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Six Consequential ‘People Of Color’ Political Commentators

In this installment of their weekly Sunday Six conversation, PF Whalen and Parker Beauregard of The Blue State Conservative turn the tables on the left’s embrace of identity politics as they discuss their six favorite ‘non-white’ conservative commentators. Does race matter more than ideas? Of course not, but it’s fun (and easy) to poke holes in leftism’s main tenets.

#6: Shelby Steele

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PF: It’s strange to even be discussing this topic, because as conservatives we don’t look at the world through the prism of skin-color. If you’re conservative, intelligent, and persuasive, we don’t care what you look like and we’re happy to hear/read what you have to say. But it’s a fascinating subject to knock around, because our friends on the left are the total opposite. For them, everything is about skin-color. And genitalia. And sexual whatever. They’re so entrenched in identity politics, inherent traits are the only things that matter. And we know the fact that conservative persons of color even exist drives them bananas.

Shelby Steele is thoroughly intriguing. He’s not as visible as some of the others on our list, as he tends to lay low. He’s not on talk shows all the time or appearing on cable news three times per week. But he’s utterly brilliant. Anyone who hasn’t had the opportunity to read his work or listen to him being interviewed, do yourself a favor and find the time to do both.

During his youth in the 1960s, Steele witnessed firsthand the struggles of the Civil Rights Movement but came away from that experience with significantly different conclusions than so many of the others from his generation. Shelby Steele  is a senior fellow with The Hoover Institution, he opposes affirmative action, he accurately predicted that Barack Obama would do everything possible to exploit his race, he vocally opposes BLM, and he’s extremely pro-Israel. He’s a conservative’s conservative.

Last year Steele wrote and narrated a film titled What Killed Michael Brown, a documentary detailing the specifics regarding the death of the Ferguson, Missouri teenager who was shot by police in 2014, an incident which kick started the Black Lives Matter nonsense. Steele accurately details the lies surrounding the entire narrative of Brown’s death, from the media to the Obama Administration, and concludes that “The truth has no chance” in our society due to the race-baiting left. Shelby Steele is a true patriot, and a significant asset for the conservative movement. 

#5: Carl Jackson

Parker:  This is definitely the underdog of the list. I mean, underdog isn’t the right word, but you know what I mean. How many lists like this exist? And then, how many of them have Carl Jackson? So, sure, underdog it is.

Jackson’s flying-under-the-radar status in conservative circles needs to change, and let’s hope this article contributes to his rising starpower. His biography reads like that of many black youth: Big family, complicating factors, a struggle to find an identity, and multiple interactions with the criminal justice system. This story plays out a lot and usually with a tragic ending. Jackson’s final chapters, though, are different. Among other factors, he accepted Jesus Christ as his Lord and Savior while turning his life around. Among our entire list, it’s a good bet most identify as Christian, as opposed to Muslim or atheist. That’s not insignificant. 

I was introduced to Carl Jackson while he periodically guest hosted a spot for Dennis Prager this and last year. He now comes to mind because I heard him fill in for Larry Elder while the latter was beginning to campaign for governor of California (more on him later). Now, the big news on the airwaves is that Jackson will be a permanent hire in Elder’s absence. This is nothing if not outstanding. Carl Jackson speaks with passion, rationality, and with an utmost fire for liberty and freedom. His background only serves him better; on topics of national interest and importance, Jackson has survived the system to know its inner horrors. Now, this isn’t to say that his “lived experience” outweighs common sense, but it does provide him a glimpse on issues of which you and I can only speculate or have superficial knowledge. 

As a bonus to all of this, Jackson brings a unique wit, charisma, and energy. He has terrific one-liners filled with humor and insight, and he provides names to people and organizations (like Uncle BLM) that we can all appreciate but rarely think of or articulate. The BSC wishes Carl Jackson well on his promotion on the Salem Radio Network. People deserve to listen to him.

 #4: Dinesh D’Souza

PF: If you’re a conservative, it’s impossible not to like D’Souza. He’s undeniably conservative, on just about every issue of the day. He’s both fearless and relentless, whether on social media or in his books, films, or interviews. And being of Indian descent, he’s a person of color which makes it difficult for the left to attack him, even though they have the same level of disdain for Asian-Americans as they do for white Americans but must conceal that contempt. D’Souza is also a Christian, which they clearly despise, and he’s a scholar with an Ivy League education (Dartmouth) which is so coveted by the left they can’t disparage his intellect. There’s probably no rightwing commentator who irks the American left more than Dinesh D’Souza.

The book which kicked off D’Souza’s rise to prominence was his 1995 publication The End of Racism, which contained some highly inflammatory and controversial assertions, to be sure, but which also nailed the overall situation on race in America: the left was vastly overstating the ongoing existence and challenges of white supremacist racism. His book What’s So Great About America detailed American exceptionalism, and The Roots of Obama’s Rage examines the origins of the former president’s radicalism. More recently, D’Souza has favored filmmaking, including America: Imagine the World Without Her and Death of a Nation: Can We Save America a Second Time? The titles alone give a good indication of his mindset and approach.

But for me, it’s the D’Souza we see in interviews that makes him so appealing. He’s defiant but reasonable, combative but measured. He’s frequently confrontational, which I know turns some people off, and sometimes jumps to conclusions on issues without much evidence, but in my opinion, Dinesh D’Souza is terrific, and we should be glad he’s on our side. 

#3: Thomas Sowell

Parker: For most of America, the name Thomas Sowell barely registers on their radar. Even for most conservatives, Sowell’s name is one that is recognized but without a general sense as to why. I don’t know how else to say it: There is no greater disservice to a free society than the ignorance of this man’s decades-long genius and the mountain of contributions to our understanding of society and human nature.

