For Those Attacking ‘Whiteness’, Both Sides Of The Ledger Please

By Guest Author Richard Jack Rail

If whites are going to get blamed for all evils, as today’s Marxists seem intent on doing, they should get some recognition for the good they’ve done. When you put it down in black and white, and compare white contributions to the greater good of mankind with those of other races/ethnicities, you are immediately struck by how out-of-balance it all is.

Whites ended slavery in the Western Hemisphere, Europe, and major parts of Asia. In India they ended suttee (burning the still-living wife on the dead husband’s funeral pyre). They ended human sacrifice in Central America and cannibalism in the Caribbean. Since the last half of the 20th Century, white agricultural methods have fed the world. Whites ended the persistent diseases in Africa and Asia and the Caribbean that sapped energy and killed and blinded and blighted the lives of countless millions.

Whites introduced the ideas of human rights and capitalism to the world. They spread literacy and learning and advanced mathematics and the sciences. They established literature and music and culture. They wiped out some of the worst plagues ever to decimate mankind.

Almost everything comfortable and convenient in modern civilization came out of white cultures. Cars, trains, planes, even bicycles. Plumbing, air conditioning, heating, television, radio, artificial lighting. All major sports. Paved highways and sidewalks. Iron lungs. Dialysis. Vaccines. MRI. Life-saving surgeries. Washing machines, microwave ovens, vacuum cleaners, wrist watches, telephones, computers, on and on.

Whites did give rise to the World Wars. Whites have attempted genocide. They enslaved others. They have been mean and heartless, even cruel.

So have all other races and ethnicities.

Without whites, the world would be a much poorer, much worse place.

This is worth bringing up when someone is going on about how evil whites are.

By Richard Jack Rail

Richard Jack Rail is a retired Army officer who writes mostly when something gets his goat.

Photo by Lentina X at Flickr.

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