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Maxine And Cori’s Abhorrence, Trump Takes On Tech, And ESPN’s Diversity Dilemma: The Week In Review

Headline #1:      Maxine Waters And Cori Bush Yell Loud And Clear – We Hate America  

On the Fourth of July, Rep. Maxine Waters (D-CA) stated via Twitter, “The Declaration of Independence says all men are created equal. Equal to what? What men? Only white men?” Not to be outdone, Rep. Cori Bush (D-MO) tweeted the same day, “When they say that the 4th of July is about American freedom, remember this: the freedom they’re referring to is for white people.”

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Thoughts and Observations:

  • It’s tiresome to keep repeating the facts for these nincompoops, so I’ll try to keep these points brief. 1) Slavery in the U.S. was reprehensible but not unique and was in fact legal virtually around the world in 1776. 2) Founding Fathers who owned slaves, particularly the author of the Declaration of Independence Thomas Jefferson, made no secret of their opposition to slavery and in most cases freed their slaves upon their deaths. And 3) we had 300,000 white men die in the Civil War to free the slaves, while an exclusively white Congress and a white President passed the thirteenth amendment to abolish slavery forever; all of whom were men, by the way. You really need to get some different talking points ladies.
  • Bush went on to add, “This land is stolen and black people still aren’t free.” For someone who isn’t free, Cori, you sure have a big mouth with a lot of stupid stuff to say.
  • Regarding the idea that America is “stolen,” here’s a reminder Cori. In 1776 and beyond, there were two types of countries: those who were imperialist, and those who wanted to be imperialist. Look up Julius Caesar, Alexander the Great, Genghis Khan, Atilla the Hun, and the British Empire next time you shut up long enough to actually learn something.
  • Also, regarding the notion of our country being ‘stolen land,’ exactly who gets to decide who stole what from whom? If the Osage Tribe took land from the Kiawa Tribe in 1834 in what is now Oklahoma, does that land belong to the Kiawa? The Osage? Spain? Mexico? What if the Kiawa had originally taken it from the Wichita Tribe four hundred years before? The idea that Indian Tribes prior to colonization were just a bunch of laid-back beatniks sitting around smoking their peace pipes and chanting groovy tunes is ridiculous. They were/are proud peoples with wonderful cultures, but their histories include aggressions and conquering just like every other culture that has ever existed.
  • Sen. Ted Cruz (R-TX) needs some help, for crying out loud. Cruz took on both Waters and Bush, correctly stating “the left hates America,” and calling Bush’s claims “lies.” Good for you Senator. But where is the rest of the Republicans? Don’t call Waters’ and Bush’s comments ‘inappropriate,’ or ‘unfortunate,’ call them what they are. Lies. Put on your big boy and big girl pants, show some fortitude, and stand up for your country.
  • Throughout the week, Rep. Bush was repeatedly referred to as a member of “The Squad.” When did that happen? I thought The Squad was four members: Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), Rep. Rashida Tlaib (D-MI), Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN), and Rep. Ayanna Pressley (D-MA). Did the other four vote Bush in? If so, was it unanimous? Just curious.
  • The great Ben Shapiro is fond calling Pressley the ‘Ringo Starr’ of The Squad. If Pressley is Ringo, then Cori Bush is Pete Best. What a joke.

Headline #2:      Trump Sues Facebook, Twitter, And Google For Censorship

During a press conference at Trump National Golf Club on Wednesday, former President Donald J. Trump announced that he has filed class-action lawsuits against the three companies, and their respective CEOs.

Thoughts and Observations:

  • The left and their media immediately began pooh-poohing the news, citing so-called “experts” who claim Trump doesn’t have a chance of winning the lawsuits, but don’t be so sure. One of Trump’s greatest achievements as president was the progress he made in appointing conservative judges and justices within the judicial branch, and there are a lot of conservatives sitting on a lot of benches. Furthermore, Big Tech has clearly engaged in censorship, not just with Trump but with many other conservatives, and Trump’s team should be able to make a strong case.
  • The real motivation behind Trump’s move, according to the left, is greed. They pointed to the fundraising efforts that began soon after the announcement. Note that the left practically invented this tactic but are outraged when any conservative applies it to their efforts.
  • Donald Trump is indeed the Little Girl With The Curl. When he is good, he is oh so good. But when he is bad, he is horrid. This lawsuit is Trump being oh so good, and this is why he is still important to the conservative movement. No one else has the cojones to pull this sort of thing off. Big Tech tyranny is perhaps the greatest challenge we currently face, and we need to take them head on. Well done Mr. President.
  • You have to love that Trump didn’t just sue the companies, he sued their CEOs personally. Twitter’s Jack Dorsey, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, and Google’s Sundar Pichai, are a big part of the problem, and it is their leadership that is enabling this culture of censorship. Trump was right to call them out individually, and again, well done sir.
  • Even if Trump loses, this case could be huge. The fact that the three CEOs were named in the suits means they will likely need to testify, and since this is a civil suit and not a criminal case, none of them will be able to hide behind their Fifth Amendment rights and refuse to testify. They’ll have to testify under oath, and we could get a good glimpse at the goings-on behind the curtains of the three tech giants.
  • In addition to the enlightenment we could receive from the testimonies of the three CEOs, there is also the aspect of Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act of 1996 which addresses the differences between publishers and platforms. It has become increasingly clear that this part of the law is highly problematic, and Trump is asking it to be found unconstitutional. And it may very well be. It’s possible this part of Trump’s lawsuit could make it to the Supreme Court.

Headline #3:      ESPN’s Rachel Nichols Criticizes Company On Diversity, Removed From Job

A video of ESPN personality Rachel Nichols was leaked on Monday in which the reporter can be heard on a hot mic criticizing the network’s employment of black reporter Maria Taylor due to ESPN’s “crappy longtime record on diversity.”

Thoughts and Observations:

  • Nichols’ comment was clearly implying that the reason Taylor is working at ESPN is because Taylor is black. Nichols immediately tried to walk back her comments issuing an apology and essentially begging for mercy, but it was too late. On Tuesday, ESPN announced that Nichols was being replaced as sideline reporter for the NBA finals.
  • It’s hard to feel sorry for Nichols or anyone at ESPN. They’re working for one of the most woke networks in the country, sports-related or otherwise. They’re helping to promote the cancer that is wokeness. If you’re playing along with ESPN’s anti-American, discrimination-embracing shenanigans by throwing sacrifices to the alligators hoping to be eaten last, you reap what you sow.
  • I barely watch ESPN nowadays. They’re not very good anymore, and as I mentioned they’re just too far to the left. Does Nichols have a point about Taylor? I have no idea, I don’t think I’ve ever seen Taylor report. However, Nichols’ point about an ESPN push for ‘diversity’ being due to a previously ‘crappy’ record on the issue is absurd. It’s been obvious for years that ESPN’s primary goal is to have less white men on the air. So here’s a question for you, Rachel. If the only reason Taylor is working at ESPN is because she’s black, isn’t it possible that the only reason you’re working at ESPN is because you’re a woman? It goes both ways, Rachel.
  • Here’s the problem for ESPN and the scores of other corporations that promote diversity: Diversity for diversity’s sake is racist and sexist. Period. If you’re hiring people based on their skin-color and genitalia instead of their qualifications, this is the type of perception you earn, and the type of reputation you receive. No one should be hired because of inherent traits, and no one should be turned down for a job for those reasons either.
  • The Nichols brouhaha comes on the heels of the Jalen Rose incident from two weeks ago. Rose, as you may recall, caught minor heat for stating that the U.S. Olympic Basketball Team selected white player Kevin Love for diversity reasons by arguing, “Love is on the team because of tokenism. Don’t be scared to make an all-black team.” There are two big differences between Rose’s comments and Nichols’. Rose said what most of ESPN probably agrees with, which is why he said it on the air. Nichols, meanwhile, was caught by accident, and said something that may very well be true but is forbidden from being said. Rachel Nichols said the quiet part aloud, and that is verboten.

Headline #4:      Fauci Wants Us Wearing Masks… Again

On Sunday, Dr. Anthony Fauci once again weighed-in on mask-wearing due to COVID when he explained that those of us who have been vaccinated should return to wearing masks if we’re traveling to destinations which have low COVID vaccination rates.

