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Confused On Cuba, Tantrum In Texas, And Peach State Proof: The Week In Review

Headline #1:      Pro-Freedom Protests Erupt In Cuba, Democrats’ Response Disjointed


Cubans began taking to the streets on Sunday in unprecedented protests against the communist dictatorship which has been in power for sixty years, as the Biden Administration and other Democrats struggled to assemble a coherent response.

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Thoughts and Observations:

  • The Cuban government is tyrannical, murderous, and extremely oppressive. It’s utterly awful. But it’s communist, and that’s problematic for Democrats. When capitalists die, they hope they go to heaven. When socialists die, they hope they go to communism. And Democrats like Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-VT), Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez (D-NY), and Rep. Ilhan Omar (D-MN) have been beating the drum for years now about how great socialism is. Cuba’s uprising is wholly contradictory to their narrative which is why their messaging is so peculiar.
  • From one side of the Administration’s mouth, President Biden called the protests in Cuba “remarkable” and a “clarion call for freedom,” which is accurate. But from the other side of their mouth (AKA Press Secretary Jen Psaki), they stated “A Cuba policy shift is not currently among President Biden’s top priorities.” So, a “clarion call for freedom” from subjects of a homicidal dictatorship ninety miles from our shores isn’t a “priority?”
  • Remarkably, Psaki also tried to blame the Cubans’ discontent on a lack of COVID vaccines and food due to the pandemic. Perhaps Psaki didn’t notice the protesters were chanting for “freedom” and “liberty” while flying American flags, while there were no signs regarding vaccines or food. The media, naturally, took the ball and ran with it pushing the same, ridiculous talking points. Not only do they think we’re stupid, they desperately need us to be.
  • Did you hear what Sanders, AOC, Omar, and the other Democratic Socialists had to say about the Cuba situation? No? Me neither, and that’s because they didn’t say anything. They’re going to try and wait until the Cuba problem blows over so they can go back to hollering about the racism of climate change and voter ID laws. But they can’t hide from this stuff. The Democratic Party is in deep doo-doo with next year’s midterm elections.
  • Florida has a massive Hispanic population, especially those coming from Cuba. The state has also been fairly ‘red’ for the last few elections, with a Republican governor, legislature, and two U.S. senators. The way the Dems have botched their answer to Cuba is just going to make it more solidly Republican.
  • Black Lives Matter – the organization, not the phrase – issued a statement with full-throated, unmistakable support of the communist dictatorship while simultaneously ripping America. America is the problem for BLM, not the communist killers. Anyone who was confused about BLM’s ideology should see things very clearly now. BLM is Marxist, militant, and thoroughly anti-American. Americans’ opinions of BLM have shifted dramatically since last spring’s George Floyd protests/riots with only 48% approval, get ready for that shift to accelerate.
  • Defending the Cuban dictatorship is unfathomable. By Wednesday, the regime was rounding up dissenters across the country, including those appearing on live TV. Want to see communism/socialism in action? We’re seeing it in real time and it’s scary stuff.

Headline #2:      Texas’ Democratic Legislators Leave State To Delay Inevitable Voting Law

Democratic lawmakers in Texas fled the state on Monday in order to prevent the state’s legislature from passing a voting rights bill by preventing the establishment of a quorum.

Thoughts and Observations:

