White Guilt And Other Piles Of Cosmic Debris

Looking at todays’ children running down the street after the ice cream truck, one wonders where we went wrong.  Of course, these children are in college building debt or spending Daddy’s money as usual.  They have now been propagandized into white guilt.

What is white guilt?

Our grandfathers and fathers built the wealthiest and most equitable society in history. It rose for 190 years and has been in decline ever since 1965.  The wealth created has allowed two generations to have a leisure-filled lifestyle that was unheard of by kings 100 years ago.

This is a new phenomenon in many ways.  This wealth has allowed a series of attempts to bring down the ruling class and of course acquire their wealth to pad the revolutionaries’ pockets.  The socialist siren song requires a society with a great deal of money to attract followers. The children that are attracted to socialism must feel a great deal of security in their lives to charge forth to attack those that provide it.

Another group of zealots has enough material goods but is desperate for social recognition.  The attraction of being involved with the in-crowd is too great to ignore.  So, the barricades are rushed until a bloody nose is received initiating a rapid retreat to mommy’s warm embrace.

The concept of white guilt has a history of use for several generations.  The title is a deviation from standard greed, but the game plan remains the same.  We must overthrow the undeserving oppressors of great wealth and shove their noses in the mud because we are jealous!

We are not responsible for our own actions because we whine very well.  Socialist sanity cannot be measured by our own standards of logic.

The catechism of sexist, racist, homophobe, etc. replaces the need for a cognizant thought process.  All that is necessary is to “select a sin” (™), there is one that receives social approval in every situation in dealing with the deplorables.

Unfortunately, these liberals have never crossed the line between children and adults.  Their major decisions of the day revolve around which channel to watch and Twitter or Facebook and where are the doughnuts.  Fortunately they can take these social connectors when they visit the psychiatrist with 56% of their girlfriends.

We are a culture that has lost its’ force.  These demonstrators are not known for courage or critical thinking skills, and they despise merit-based society because they possess neither. 

These people have chosen not to be included in the mainstream of the culture.  The only place for them to find allies is with another group that has been left behind after being politically used for decades.  This alliance has cost the black community dearly.  The wounds to the community may never be recovered.

The black countries of Africa are filled with diseases of various types.  Hunger is quite common.  The life expectancy in the Congo is about sixty years.  That is up from 30 in 1870.  What is it in the US?  The evil westerners have shown the Third World how to live longer and healthier lives.  In Pakistan and other Muslim countries, 60% of the people marry their first cousin.  This leads to mental retardation and consequently there is more difficulty in raising living standards but not in finding violent extremists.

A recent graduate of a Baltimore high school had a GPA of .125 over 4 years! Yes, just over a tenth of one percent!  The student was in the top 58% of the class!  Is this the school’s fault? Are these kids performing at the level of their intellectual ability? Where does all the money go that is poured into the system annually?

Advanced courses were cancelled in Boston schools because black and Hispanic students are 80% of the population but 70% of the advanced students were white and oriental.  The American Medical Association has called for and end to merit based admissions to medical schools.  Would you want a socially promoted heart surgeon?  Some people are not intelligent enough to perform these tasks.  It is not privilege, only genetic ability.

As “equality” is introduced, quality and innovation disappear.  The concept of merit instead of birth created our superior society.  Our government has been lost to the jealous mediocre. Systemic racism is cast as a spell to control your response to obvious fallacies.  Apologizing for white excellence and work ethic is the last step before disaster.   The government will now dissolve as we have already lost our society.  Guess who goes down with us.

By Madame Defarge

Madame Defarge is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative and a patriotic American offering opinions on issues of the day while working in the biodiesel refinery and clean water industries, internationally focusing on technologies that make cents.

Image by John Hain from Pixabay

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