July 21, 2021

Dems’ Solution To Fixing Schools? Lower The Bar… For Both Students And Teachers

So rather than insisting on black students receiving better educations so that they can score better on the standardized tests, they just eliminate those test results from the equation. The students in question haven’t been helped by the watering down of requirements, but those geniuses running the institutions – the ones with a slew of letters after each of their names – they sure feel better about themselves when sipping their wine and gobbling from the cheese plate at their dinner parties.

Trump Hurt Your Feelings, Biden Is Hurting Everything Else

Instead, he endlessly attacked his enemies, constantly fought for the common man, and did everything in his power to make America better off. He implemented tariffs to protect America industry, slapped down disastrous trade policies, and never gave in to the radical left on culture war issues. The RINOs never had the cajones to do any of that.