, what is the next logical step in that equation? Why yes, in order to save white males, we must disarm them. Cue the crying white male who has embraced medical treatment for his mental health. According to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention 90% of people who commit suicide had a diagnosable mental health condition at the time of their death. Really? As Rush Limbaugh used to say, I disagree with the premise. 

Listen, the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention partnered with the National Shooting Sports Foundation to conduct suicide-prevention outreach within the gun-owning community. They barred volunteers from promoting gun-control issues, which, in my book, speaks volumes about their sincere efforts to educate the gun-owning community about self-assessing suicidal tendencies and protecting yourself through temporary or permanent removal of firearms from the home. That is a decision only you and your family can decide; the government needs to stay far away from such discussions. But it won’t. The VA is already using suicide prevention as cover to disarm veterans, and this will be the avenue taken with the right-leaning, gun-owning public at large. I guess if you’re a suicidal leftist, you can keep your gun without question. Liberty only runs in one direction in this country at this time in history.

But with the preponderance of psychology professionals being liberals, their diagnosis could be—likely is—skewed against things that conservative constitutionalists value, such as the rule of law, which is misconstrued as a lack of empathy. Our enemies want us reprogrammed so we show empathy for the perpetrator; we want them reprogrammed to show empathy and respect for the victim. Who lacks empathy? Every value issue aligns similarly. And these people are being proffered as the determiners of whether we should each own firearms or not? No.

There’s little that is more terrifying than being accused or not being mentally sound. Some of us remember a time in our country when the specter of ill-run insanity asylums terrified people. You were committed without your consent, you were drugged, poorly cared for, and releases didn’t come easy. Now, we’re bemoaning the lack of facilities to house the insane who are free to commit mass murders with firearms, giving good guys with guns bad names. It’s brilliant actually, and it will upend us if we don’t proceed carefully and with a plan.

You are in no way crazy if you are sad, angry, and depressed right now. On our watch, this great country turned Chinese-backed communist/globalist. Whatever way you want to look at it, it’s a very sad and enraging thing to live through. Your mental model of what it means to be an American living in the freest country in the world has exploded.

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Image by Jennifer Ditscheit from Pixabay

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