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Chinese Hackers Have President Cornered – Biden Mishandling Of Situation Is Egregious

By guest author John Rogers


This Monday, the Biden Administration, the European Union and the British government simultaneously issued statements accusing China of carrying out a major cyber-attack earlier this year. The attack targeted Microsoft Exchange servers, affecting at least 30,000 organizations globally. Western security services believe it signals a shift from a targeted espionage campaign to a smash-and-grab raid, leading to concerns Chinese cyber-misbehavior is escalating.


The United States and Britain have previously accused the Chinese and Russian authorities of performing cyber-attacks, but now the European Union has joined the coordinated demarche against Beijing. Western intelligence agencies say this attack looks much larger than any others they’ve seen thus far.


It is worth noting that the SolarWinds software has previously been hacked by a group of hackers, which, according to the White House, had a Russian origin. At the same time, against the backdrop of this scandal, the sales of security software produced by the largest American IT corporations have sharply increased worldwide.


How did it happen that even after the first hacking attack against SolarWinds, fixing security holes and installing security software globally, China was able to conduct such successful cyber operations against the same SolarWinds and Microsoft? The answer is obvious: the first attack against SolarWinds could well have been a false flag operation organized by Biden’s supporters in order to distract Americans from the sociopolitical crisis in the country.


Taking into account the vast experience of the U.S. Special Services in conducting covert operations, as well as the close cooperation of IT corporations with the U.S. government and the Democratic establishment, we can say with a high degree of confidence that Joseph Biden played a show with Russian hackers in order to overcome the political crisis in the country. Today, the United States is covered by numerous protests, the society is divided, and the aggression level among the population is growing as rapidly as the ratings of the POTUS are falling. Biden needs to show Americans an external enemy in order to be able to unite the country somehow.


The scenario with the false flag hacking attack against SolarWinds worked, but now Biden finds himself in an extremely difficult situation – how will he justify himself and explain how Chinese hackers managed to hack system that had already been hacked and reliably protected? Whatever he comes up with, distrust of the words and actions of President Biden will only increase now.


By guest author John Rogers


John Rogers is a freelance journalist from (Jacksonville, Fla. / Northern Ireland).  John has been writing for publications for the last 2 years, his fields of interest include politics, foreign affairs, cybersecurity news and analysis.


Photo by Latin American Herald Tribune at Flickr.

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