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The Abortion Of Stephen Hawking

Stephen Hawking died a few years ago at age 76.  I didn’t care for his arrogance, but the man was brilliant and had tremendous courage to keep at it in his pitiful physical condition.  Rest in Peace.

The left loved Stephen Hawking because his politics aligned with theirs.  But had Hawking’s parents had those same politics, and had they been told that the baby in his mother’s womb would develop a debilitating disease that would render him motionless for most of his life, it’s likely they would have aborted him.  Imagine that.  One of the most brilliant minds of his age, perhaps of all time, aborted because his mother didn’t want to be bothered with the chores of raising such a baby.

I’m not unsympathetic to the idea of wanting your own life rather than having such a baby, which would be a lifelong, heavy, costly burden few could bear stoically.  But those who support abortion need to think about this.  All we ever hear or read from most pro-abortion advocates are selfish comments showing no consideration whatever for the young life they thoughtlessly terminate.  It’s all, always, about the mother.

That is what so bothers me about lefty pro-abortionists.  They evince no feeling at all in killing that baby, shutting out any possibility that it really is a human being and they really are in fact murdering it.  Each case is unique and should be carefully thought through, but leftists exhibit no sign of having brought compassion and humanity to the decision.  For them, it’s just a visit to the doc; get rid of it like an annoying mole on the way to Mickey D’s.  Others have had that attitude – people with names like Himmler.  Sanger.  Gosnell.  Hillary Clinton.

And that’s scary.

By Jack Rail

Jack Rail is a retired Army officer who writes mostly when something gets his goat.

Image by Nikos Apelaths from Pixabay

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2 thoughts on “The Abortion Of Stephen Hawking

  1. Ugh knowing if it was someone like Killary Clinton would have thought twice getting rid of a spawn of Satan. Better off. God forgive me for saying that. That spawn created much evil, killing, and evil in her life.

  2. Worse yet, lefties, at least many of them, consider the right to an abortion their most important right, more than free speech even.


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