  • The whole thing was just a political stunt, and an ill-advised one at that. Not only is the bill ultimately going to be passed, it’s likely to increase in popularity due to the Democrats’ juvenile shenanigans. Their biggest issues with the bill in question is its banning of ballot harvesting and voter ID requirements, a topic which is supported by over 80% of Americans.
  • Democrats aren’t just in the minority within the state’s legislature, it’s not even close. The way these things are supposed to work is for the Democrats to make their case for opposing the law and/or try to negotiate for compromises. Instead, they chose to run away.
  • Where did these stalwarts of democracy go to? Did they get on a bus together and head to Oklahoma or Louisiana while singing “99 Bottles of Beer on the Wall?” Did they stand at their state’s border and interact with the media to make a logical case for their opposition to the bill? Nope. These are representatives of the common man. They got on a private jet, headed to Washington D.C. where they were fawned over by D.C. Democrats and their media, and then they begged federal lawmakers to disregard the will of their own citizens as represented by duly elected officials by passing federal voting laws. Bravo.
  • So, they got on a private jet complete with white-glove service. They took a bunch of silly selfies like a bunch of school kids, and they no doubt stayed at some of the fanciest hotels in Washington, all with someone else’s money. Sounds tough, doesn’t it? But according to Vice-President Kamala Harris, their actions were a “great sacrifice,” while praising them for their “courage.” Unreal.
  • Are voters in Texas going to look favorably on politicians trying to undermine their democracy by ceding power to the feds? Are they going to support the idea that requiring someone to show their driver’s license before voting is not only problematic, but so much so that they needed to this? Like the aforementioned situation in Florida, this type of nonsense is just going make the red state of Texas that much redder.
  • On Wednesday, two intellectual powerhouses – singer Willie Nelson and dirt eater Beto O’Rourke – weighed in on the situation by launching a fund raiser for the rogue lawmakers. Because nothing resonates with voters quite like the image of being supported by a pot-smoking, long-haired, singer who’s 88 years-old, and a pot-smoking, short-haired, nincompoop who acts like he’s 8 years-old. Good job, Democrats.

Headline #3:      Potential Evidence Of Voter Fraud In Georgia Revealed

On Tuesday, a non-profit organization called VoterGA, which is dedicated to the uncovering and prevention of voter fraud, released a statement purporting to have proof that voting in Georgia’s heavily Democratic Fulton County was “riddled with massive errors and provable fraud” during last November’s election in which Georgia supposedly voted for Joe Biden.

Thoughts and Observations:

  • Among other items, the group detailed the uncovering of “fabricated” vote totals, erroneously tallied counts, and improprieties in the “chain of custody” of ballots. Will this reverse the awarding of the state’s electoral votes to Joe Biden? That issue will ultimately be up to the courts, but VoterGA still has a long hill to climb.
  • The media naturally downplayed the news as more “conspiracy theory” efforts. Democrats are fully committed to the idea that the election was pristine not just in Georgia, but in every state, and this development would obviously throw a wrench in their works. They’ll try to keep up this stance, but if VoterGA can make a solid case, they can’t ignore it forever.
  • My position on the validity of Biden’s election hasn’t changed. Former President Trump calls the election “stolen,” and it’s possible he’s correct. But the burden of proof is on him, or more precisely Republicans and the officials of various states. Democrats called Trump an illegitimate president for four years for imaginary improprieties involving Russia, and they were wrong to do so; blatantly wrong. For us to make the same claims about Biden, we should make darned sure we have irrefutable proof, and that has not been produced. All we’ve seen is the “potential” for the election to be stolen, no proof.
  • Is Joe Biden an illegitimate president? At this point, no, he’s not. He’s a horrendous president, no doubt, but not an illegitimate one.
  • The focus by Republicans on whatever comes out of Fulton County should not be on Biden’s legitimacy. It would take at least two other large states (i.e. Arizona, Michigan, or Pennsylvania) to witch to Trump in order to reverse the election results, and that isn’t going to happen. But that doesn’t mean this news out of Georgia isn’t significant, because it is. Democrats and the media have been screaming that there was no “widespread voter fraud.” Biden won Georgia by only 11,320 votes, and Fulton is Georgia’s most populous county. Depending on the numbers, Republicans should focus on the issue of voter fraud in general, and what needs to happen to eliminate it. Stay off Biden for now, focus on the processes.

Headline #4:      Jussie Smollett Finally Gets His Day In Court, Sort Of

Actor Jussie Smollett appeared in court this week not to finally face justice for his 2019 hate-crime hoax, but to discuss the appropriateness of his lawyers representing him in that case.

