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BLM And The ‘Anti-Racists’: Exploiting America’s Black Community By Promoting Government Dependence

Black lives matter is quite boring.

The protestant work ethic and a short story by John Galsworthy are worth reviewing today. The story is “Quality”.  It is a metaphor for the deterioration of our Christian protestant work ethic that dominated the world for 500 years.  I read the story many decades ago in junior high school.  Amazingly, we all knew how to read.  There was no social promotion.  I wonder what happened?

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The story accentuated the wants of instantaneous gratification versus commitment to excellence as a way of life.  The craftsmen were cobblers who worked on one custom pair of boots at a time with nothing on their shelf to sell.  His quality was excellent but his financial rewards were very low because of lack of mass production.

This is an example of simple bravery, intellect and innovation that created a world girding system that has no equal in history.  The perseverance of the Europeans that set out to civilize the primitives and raise their own lifestyle is inspirational to this day.  These settlers ventured away from a system that had stood for 1,000 years. 

There was no opportunity for the second sons of noblemen in England in the 16th century.  The only way for them to rise was the great migration towards new worlds opening across the seas.  These settlers brought with them their superior technologies to the new territories and conquered far and wide.

Millions were buried or taken by slavers along the way but the need to expand overcame all difficulties.  Conditions were so terrible during the famines that 20% of the Irish population either starved or emigrated.  There were no food stamps, no free schools, no medical care or free housing.  The United States of America was created from dreams and sweat and blood.

Out of the intelligence and perseverance of these great people, developed the world we live in today.  No other society comes even close to the innovation or scientific development or social development of our society.

The current flu virus provides camouflage for the 2 trillion dollars that has been taken from the future fruit of workers sweat to give to those that sacrifice nothing, produce nothing and have no value to others or themselves and are useless to society.  They show nothing but ingratitude for those that have toiled on their behalf.  And they want more; now!

This issue is, of course, raised using alleged black inequality as a stalking horse for massive changes in our system. The allied white demonstrators are also whining about being genetically shortchanged.  If they are so gifted as mommy believes, how are they so easily duped to be paid protestors for people that revile them?

The black race hustlers have made millions extorting the corporations for decades.  Now a new generation of scam artists have pushed Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton and their ilk out of the business.

Who has been helped by burning people’s dreams?    Real questions need to be answered by real people and not just paid shills, whether they be politicians or media types.  This warped view of race relations is filling people with nothing but contempt for others.  What is the purpose of this plan?

The black American is being taken advantage of again by using a manufactured resentment to cover for a huge redirection of our national path.  Democratic South Carolina Congressman Jim Clyburn is Chairman of the black caucus who stated that this strategy of “defund the police” is “not a winner” even in the black community.  He obviously knows the overall plan but has yet to divulge it.

For the silly doughnut girls and academics, and anyone else who buys into the BLM narrative of the systemic victimhood of black Americans, I have a few questions. (And please note that an overwhelming majority of BLM protesters are in fact white, in some cases as much as 85% of them). In what areas have they not gotten help?  Is the $20 trillion since the 1965 Civil Rights Act not enough for reparations?  Is there a country you wish us to emulate?

Have the Muslims returned the money they received by selling blacks to the slave traders?  They are black of course, so have they returned the money? Have you gone to Africa to help with their low quality of healthcare and life expectancy? How long do these Americans, who have been blessed with unprecedented opportunities, need to be supported?  Why can they not take care of themselves?

Why do other people risk all to come to the USA and you just whine, riot and steal?  There is a great deal of white boredom with having to hear about diversity being the answer to all things.  Are we just lowering standards to let people participate?   Why do you ridicule black people for “acting white” when they attempt to get out of the ghetto by working hard and succeeding?

The sniveling white kids arrested at BLM riots are the social outcast type looking for a group in which to belong.  They are emotionally bereft and destined for a clerical existence. Mommy must be proud!

Our national structure was the finest type of government for its’ citizens ever to be designed.  It has now become a vehicle to strip our wealth to line the pockets of our detractors.  Fortunately, there have been enough minorities coming forth who realize that opportunity exists here that is nowhere else.  Recent events in Cuba and Venezuela come to mind.  Seeing American flags there in the streets where protestors have courage and are not paid is thrilling.  It indicates the paucity of analysis capability by the political wannabes.

There may be hope, but we must hurry.

The Madame

Still Knitting

Madame Defarge is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative and a patriotic American offering opinions on issues of the day while working in the biodiesel refinery and clean water industries, internationally focusing on technologies that make cents.

Photo by Colin Lloyd on Unsplash