Thoughts and Observations:

  • If you’re confused about what Fauci, and thereby our federal government, is telling you to do regarding any number of elements involving the virus, it’s understandable. Fauci has changed directions on so many issues, so many times, it’s difficult to keep track of what he would like us to do. Fauci’s had so many reversals, my colleague Parker Beauregard wrote a 6-part series on the matter. Fauci has no credibility. And it may be time for Parker to add a few more articles to his series.
  • The pandemic is over, and Fauci and Democrats can’t stand that idea. As the virus’ dangers wane, so does their power over us. There are variants emerging, and some may pose additional health challenges, but the pandemic is over. Could you be infected with COVID still? Could you be stricken with a variant? Could you be hospitalized and die as a result? Absolutely, but such is life. You could also come down with hepatitis, or encephalitis, or a flesh-eating bacteria. It’s a dangerous world out there. Life is dangerous. But it’s also wonderful and we need to live it.  
  • A laughable aspect of Fauci’s point is the contradictory nature of the government’s messaging on the vaccines. First, they balked at the vaccines’ safety because President Donald Trump might have gotten credit. Then they told us to get the vaccines, but the vaccination wouldn’t change our way of life, as you’d still have to stay away from grandma, social distance, and wear masks. Then they backtracked and said you could go back to normal if vaccinated, sort of. Then Biden told us getting the vaccine is the “most patriotic” thing we can do, which presumably includes joining the military. Is it any wonder there are areas of the country where large portions of the population are still unvaccinated?
  • I received the Johnson and Johnson vaccine in early-April, and I’m glad I did. In fact, I would do it again. But that was my choice, and I know many of you have made a different choice, and there’s nothing wrong with that decision. In fact, I get it. I understand your apprehension. This effort by Biden, Fauci, and the rest to divide us by vaccines is just their latest approach to identity politics. It’s not about public health and safety, it’s about power. At every opportunity they try to divide us by skin color, religion, gender, sexual preference, and age, among other traits. Now they’re trying to divide us based on antibodies. It’s despicable.
  • In watching Fauci, or virtually any Democrat talk about COVID, it’s become obvious: they want the COVID virus to rebound and for the pandemic to take hold again. Watch a few minutes of the lefties on CNN or MSNBC talking about the emergence of a variant, and you can hear and see their excitement. A return of COVID means an opportunity to retake power over us. These people are twisted.

Headline #5:      Avenatti Sentenced to 30 Months in Prison

Disgraced attorney, former Donald Trump nemesis, and leftwing media darling Michael Avenatti was sentenced to 30 months in prison by a federal judge on Thursday from his conviction of attempting to extort millions of dollars from the shoe company Nike.

Thoughts and Observations:

  • I know it’s wrong to delight in someone else’s misfortune. We shouldn’t take pleasure when something bad happens to someone else, no matter how despicable that person may be. But Michael Avenatti is extra-despicable, and the fact that he reacted by crying like a toddler in the courtroom makes it virtually impossible not so smile at this news. After all those years of Catholic school, there are more than a few nuns in heaven tut-tutting me right now for taking satisfaction from this story, but I just can’t help it.
  • For those who share my joy, there is more on the way. “And the hits just keep on coming.” Avenatti still faces charges from two more indictments, one in New York where he was alleged to have defrauded porn actress and former client Stormy Daniels, and another in California for defrauding other, less infamous clients. Michael Avenatti is likely to be spending many years behind bars, and when he is released will never be allowed to practice law again. Justice in action.
  • As you might expect, coverage of the news by the mainstream media was sparse. A paragraph here, a blurb there, and a 15-second mention towards the end of the nightly newscast.  They’re hoping we forget the way they fawned over Avenatti when he was riding high. They portrayed him as being a cross between Dudley Do Right and Perry Mason, and they couldn’t give him enough airtime. He was on television virtually every time we turned it on, talking about how he was going to destroy Trump.
  • It seems incredibly ludicrous now, but don’t forget, the left and their media also openly pushed for the idea of this criminal running for president against Donald Trump. They were infatuated with this guy and look at what he turned out to be. How does anyone trust a word the media tells us?

PF Whalen

PF Whalen is a conservative blogger at  His work has appeared in multiple publications, including the Western Journal, Human Events, and American Thinker.  Follow him on Parler @PFWhalen