Thoughts and Observations:

  • If you’re thinking, “This isn’t really big news if it’s just about his lawyers,” you’re probably right. But this whole case is so bizarre, and so intriguing, and frankly, so hilarious, I can’t help but weigh-in on it if there’s an opportunity.
  • To refresh everyone’s memory, a brief recap of the story:
    • Jussie Smollett is a B-rate actor who is black and gay. In January 2019 on a night with single-digit temperatures, he called police and alleged that two white guys in downtown Chicago wearing “MAGA” hats confronted him on his way out of a Subway restaurant and beat him up while screaming “This is MAGA country.”
    • The story sounded fishy from the beginning since we could probably count on one hand the number of white guys wearing MAGA hats in downtown Chicago, and probably none of them would want to be outside in frigid whether in the wee hours of the morning.
    • It also seemed strange that Smollett would answer the door for the police to file the report while eating the very Subway sandwich he supposedly bought right before being assaulted.
    • Days later, reports surfaced alleging two Nigerian brothers had been hired by Smollett to help stage the hoax.
    • The original prosecutor – who is friendly with the Obamas who are in turn friendly with Smollett apparently – dropped the case for no legitimate reason.
    • After further investigation, the case was taken up by a special prosecutor, and Smollett now faces six counts of lying to police, and some of those counts are felonies.
  • It’s a funny story, really funny, to the point that Smollett’s been widely mocked by even leftwing celebrities and late-night talk show hosts. But the fact that Smollett still maintains his innocence requires us not to let the story go, and we need to take it seriously. Can you imagine the uproar we’d continue to witness if Smollett had actually come up with a more believable story?
  • Again, if America is so racist, why would a buffoon like Smollett need to concoct a hoax like this? And wouldn’t this type of thing actually happen frequently and in reality, instead of in the imaginations of B-rate actors trying to get publicity?

Headline #5:      Ratings Crash For Major League Baseball’s All-Star Game

Ratings for MLB’s All-Star Game on Tuesday night were the second-lowest rated in the history of the All-Star Game, and only fractionally higher than the lowest-ever-rated game in 2019.

Thoughts and Observations:

  • While I didn’t watch the All-Star Game for reasons which I’ve already detailed and will discuss again shortly, I have watched a decent amount of baseball this year. MLB is actually having a fantastic season when it comes to storylines. They have a phenom named Shohei Otani who plays for the L.A. Angels. They have a potential Triple Crown winner in Toronto first baseman Vlad Guerrero, Jr. They have another emerging superstar in San Diego shortstop Fernando Tatis, along with several others. And most of the large market teams are competitive. Tuesday’s game should have had fantastic ratings, but it didn’t. Hmmm.
  • MLB is the gang that couldn’t shoot straight. After unnecessarily weighing in on “social justice” matters last summer, they doubled down in April by moving the All-Star game from Atlanta to Denver after pressure from Democratic lawmakers regarding Georgia’s infinitely reasonable voting law. MLB decided to go woke, and just like the NFL, and just like the NBA, their ratings, attendance, and corresponding revenues are plummeting. Go woke go broke, indeed.
  • I watched neither the All-Star Game nor Monday’s Homerun Derby for that very reason. Hopefully many of you did the same. When we take such actions, and when we make those actions known to others, it has an impact.
  • For clarity, because I’ve touched on these issues before, I am not boycotting MLB, at least not yet. I didn’t watch the ASG on Tuesday, but I still watch regular season games, and I’ll probably watch the post season. The reason is this: the team I’ve supported since childhood has not gone totally woke. Their players have said stupid stuff, but none of them have knelt for our National Anthem. With the NFL, I’ll never watch another game. Ever. And I had been an avid NFL fan prior to 2017. Same with the NBA. I will never watch the NBA again. But MLB hasn’t made it to that level with me… at least not yet.

PF Whalen

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Featured image is a screen grab from CBS News.