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Study: Rising CO2 IS a Deadly Problem — in Kids’ Bodies — Because of Face Masks

Will we one day view masking children as akin to giving them, as was once done, radium candy? It increasingly seems so, and now yet another study has found that putting kids in masks to prevent COVID-19 is not only unnecessary, but highly dangerous to their health.

Mask wearing to prevent SARS-CoV-2 contraction is an article of COVID Ritual faith among many and is still encouraged, if not mandated, by “health” authorities far and wide. This is despite indications that masks can become as pathogen-laden Petri dishes on people’s faces, that they can restrict oxygen intake, and that wearers may be inhaling unhealthful plastic microparticles from them. Now we hear about serious research out of Germany and Poland on one of these perils: dangerously high mask-induced carbon dioxide levels in children.

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Fox News commentator Tucker Carlson reported on this story Thursday night. Mentioning that there’s no good reason to mask children in the first place, he related, citing scientific journal The Lancet, that “COVID-19 is a generally mild disease in children, including infants.”

The journal is “right,” the host continued. “More kids die in pool drownings every year than have died from COVID so far; according to the latest federal numbers, just .06% of all COVID fatalities in this country have been Americans aged 18 and under.”

Moreover, the CDC itself stated last October that people aged 0 to 19 who contract the coronavirus have a 99.997 percent chance of survival, and research out of Newcastle University in London and elsewhere shows that the disease is notably less dangerous to children than is the flu.

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Image by Ronny Sefria from Pixabay