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The Deep-Rooted Drivers Behind America’s Leftist Youth: Reversing This Damage Is No Small Task

If there is no destination over the horizon, there is no point in walking the road.”

We have seen differing levels of tyranny emphasized while descending towards chaos.  The struggle we have suffered through created by the street mobs of paid children is an attempt by them to be relieved of the burden of thinking for oneself.  These individuals have a great fear of a non-supporting structure as they have no adult experience on which to rely but oddly, they have been programmed to try to tear it down.

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Their lives have no focal point hence there is no respect for people who do.  There is only room for scorn in their struggle, leaving them an easy mark for the manipulative political operatives toiling for the globalist conclave.

These social outliers have experienced not being accepted by the existing structure which creates anger directed towards the current system, which they feel must be eliminated and a new structure created of which they can be a part. In socialism, self-examination must be avoided at all costs because the hypocrisy is overwhelming.  No fault can be attributed to the true believer for any malfeasance.  Consequently, we observe the hatred exhibited on campus and on the streets.

Our society has rapidly evolved from local to national awareness.  Parochial attitudes are a distant, fading memory, and regional exceptionalism churned into a miasma of uniformity. These consequences evolved from our national economic expansions.  The young have been robbed of the character-building allegiance of heritage, extended family, and a sense of place.

The phenomena began with the national expansion of the large corporations.  After World War II, business quickly evolved from Main Street ownership to corporate branches across the nation.  If there was an issue within a corporate location, properly performing personnel were transferred to the underperforming site.

The movement brought in people with no emotional, personnel or marital ties to the community.  There was no one to help take care of the people problems of friends and family left behind because there was no personal connection. This rootlessness has weakened the foundations of the community.  Our citizens have devolved into interchangeable parts for the business world.  These unfortunate people are little more than indentured servants.

The government had to grow rapidly to address various social problems left in the migrations’ wake.  From food banks to rent to tutoring or babysitting duties, public employees replaced family conclaves.  The taxes had to be raised and a class of indifferent clerks developed. We have been left alone. 

This attitude has created the child revolutionary.  Their emotional immaturity is grounded in seeing a deteriorating society expand around them. Unfortunately, the answers with which they are inundated such as socialism, are foolishly outdated.  They have been trained to sow blame elsewhere which inhibits personal growth.

Our superficial interpersonal communications are instant and constant. This ability allows us to be too close to the stage.  We see, hear and smell everything and everybody without a fuzzy gauze that can blur reality. No one is perfect and we suffer through having to listen to all their actions on a daily basis.  Our fantasies of a moral society have been destroyed.  We now are assaulted with the “sin of the day” continually.

The radical kids have been instructed in school that the old order is a malignancy that must be destroyed while it maintains them in their current state.  Intellectual acuity in both teacher and student is not their strongest attribute.  They do not realize that their leaders wish for the further deterioration of the structure of our society thereby accelerating its’ descent while building the foundation of their new tyranny.

The growth of our current theocratic style tyranny from large to larger is our fate.  We exist at the hinge of the precipice for the more rapid destruction of all we have left.  Our academia has devolved into a system requiring neither intellect nor talent. It only requires obedience.  Academia is critical to our future but it shows few signs of rejuvenation.  Over the horizon an end awaits as we plod onward.

“These are the times that try men’s souls.”  Thomas Paine

The Madame

Madame Defarge is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative and a patriotic American offering opinions on issues of the day while working in the biodiesel refinery and clean water industries, internationally focusing on technologies that make cents.

Image by OpenClipart-Vectors from Pixabay

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