Sowell’s story alone should serve as an inspiration. He was born in the Jim Crow South and later moved to Harlem to live with his extended family. At this point, he was statistically unlikely to do much with his life. Nevertheless, he rose through the ranks (aided in huge part by a commitment to education and independent thinking) and emerged as a preeminent thinker, philosopher, and voice for conservative truths unlike any other in the latter half of the 20th century. At the age of 91, he is still dropping truth bombs and distilling contemporary ideas into digestible nuggets of wisdom. 

Thanks to social media, Sowell’s legacy has been preserved. A perusal of YouTube reveals page after page of a young(er) man calling out the same nonsense in the 1970s as today. It’s fascinating to watch him in his prime, and it is equally disheartening that his commonsensical, rational, and completely correct worldview is still being challenged today by both the masses of ignoramuses and the pocket of evildoers hellbent on amassing personal power. These videos serve as great context for the length of time with which traditional American values have been on the defensive against the selfish, corrupt, and vile ideology of leftism. Any of them picked at random should be required viewing in elementary, secondary, and post-secondary classes. The same goes for his well-researched and extremely well-ideated pantheon of books. Pick a title at random and just start reading. There is more real-world truth and wisdom on any given page from any given book than is presented in a year from most other sources.

I’m running long, but I’ll add this as well. The fact that Thomas Sowell is black completely discredits the tenets of Critical Race Theory. For starters, he overcame systemic racism as a youth. If he could do it, why not others? Moreover, if he could do it then, what excuse do blacks have today? There is then the fact that the black population, like any population, can be composed of free-thinking individuals. If he thinks like me – a white man several generations younger – than it is so obvious that ideas, not skin color, unite or disunite us as a culture.His entire body of work is a giant refutation of modern socialist ideas and ideals; that he is so poorly known across our country is proof that race does not matter. If it did, he would be more revered than Barack Obama. That he is not only shows the dishonesty in leftist talking points on race.

#2: Candace Owens

PF: Candace Owens isn’t just my favorite ‘Person of Color’ political commentator, she might be my overall favorite, regardless of race. Whether on her podcasts, or in interviews, or during debates, she’s fantastic.

As we’ve mentioned, one’s intrinsic qualities tend to be irrelevant to us on significant matters, but there is one trait of Owens which is impossible to ignore, and which amplifies her charm: her youth. Candace Owens is only 32 years old. There are several young conservatives who are making their mark on the conservative movement, but none more than Ms. Owens. The left tries to portray conservatives as a bunch of bible-thumping, gun-toting, crotchety old white guys, and Candace Owens just blows up that entire narrative, and she does so with flair.

Some of my favorite quotes from Owens are as follows: “They always look so shocked when I remind them that black people only make up 13% of the U.S. population. Want more of us? Stop aborting 800 of us a day.” Then we have, “The truth is that the Democrat Party views us [black folks] as low information voters. That’s why they give us Beyonce and Jay-Z.” But my personal favorite is this one, “Only women can give birth. Only women can menstruate. Only women can have miscarriages. Only Marxist psychopaths believe any of these statements are ‘hateful.’’ She’s phenomenal.

The sky’s the limit for Candace Owens. I’m sure she’s already a wealthy woman, and she’ll be able to earn all the riches she desires if she continues on her current trajectory. There are many on the right who project Owens as one day diving into the political arena herself, perhaps as even a Presidential or Vice-Presidential candidate. I would like to see someone gain extensive executive experience before winding up in the White House, perhaps as a governor or big city mayor, but I wouldn’t put anything past her. The only thing that can derail Candace Owens is Candace Owens. 

#1: Larry Elder

Parker: Ladies and gentlemen, the next governor of California! Larry Elder has been the man for a long time, so just as I thought he couldn’t do much more (than his radio show, producing outstanding documentaries, mentorship of people like Candace Owens, etc.), he entered the gubernatorial race in the once-Golden State. Now, given the uphill battle that any candidate with a big R behind their name faces, Elder certainly isn’t a shoe-in. Still, enough denizens of the failing communist state must recognize their Democrat leadership is eroding everyone’s quality of life. It’s amazing that a miserable state can still go 2:1 for Biden over Trump; if Elder cannot pick up enough votes to move to Sacramento, consider the state a lost cause for good.

Regardless of his bid, Elder would have earned a nod in this article anyways. As the long-time radio host of his nationally syndicated, eponymous The Larry Elder Show, the Sage of Southern California has been decimating leftist talking points longer than Gen Z has been alive. What separates Elder is his direct fact- and reason-based approach to both debating and debunking. In short, it’s rare that he is wrong and nearly impossible to refute. After I published my Top 5 Live Dire Straits songs, my brother casually remarked that “the world would be a better place if we all listened to Mark Knopfler.” It was meant humorously, but I suspect there is truth to that. Much the same way, and all joking aside, America would be a better place if everyone listened to Larry Elder’s show – even for just a week. If he can’t change your mind after fifteen hours, I fear it’ll never be changed.

More than anything, Larry is one of the most vocal and prominent critics of the rise in fatherless homes. His talking point that men have “abandoned their moral and fiduciary responsibility” is stated so often that I cannot listen to him or even see a picture without this phrase orbiting my mind. It’s a powerful statement that is entirely true. I take back what I said in the last paragraph; it’s a fool’s errand to think all of America would listen to him for a week. I’ll settle for everyone agreeing that this one sentiment is true and requires rectification. If all men, black men especially, committed to their baby’s mother and took care of the household, all of America would be better for it.